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Comment Re:The Onion had it right (Score 2) 110 110

Until recently no one has bothered to invest in Africa

What is "recent" ? Western powers were kept out for a long time because of malaria. Once that was controlled, the British invested heavily. But lack of reliable local labour forced then to bring in large numbers of Indian and Chinese, as well as Europeans, to get anything done. You cannot do that now, plus there are massive barriers with the local bureaucracy. Just getting spare parts into the country is extremely slow, even with bribes.

Comment Re:The Onion had it right (Score 2) 110 110

And people in the first world do stupid things like believing that vaccines cause autism

Unfortunately, sub-Saharan Africa goes *way* beyond that level. Its hard to explain to someone who has never been to Africa. We've had President Mbeki of South Africa, the most advanced economy in Africa, denying that HIV causes AIDS and treating victims with herbs instead of anti-retrovirals.
President Zuma thinks it is OK to rape an AIDS-infected woman if he showers afterwards. Yes, the US has some dumb people, and past presidents, but they are not really in the same league.

Comment Re:BBC - hammered by its own Political Correctness (Score 5, Funny) 202 202

If we call a spade a spade, Clarkson is basically a dick.

You say dick, May called him a knob, Clarkson would refer to himself as a "bell-end". Thats what he gets paid for - a professional arsehole would be a better metaphor IMHO. And we love him for it.

Comment Re:And the NSA? (Score 1, Troll) 219 219

violate the spirit?

I just mean it enables the US to develop new weapons, e.g. bunker busters, without live testing. Yes, the simulations are that good. I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, especially as the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty was never ratified. But the NPT is a problem.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 1173 1173

This particular backyard is just a few blocks from the Blue Lick Airport.
Surely he can expect a little less privacy? The operator says he was photographing a friends house. Seems reasonable - you don't normally hover directly over your subject.

In any case, it is no excuse for firing a gun in a city.
In any (other) civilised country, he'd have a very hard time arguing why he should get to keep his gun license after that.
    No chance of a white guy losing his license in Kentucky, I suppose? (Why am I hearing banjos?)

Comment Re:And the NSA? (Score 0, Offtopic) 219 219

It is not the NSA driving this, but the Department of Energy.
The current fastest supercomputer in the US is at Oak Ridge - the nuclear weapons labs since the Manhattan Project.
It enables the US to violate the spirit, but not the letter, of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
And now China has a bigger computer, so of course we need more supercomputers, and more Mine Shafts.

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