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Comment: Re:3D is going to mean jack shit (Score 1) 38

by quenda (#46737297) Attached to: Amazon Reportedly Launching Smartphone This Year

You mean, like T-mobile with a SIM?

You mean, the US still has phones without SIMs? Locked to a carrier!?
No wonder cell-phone plans are so expensive compared to the rest of the world then. (When most things are cheaper in the US.)
Its sad. The US once led the world in antitrust law enforcement.

Comment: Re:shenanigans (Score 1) 381

by quenda (#46722361) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

You can speculate on the root cause of murder, but simple demographic data explains the different numbers between the US and other developed countries.

The fact is that everywhere, homicide rates differ dramatically by age, gender, race and ethnicity. Some countries show bigger variation than the US does.
If you control for those variables, the difference mostly goes away.
e.g. compare data for whites of the same age and gender to Western Europe, US Hispanics to Latin America, or African Americans to Africans, and the US data does not look so different.

I don't see why this fact should give rise to cries of racism, when it is just as much sexist and ageist.

Comment: Do the maths (Score 1) 518

by quenda (#46629367) Attached to: Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

15 million light vehicles per year, so over 1 billion dollars, and they say it will save "13 to 15 lives per year and prevent as many as 1,125 injuries annually".

I don't want to get all Tyler Durden, but are there more effective ways of spending all that money? e.g. road improvements or driver education and law enforcement?

Comment: Re:"I WILL GIVE UP MY MOBILE..." (Score 1) 367

by quenda (#46607315) Attached to: More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

It does very strongly suggest that cell phone use is not a particular cause of accidents.

That suggestion goes against other evidence, and simple logic that distraction contributes to accidents.
The simple point is that you have naively assumed the laws changed driver behavior in that particular case. But this is often not true.

Comment: Re:"I WILL GIVE UP MY MOBILE..." (Score 2) 367

by quenda (#46599567) Attached to: More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

Laws against cell phone use have not reduced accident rates.

That proves nothing, unless you can show that the law actually succeeded in substantially reducing cell-phone use in cars.
e.g. with data from the carriers showing reduced cell handovers. Were the laws strongly enforced and publicised?

Comment: Re:I dont get it (Score 1) 551

by quenda (#46570543) Attached to: Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea

Because Saddam Hussein made open threats against the west,

Are you talking about the 1990 invasion here? Because Saddam was no serious threat to anyone in 2003.
The invasion was justified by falsified evidence of WMDs, but had long been sought by the neocons, and was mostly about oil (not just in Iraq, but the region.)
It was not popular with the people of those coalition countries, but the US put sufficient influence on the governments to get them in.

(Unlike in 1990 where the US had genuine popular support for the invasion and partial occupation of Iraq. And Bush the First had enough sense to keep out of Baghdad.)

Comment: Re:Brought to you by Fox News (Score 1) 292

by quenda (#46548535) Attached to: Back To the Moon — In Four Years

a NY pediatrician who was warning parents that the flu vaccine ... a different article written by Fox New's own Dr. Manny touting the benefits of the flu vaccine for everybody, including children.

Flu vaccine is an argument that genuinely is not clear cut, unless you are high risk. So publishing two opinions is fine. Its not like MMR where the two sides are clearly defined as science vs nut-jobs. (Are you sure the pediatrician mentioned autism, or was that your friend? )

Comment: Re:ZOMG a bad thing didn't happen! (Score 1) 202

by quenda (#46539763) Attached to: Earth Barely Dodged Solar Blast In 2012

Most hospitals have 3 days of fuel for their generators, beyond that they're back to doing surgery by candlelight.

Unlike Fukushima, the roads will be open for trucks to deliver fuel for backup generators to hospitals, pumping stations, and other vital infrastructure.
People will get by in the short run, but I'd be very scared of the global economic impact.

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