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Comment: Lost the community... (Score 1) 8

by pythorlh (#33279212) Attached to: Hey, I found the "write in journal" link!

I also miss the old circle community. I signed in to multiply, but I don't think I caught many of the dotters on it, and I don't go there often enough to really stay in the loop. I still read journals here, though they are fewer every day.

In fact, I actually see you on reddit more than I see most anyone else. I friended you there so your posts stick out. Reddit doesn't quite have the right functionality to make up for the old /. circle, but I like it for what it does.

Comment: Very easy... (Score 1) 2

by pythorlh (#31016904) Attached to: Connecting to an Access Database with PyODBC

The majority of my python programming experience consists of using pyodbc to connect through to various dbs to gather and report data from legacy systems. Mostly AS400s running RPG code. Combine that with a python library for creating Excel sheets from python data sets, and I can build a python script that the user can click on to refresh their spreadsheet whenever they want using live data. As long as the queries involved are relatively well tuned, there was no real load on the server. Since I technically wasn't even a programmer at that job, this was considered magic. ;)

User Journal

Journal: The Poet Inside Us 1

Journal by pythorlh

We belong to the poet inside us.
It is our owner, our ruler, our king.
To be a slave to anything else is death
by slow, ragged steps.
Yet to follow where our fancy takes us,
wherever, whenever, forever,
is the greatest freedom man can bear.

Comment: Re:Similarly... (Score 1) 43

by pythorlh (#28586431) Attached to: An interesting argument for public option

I just pay a health center fee along with my tuition, it's $30 per semester.

I don't know how your school does it, but where I did my undergrad we had the health center fee that covered the operations of the health center, however we were still required to carry insurance as well. The school where I am currently doing my PhD has the same policy as well; the two are located some 1,000 miles apart.

It may be very different other places, but most colleges? That surprises me.

I am not aware of any colleges that don't, at the very least, require hospitalization insurance for students. If a student attending that school were to be injured on the grounds, the school could be liable for the cost of the student's hospitalization if the student carried no insurance, even if the injury was of no fault the school.

About 20 percent of college students aged 18 through 23 (1.7 million) were uninsured in 2006

Source: Education Resources Information Center

I'm insured, but my college has no process to verify that. We're a community college in New York.

Comment: Worked for me. (Score 1) 4

by pythorlh (#27648999) Attached to: 191.3 Are two heads better than one?

When I was in the office at work, I always kept my laptop open along with the monitor hooked up to the docking station. It's great for lots of things, among those what you've listed above. The penalty of always being aware of email is offset by also always being aware of your main project.

I'd like to hook my home machine up this way, but since I was laid off, it's not in the cards right now.

Comment: Not too shabby... (Score 1) 6

by pythorlh (#26485183) Attached to: Nuke It

Are you sure you picked the largest bomb? They're not listed in order of power. The largest Russian bomb could pretty much take out the entire state of Connecticut. That's not really something to shake a stick at.

Also, they list the asteroid impact as relative to Chicxulub, which is assumed to have killed off the dinosaurs. Wikipedia lists Chicxulub as a 10km (6 mi) diameter asteroid.

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