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Comment Hello, this is Linus Torvalds, and I pronounce Lin (Score 3, Funny) 383

Please release a updated version of the "Hello, this is Linus Torvalds, and I pronounce Linux as Linux" audio file.

cat torvalds-says-linux.au > /dev/audio no longer works correctly with the latest Linux kernel.

( http://www.paul.sladen.org/pro... for whoever wanders )

Also we would not mind of a re-shot of the 1990 "beer" photos :)

Comment Re:I hope it rolls out in more cities (Score 1) 68


Then instead of random data, i'll just open a Torrent client to seed Linux & BSD distros and other free software.

You cannot win, your free wifi bandwidth will be reduced to acoustic modem dialup speeds anyway. :)

And please RTFA & TFL - it's not public infrastructure, the city will rent out locations for the pylons in exchange for $$$ - like any billboard. Only that those billboards will have touch-screens and Google-provided WiFi.

"Through Titan's advertising network, Link could bring $500 million in ad revenue to the city over the next 12 years, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio's office."

Comment Re:I hope it rolls out in more cities (Score 4, Interesting) 68

1) Random BSSID generator at every reconnect.

2) In fact, i would very much like to see relevant & useful ads. Right now, almost none of the ads i see are useful for me.
Example: I bought a car last month. Now half of my ads are about car sales. Thank you very much - i already have the car, i don't need another. I would like to see ads about accessories and add-ons for my new car. But noooo. New cars only.

I wish there was a page in the Google profile settings where you can enter keywords for the ad engine so the displayed ads are for something useful i could really click on. (claiming prior art)

Continuing the car example - i'll happily tell Google about my cars, the mileage & last service dates - i would not mind seeing ads about: Your 20xx Kia needs a oil change in the next 2 weeks, how about going to "Nearby Service Company" - oil change & tire rotation for only $number using coupon code GOOGLEOWNSYOU

Comment I hope it rolls out in more cities (Score 3, Funny) 68

I hope it rolls out in more cities until it reaches mine.

Google can extract whatever habitual information he wants from my VPN connection over their free WiFi.
I'll make sure to stream data from /dev/urandom while i'm not actively using the connection, so they can have more information about me.

Thank You Google !

Comment Sun Type 6 USB (Score 1) 452

If you are using a UNIX Operating system, you need to use a UNIX Keyboard: Sun Type 6 USB.
It has the right curvature (i.e. seen from the side, the keyboard is concave, not flat) so you can easily press the F-keys without lifting your wrists = no wrist pains.
It has Meta & Compose keys.
And it has the extra X11 keys on the left - that you can xmodmap to your liking.

If you use a keyboard with a Windows key sitting between Ctrl & Alt, you are NOT a True UNIX Sysadmin.

Good luck finding one :)

Comment Re:Hardware connected to the GPIO pins (Score 1) 68

After a bit of Google Image Search i think i found out the answer:

Those are Xtronix PoE adapters and are used to power the RPis
Notice how each RPi without this card is connected using a MicroUSB to MicroUSB cable to a nearby RPi who does have this card.
That's stupid and wasteful:
1) They are using a big honking switch with PoE in the back - those are expensive.
2) Powering the next RPi using USB backfeed going over two fuses will ensure that that second RPi gets undervolted and will be very unstable. They could at leas bridge the 5V GPIO pins between the RPIs, not use USB Backfeed.

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