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Comment: Sun Type 6 USB (Score 1) 452

by psergiu (#49275999) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Keyboard?

If you are using a UNIX Operating system, you need to use a UNIX Keyboard: Sun Type 6 USB.
It has the right curvature (i.e. seen from the side, the keyboard is concave, not flat) so you can easily press the F-keys without lifting your wrists = no wrist pains.
It has Meta & Compose keys.
And it has the extra X11 keys on the left - that you can xmodmap to your liking.

If you use a keyboard with a Windows key sitting between Ctrl & Alt, you are NOT a True UNIX Sysadmin.

Good luck finding one :)

Comment: Re:Hardware connected to the GPIO pins (Score 1) 68

by psergiu (#49270865) Attached to: GCHQ Builds a Raspberry Pi Super Computer Cluster

After a bit of Google Image Search i think i found out the answer:

Those are Xtronix PoE adapters and are used to power the RPis
Notice how each RPi without this card is connected using a MicroUSB to MicroUSB cable to a nearby RPi who does have this card.
That's stupid and wasteful:
1) They are using a big honking switch with PoE in the back - those are expensive.
2) Powering the next RPi using USB backfeed going over two fuses will ensure that that second RPi gets undervolted and will be very unstable. They could at leas bridge the 5V GPIO pins between the RPIs, not use USB Backfeed.

Comment: Hardware connected to the GPIO pins (Score 1) 68

by psergiu (#49270755) Attached to: GCHQ Builds a Raspberry Pi Super Computer Cluster

The article doesn't have any details about the extra hardware that's connected to the RPi boards.

From the low-res picture, you can see that in each 8-RPi unit, all Pis have a "PiGlow" connected and 4 of the 8 Pis have an extra network card (or another device with a RJ54 cable) plugged in the GPIO slot (with a pass-trough for the PiGlow)

Anyone knows what device is that ?

Comment: Re:How systemd became Debian's default init system (Score 2) 550

How about using /etc/inittab to monitor & restart your daemons like all good Unix admins are doing since last century ?
Oh ... you only know about RedHat's netutered inittab ? Too bad. Let's all switch to systemd because AC is too lazy to read a man page.

(Bitter because i just had to reinstall a Jessie machine from scratch after a filesystem corruption borked 2 system-d config files - the system would not come up even in rescue mode as systemd was spewing 2 pages of errors on the console then hanging)

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