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by stonedown (#39127867) Attached to: Damaged US Passport Chip Strands Travelers

The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. Quit arguing about how to use the government against the "other side", whichever side you are on. If you don't want the government making you pay for Iraq, shrink the government. If you don't want the government telling Catholics they have to fund birth control and abortifacients, shrink the government.

Quit using the government as a stick with which to beat your enemies, then complaining when they turn around and use it to beat on you.

What nonsense! That's about like saying that if your brother takes a hammer to your bedroom walls, you should get rid of the hammer instead of doing something about your psycho brother. Government is a tool. It can be a tool operated for the public good or a tool for the enrichment of defense contractors. I choose the former, Republicans choose the latter, and you choose to throw away the tool.

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How did this get labeled Insightful? The Federal Government is requiring many Catholic organizations to provide contraception in the policies they provide their employees. Because these organizations pay at least partially for these policies, they are being required to pay for contraception. The slimy move to say it doesn't have to be in the policy, but has to be provided for free it just bull and every one knows it.

I have less than zero sympathy, because I was forced to pay for the invasion of Iraq, with all the subsequent aftermath of at least 4 million people displaced from their homes, hundreds of thousands killed, worse living conditions than before, and women's rights brought down to the standard of other countries in the region.

And I'm supposed to support Catholic organizations' mission to deny birth control coverage for their employees? Not gonna happen.

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It's pretty unfair to tar Democrats with the actions of Boss Tweed in the 1800's. I suggest you drop him from your list in the future. ;)

Today's Republican corruption is unprecedented, except maybe in the days of the old political machines.

Here's a nice list of corrupt and scandalized Republicans in the Bush administration, from TPMmuckracker. Note that this list doesn't include convicted (now ex-) Congressman Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff, or other non-administration Republicans, but it's a loooong list nonetheless.

Our Great List of Scandalized Administration Officials

Here is a nice YouTube video listing Republicans who have been indicted or are currently under criminal investigation:

I like that the sheriff from Eureka is in the video. He's a real law-and-order type of guy. ;)

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