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Comment Re:from the who-is-michael-jordan? (Score 2) 103

You must not have been exposed to American culture in the 1990s.

American sports culture does not travel like movies and music. Though basketball is a lot more popular around the world than baseball, grid-iron or ice hockey, it doesn't get the same coverage as professional golf or tennis.
I guess I heard the name. Turns out he was that guy in the Bugs Bunny movie I never saw it, and had those Nike shoes named after him.

I was just googling American athletes and - this is really going to freak you out (that i was unaware) - that actor and killer OJ Simpson - he used to be a grid-iron player!
But I'm guessing that there are Americans who have no idea who Pelé is. Or even David Beckham?

Comment Chromebook (Score 1) 236

Another option, if you want a true portable, is a Chromebook.
It is easy to add a full Linux desktop which runs in a chroot, using Crouton, a bit like a lightweight virtual machine, and flick between that and the ChromeOS desktop, if you like.
It means the vendor is looking after the tricky stuff like power management and wifi drivers, but you still can have a full Linux desktop of your choice.

And it helps that you can get a 4GB full-HD IPS with 9 hour battery for under $300. (Or the Pixel for a lot more.)

Comment History (Score 1) 258

Funny how Americans still think of King George III as a tyrant, when in fact his powers were far more constrained by law and parliament than those of Bush II or any other recent president.
      While a hostile congress makes it harder for the President to pass new laws, they are getting better and better at finding ways around the law.

Comment Re:So: nine hours from Brussels to Sydney (Score 1) 221

every form of wildlife in Australia wants to kill you.

The real danger is in the water: great white sharks, crocodiles, blue-ring octopus, stonefish, etc. (Not to mention all the tourists that drown every year.)
Land is actually quite tame - no lions, bears, wolves or tigers. No large land predators at all. I'll take my chances with a death adder over a grizzly bear any day, at least since they invented anti-venom.

Comment Re:Christian Science Monitor (Score 3, Informative) 72

This should have been in the summary. For those who don't know:

- Christian Science as a religion has strong anti-science beliefs, including rejection of modern medicine in favour of prayer. BUT ...

- The CSM newspaper is a highly respected news source, mostly independent from the religion except for a daily editorial. Think of it as being sponsored by the church.
    It has won seven Pulitzer Prizes.

Comment Re:Phone as a pager (Score 1) 246

Everyone in the world would know your phone

Please don't be dumb - that's a trivial crypto problem to solve.

And no need to broadcast so wide. If a handset was registered to a city, rathe than a single cell, that is maybe a few hundred calls paged per second, with a few bytes of crypto-hashed ID per call. Not a problem. Someone who travels could register for multiple cities. The idea is definitely workable.

Comment Re:US Bill is only 4 Trillion? (Score 1) 528

according to the article China is still behind on the polluter curve.

Only because the numbers are per capita.
Yes, they want to reward China for being over-populated, and penalise them for controlling growth.
Saying that China or India have low pollution (per capita) is like saying a Humvee is the most fuel-efficient car (per cubic inch of engine).

Comment Re:Or for slightly less per month (Score 2) 84

Or for slightly less per month based on average monthly usage, you could buy, insure and fuel an I3

I see. Its a good thing Copenhagen has plentiful free parking! (sarcasm)
I think the real question is, how do they compare to taxis? These are not going to replace private cars, though it might be one part of the answer for people in the inner city.

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