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Comment: Re:does anyone use the most current version? (Score 4, Interesting) 203

by gbjbaanb (#49198467) Attached to: uTorrent Quietly Installs Cryptocurrency Miner

people new to torrenting and need a client might look at old links (there are many on the internet) and go and install the very pretty looking uTorrent, and of course they'll want the latest version.

Frankly, I ditched it when they started getting shitty with the adware, I moved to qbitorrent which doesn't look too dissimilar from uTorrent and all is good now.

Comment: Re:I have said it before (Score 1) 379

by penguinoid (#49190699) Attached to: French Nuclear Industry In Turmoil As Manufacturer Buckles

Cheaper to heavily subsidize nuclear, than face the massive cleanup costs when nothing goes wrong at a coal power plant. Do you know a safe way to deal with the massive amounts of radioactive waste that come from those coal plants? How about cleaning up the mercury, the particulates, the CO2? In coal power, the gains have always been privatized while the costs and risks socialized.

Comment: Re:I have said it before (Score 1) 379

by penguinoid (#49190609) Attached to: French Nuclear Industry In Turmoil As Manufacturer Buckles

To clarify, by "insane environmentalists" I mean people who's actions result in a higher proportion of our electricity coming from coal power plants, which in their standard operation kill fish, birds, emit radiation, cause cancer, have a global environmental impact -- and all this on a scale that dwarfs other alternatives. While the insane environmentalists don't think they support coal, what they do is oppose other power generation systems because they're not perfect leaving current coal plants as a necessity to produce the power they opposed alternatives to. Similarly, some insane environmentalists support cost-prohibitive sources of energy and leach funding from other alternatives, which would have reduced our reliance on coal and oil much more effectively.

Comment: Re:Two things (Score 1) 246

by penguinoid (#49190179) Attached to: Facebook Rant Lands US Man In UAE Jail

We really need a clear International consensu that governments do NOT have extra-territorial jurisdiction. Actions taken in one country should abide by the laws of that country, not any other country - even if it affects the other country.

I don't see how that would be possible, nor how it would be a good idea. Suppose a country legalizes espionage on foreign nations or corporations -- the other nations would never put up with this, and if they can't arrest the people responsible they would declare war instead. There's a bunch of laws against things that would be sufficiently repulsive that people would not want to accept it among their citizens even if it had occurred in a foreign nation. On the other hand, if petty obscure laws were enforced like that no one would be able to travel anywhere -- but that, I think, is up to the nations in question to decide.

How about a compromise? You apply this rule to your own jurisdiction, and don't try to enforce it on other countries.

Comment: Re:Yet again (Score 1) 436

Next Year: We have a completely new api and are going to make the old one irrelevant yet again

So that's why they skipped Windows 9 -- they wanted to keep up that pattern of "every other version is crap", but they wrote two crap ones in a row so they had to skip a version number.

Comment: Sexism! (Score 2) 133

by penguinoid (#49180887) Attached to: Treadmill Performance Predicts Mortality

The FIT Treadmill Score, calculated as [percentage of maximum predicted heart rate + 12(metabolic equivalents of task) – 4(age) + 43 if female], ranged from 200 to 200 across the cohort, was near normally distributed, and was found to be highly predictive of 10-year survival

I demand equal life expectancy for equal fitness!

Science is to computer science as hydrodynamics is to plumbing.