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Comment Re:Vitamin D (Score 4, Informative) 96

We already have vitamin D which is very effective against seasonal viruses like the flu.

It is a hypothesis. Some studies have found that it helps, others have not. Last I heard there was insufficient evidence to recommend supplements. Any new evidence?
Vaccines OTOH, have been proven to be effective. Maybe one day we will take both. Maybe.

Comment Re:Rewarded one shilling (Score 1) 57

should buy a 1904 shilling

Score:5 shows the mods don't bother to even skim TFA either. (There is a friggin' big PHOTO of the couple holding their schilling.)
Maybe we need a captcha-style question on TFA before anyone can post or moderate.

And BTW, the bottle was smashed, so no longer a great museum exhibit.

Comment Re:Mars is bad luck for Russia (Score 1) 53

I really don't get the lack of interest in Venus, almost as much as I don't get the obsession with Mars.

It is simple - the same thing that determines whether an item makes the evening news: pictures.
Long ago, we could look at mars through a telescope, while Venus was just a dull blob of cloud.
Now we have many amazing images of Mars form orbiters and rovers, while for Venus there are a few foggy lander photos and computer-generated landscapes.

Comment Re:God opposes cycle superhighways in London (Score 1) 258

If you don't believe me, wait until next winter.

London winters are not that cold, snow is rare. And summers are mild. Its better for riding than, say, Germany, or most of the US. You keep warm enough riding.
Better cold than too hot. Hopefully the paths are gritted if there is any chance of ice.
London is mostly flat and not too windy, so its a good place to ride, aside from the drizzle.

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