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Comment: 2,4-D, Most Forage Grasses, and Drought Conditions (Score 2) 305

by qtp (#40426231) Attached to: Cyanide-Producing GM Grass Linked To Texas Cattle Deaths

Most forage grasses (such as Tifton 85) produce prussic acid (HCN) in the young plants and new shoots.

The level of prussic acid reduces as the plants mature, but the reducion of prussic acid levels is much less during drought conditions.

When establishing a forage plot, it is comon practice to apply the selective broadleaf killing herbicide 2,4-D. A side effect of 2,4-D application is an increase in prussic acid levels 3 hours and 6 hours after application.

The combination of drought conditions and 2,4-D application, as well as early grazing on this plot are likely to be the culprit here.

In terms that the slashdot crowd can understand: Operator Error and Not Reading the Documentation are likely to be the cause.

And yes, I am an Agricultural Worker.

(Also, I know how to google for facts before I post.)

Comment: Evidence? (Score 2) 180

by qtp (#38482606) Attached to: Crowdsourced List of SOPA Supporters

While I think that this list is a worthwhile effort, there should be some evidentiary requirement for an entity to be listed.

Public commentary, news releases, statements in interviews, response to inquiry, etc. are verifiable and not difficult to find or obtain.

It is possible that some have been listed erroneously, by either good or ill intentioned persons.

Without some method of including evidence the usefulness and value of this list is questionable.

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