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Comment Re:Vitamin D (Score 4, Informative) 96

We already have vitamin D which is very effective against seasonal viruses like the flu.

It is a hypothesis. Some studies have found that it helps, others have not. Last I heard there was insufficient evidence to recommend supplements. Any new evidence?
Vaccines OTOH, have been proven to be effective. Maybe one day we will take both. Maybe.

Comment Re:Rewarded one shilling (Score 1) 57

should buy a 1904 shilling

Score:5 shows the mods don't bother to even skim TFA either. (There is a friggin' big PHOTO of the couple holding their schilling.)
Maybe we need a captcha-style question on TFA before anyone can post or moderate.

And BTW, the bottle was smashed, so no longer a great museum exhibit.

Comment Re:Mars is bad luck for Russia (Score 1) 53

I really don't get the lack of interest in Venus, almost as much as I don't get the obsession with Mars.

It is simple - the same thing that determines whether an item makes the evening news: pictures.
Long ago, we could look at mars through a telescope, while Venus was just a dull blob of cloud.
Now we have many amazing images of Mars form orbiters and rovers, while for Venus there are a few foggy lander photos and computer-generated landscapes.

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