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Comment Re: And people on slashdot give a shit, why? (Score 1) 163

"Zuckerberg is hardly what I'd consider a positive role model"

Doesn't mean one shouldn't praise him for what he does right. Setting an example like this for parents, who have the chance to take paternity leave, qualifies for such praise.

(Disclaimer, I am not on F***book).

Comment For quite some time now ... (Score 1) 460

... I've been purchasing Apple products solely for the hardware quality, while just barely tolerating the software. The UNIX underpinning is of course great but UI wise Apple has clearly lost its marbles some time ago.

How they could go from NeXT Step's clarity (and beauty) to the current mess is unfathomable to me.

Nice to see that they are finally getting called out for it.

Comment Re:Real smart fella (sarcasm) (Score 1) 519

You seem to forget that France as well as the UK are nuclear powers. France already invited Germany several times to join its nuclear shield, but the anti-nuclear sentiments in Germany are too strong.

In terms of security the ground troops are more relevant.

Also Russia is mostly about business these days. Attacking your best NG customers is a bad business strategy (Ukraine on the other hand never paid the bills on time or at market price).

The trade with the US is obviously a big deal, but you don't have to be to closely allied to get free trade, and China nowadays is almost as important a trade partner as are the US.

So I think a case can be made that intelligence these days is the most important aspect.

Comment Re:From one Lion's Den into another (Score 1) 173

Never mind the AC. He simply spouts a talking point of the extrem German right.

What used to be the stab in the back myth in the run up to WW2 is now the obsession that Germany never truly became a sovereign state after reunification because it didn't give itself a new constitution.

This is of course completely divorced from reality, but goes to show that the US doesn't have a monopoly on wingnuts.

Comment Re:Eye collapsed well before reaching shore (Score 3, Informative) 144

Anon comment nailed it, from wunderground:

"Late-afternoon data from a NOAA hurricane hunter aircraft in Patricia indicates that the hurricane is forming concentric eyewalls, presaging an eyewall replacement cycle, where the inner eyewall collapses and is replaced by an outer eyewall that forms out of a spiral band. This process typically weakens the peak winds of the hurricane by up to 20 mph, but spreads out the highest winds of the storm over a larger area. This process typically reduces the wind damage from a storm, but makes a larger storm surge, leading to more storm surge damage."

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