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Comment No, it's a political commentary (Score 1) 2

As far as I know, the song was written exactly as a political commentary. It was quite popular when I was young. I'm from The Netherlands, and it was a German band that wrote it originally in German, 99 Luftballons:
Here's the original: Youtube
She later covered herself with a weird overly poppy version.

Comment Stay out of the sun, or wear clothing (Score 2) 114


Mark Saltzman, who falls into the last category, was so concerned by the time his third child was born that he wanted to engineer a better sunblock.

Little children don't belong in the sun, in my opinion. I dress my two year old such that only her face, hands and feet are exposed by clothing. Every hour or so, I apply sunscreen. During summer, we'll be outside of course but if possible in some sort of shaded place. I've seen small children burned red by the sun, and I'm amazed at the carelessness. Better your child is hot than burned, right?

That was my pet peeve. Besides that, I applaud this research.

Comment Re:No, if you don't suck at your job (Score 1) 100

I have to say, it sounds extremely appealing to me. It's just that I haven't succeeded with these sites so far. They'd say stuff like: "amazing opportunity, huge budget", and the budget would actually be 5 or 10 K. I'm looking for the 30-60 K range, at the very least.

And yes, it's not all about the money. Especially being able to pick up my daughter somewhat earlier from daycare would be a huge boon. In any case, you're saying that WeWorkRemotely and Remotive are the places to find good clients?

Comment Re:Low rates (Score 1) 100

I totally agree, and the cost of living in a city offsets the decent rate I mentioned.

My best time in the last couple of years was when I took a $300/month internship at a small startup on Bali, with housing included. Office hours between 11 AM and 4 PM, swimming pool at the back of the office, and the office basically consisted of two large tables under a giant gazebo, with two fibers coming in.

I actually had to cry when I got on the plane back to Europe, but my SO was pregnant and did not (still does not) want to move.

Comment Low rates (Score 3, Informative) 100

I'm a freelance iOS developer and from what I've seen, the rates for remote work are always significantly lower than when I report for duty at the client's office. Right now I'm billing a minimum of 70 euros per hour. I won't get that remotely.

This will be no different. The kind of client that hires remote workers, doesn't want to pay a good rate.

Comment Re:Simpler solution (Score 1) 80

"I seem to recall from a while ago that a surprising number of passive things go on while the phone is off. The OS may not be running, but it's not the only thing tracking you."

Back when the Snowden thing started, he mentioned things like that, which was then vehemently denied by the manufacturers. They saw no way how the radio could be powered with the phone switched off. Of course, he was in a good position to be paranoid about phones with the firmware modified by TLAs.

There are phones that can wake up from power off to sound an alarm. Presumably, they boot some lightweight OS image that's just enough to play the alarm audio and display a snooze button. A phone like that could be modified to wake up with the screen off and the radios on (and remember the unlock code for the SIM). But that doesn't mean that phones work like that out of the box. There would be trouble with the FCC and FAA if phones did that during air travel, not to mention unexpected data roaming fees.

Comment Re:I got laser printer (Score 1) 268

I've a Brother color laser/led printer, had it set into toner save mode and rarely printed anything in color. After a few hundred pages, it claimed that the black was finished and the color toner at 50%. Toner saver my ass; apparently the cartridges have some kind of mechanical counter and when the mechanism turns at the power-on self test, it counts, even if zero toner is used. If you use the printer mostly for one-page jobs, that counts. I was able to reset the counter, but it was a pain.

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