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Comment Re: Sorry Assholes (Score 2) 372

Never underestimate the potential for the developer community to change their minds (or the hosting company to 'add extra value' at any time).

Github may be the current darling, but I recall when it was Google Code and Freshmeat. I even remember Codeplex for all the Microsoft stuff and even that now seems to be migrating to github.

So keeping Sourceforge going, and preparing it with some much nicer navigation and website functionality would go a long way towards being ready for when github stops being cool and starts to look pretty crappy. If SF could provide the kind of fancy management portal for a product with wikis and decent bug trackers, and possibly the return of their old compile farm, it'd compete favourably with github and we'd be free of a dangerous monoculture.

So I welcome our new source control and discussion overlords, lets hope they return to their glory days.

Comment Re:and most people's doctor (Score 1) 129

I think it depends on the job and the intention - the nurse didn't accidentally open explorer and see the documents, she had to search for them and it stopped being the kind of case you're talking of, and became an invasion of privacy (and/or professional ethics) at that point.

If you take your laptop to the store for fixing, you are asking them to look at your laptop, it'd be like that nurse being assigned to look after the celeb.

I take your point though, even though the IT guys are looking at your stuff, you should still have a reasonable expectation of privacy from them, so if they tell all, you should be able to sue. (not sure if that's the case if they tell the cops of your kiddie porn stash however)

Possibly its just that you don't have any contractual terms with the IT store that they will not look at your stuff, and its probably written in that they will look because they have to in order to fix it (eg we didn't clean the viruses off your computer because it was in file 'big jugs.mov' in your personal folder which we were unable to look at due to privacy concerns - if you get what I mean)

I guess the reason the nurse got fined was because there is a lot of auditing in sensitive systems, so the admins knew who had looked.

Comment Re:So the few (trolls) get to hurt the many? (Score 1) 202

How about you ask your daughter whether she'd rather be free to express herself, or have the certainty that if she receives an inappropriate twit, that the throw-away account used to make it will be banned (and might get her own main account banned if she writes a twit that offends someone).

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