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by quax (#46764043) Attached to: Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

Not only is it morally reprehensible, it is not even effective.

And yes, it is torture.

The Senate report's findings are not some surprisingly new or unforeseeable result. This was well established and repeatedly pointed out to the Bush administration.

And No, the greatest US generation did not do this.

Only in a deeply warped society would some weasel lawyers construct the kind of twisted logic that you are espousing. Your definition is so far outside the mainstream, it doesn't even qualify as a joke. So yes, it is irrelevant.

And while I am happy that you are not happy about this state of affairs, it doesn't make a yota of difference. Your rational is irrational and the method profoundly wrong.

As to being able to catch terrorists without torture, you didn't pay attention to what I earlier wrote. We got all the RAF bad guys and one of the worst terrorists before Bin Laden was caught the old fashioned way, with solid intelligence and diplomacy.

Terrorism was always a reality in most Western countries (but North America) and we dealt with it without misplacing our values.

If you never even heard of Hitchens it's a pretty save bet that you never heard about any of this foreign history, and live on a Faux News diet.

Maybe you should try to travel the world a bit.


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by quax (#46758361) Attached to: Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

Please stop misquoting Orwel, he was talking about war not about abusing prisoners.

"foreign democracies aren't as open as ours"

Of course how could any foreign democracy ever be as open as the US. Nothing in Europe or the rest of the world could *ever* touch the US in openness.

Hope you're feeling all snug and cozy under your blanket of US exceptionalism.

And of course you are completely missing the point, no surprise there. None of these foreign democracies ever legalized torture. In cases where the truth is revealed the foreign public reacts with well deserved disgust and outrage. The fact that so many in the US seem to be numbed to the violence conducted in its name is what's most disturbing.

"waterboarding is not torture"

The only Iraq war cheerleader with an ounce of honor actually checked this for himself. Christopher Hitchens changed his tune afterwards.

Your opinion in the matter is completely irrelevant, the procedure just like mock executions is of course well outside any civilized standard.

That you happily put yourself there speaks for itself, and makes my point in highlighting how far the US has fallen.

Fortunately some of this moral cravenness is offset by exceptional Americans like Snowden and Greenwald. Over the long run I am optimistic that the US will regain its misplaced moral compass.

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Oh please. As if there has never been terrorism before 9/11. The UK was in a genuine war with the IRA, Germany had the RAF, Italy the Red Brigades and France fought several nasty wars in North Africa after WW2.

Some of the nastier conflicts saw their share of atrocities, but there was never an attempt to redefine and legalize torture. Stooping low is bad, but losing all perspective is far worse.

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by quax (#46662155) Attached to: P vs. NP Problem Linked To the Quantum Nature of the Universe

From the summary:

Physicists have always thought [Schrodinger's equation] can be used to describe everything in the universe

What physicists would that be?

The Schrodinger's equation is none-relativistic and doesn't ever capture QED.

Only quantum information dilettantes who never graduated beyond the unitary world of simple quantum systems could believe such a nonsense.

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