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Comment: Re:How systemd became Debian's default init system (Score 2) 550

How about using /etc/inittab to monitor & restart your daemons like all good Unix admins are doing since last century ?
Oh ... you only know about RedHat's netutered inittab ? Too bad. Let's all switch to systemd because AC is too lazy to read a man page.

(Bitter because i just had to reinstall a Jessie machine from scratch after a filesystem corruption borked 2 system-d config files - the system would not come up even in rescue mode as systemd was spewing 2 pages of errors on the console then hanging)

Comment: Re:Nice and all (Score 2) 107

by psergiu (#48351601) Attached to: Eben Upton Explains the Raspberry Pi Model A+'s Redesign

There are _NO_ 1Gb DDR1 chips in that form factor.
If you can manage to persuade any memory factory to build a couple of million of them at a price simmilar to the existing 512Mb ones - the whole world will be thanful.
All the 1Gb chips on the market now are DDR2 or faster - incompatible with RPi.
Eben Upton & the Foundation has tried and failed - nobody wants to make so few 1Gb DDR1 chips for so cheap.

Comment: Re:Workstations ? (Score 2) 113

by psergiu (#47758877) Attached to: IBM Gearing Up Mega Power 8 Servers For October Launch

Yes, almost surely IBM won't alow AIX to run on those boards.
Linux can run on any old x86 cheapie - there's nothing useful to do with a Power 8 CPU running Linux:

- Are you able to learn something that can be applied to big-iron Enterprise IBM hardare ? No.
- Are you able to run any 3rd party commercial software on that Power8 Linux box ? No - most 3rd party Linux commercial software only provides x86 binaries. Sometimes ARM.
- Are you able to do the exactly same Linuxy things with a cheaper x86 machine ? Yes.

Yes, it's a new and exciting CPU, some hobyists will buy this - but for most of them, after a couple of months, the Tyan power 8 machine will remain unused or will be downgraded to a "seldom used server in the corner" as it's less usefull than a Raspberry Pi.

Comment: Workstations ? (Score 5, Insightful) 113

by psergiu (#47757391) Attached to: IBM Gearing Up Mega Power 8 Servers For October Launch

Latest Power workstation had Power 5 CPUs. The should make a new workstation.

No workstations => No small computer labs => Weak interest for the OS/Hardware from sudents & hobyists => Future decline of sales in servers.

Look at HP & all the other commercial Unix vendors - decline in server sales is almost directly related with workstation unavailability in the past ~5 years.

Comment: Re:Storm in a teacup (Score 1) 76

Well ...
As long as you can push a SIM-App to that Phone's SIM card, that program can periodically send updates with the current location (Network ID, Cell ID, power) to another network-connected device without the owner ever knowing. It's invisible even to the phone OS, as everything happens inside the SIM and radio module)

And all newer SIM cards (all that have a SIM Application menu, 2001 or newer) can do this, and your network operator (or anyone having the proper network access) can push something OTA to your SIM. You will just see your phone losing it's mobile network for a couple of seconds and reconnecting - that was the SIM's CPU rebooting with the updated firmware.

Comment: Re:My opinion on the matter. (Score 4, Informative) 826

by psergiu (#47750617) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Systemd's strenghts are:
- Fast startup & shutdown (compared to sysVinit);
- Better on-demand loading and stopping services and processes and changing network settings.

Compared with all the problem it brings:

- That is useful on a tablet or phone - where you never have to modify the factory configuration;
- A bit useful on a laptop - if you only use GUI tools that can do a limited ammount of config editing for you;
- Not very usefullon a desktop - unless you are prepared to get your hands dirty with systemD's smelly and poorly-documented guts;
- Useless on a server - where you only reboot 4 times a year or so and never have to hot-plug anything or change wireless networks.

For a server situation, the BSDrc style startup is even better than sysVinit.

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