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Comment Re:Does indeed happen. (Score 1) 634 634

I usually find that if I come out of a job interview thinking "aced that one", I don't get it. If I come out thinking "oh well, never mind", I get an offer. I like to think that its attitude that matters, and the ones that reject me see a sort of cocky attitude as things are going well. But maybe its just me and the weird way my life plays out.

I've had other interviewers ask me really abstract problems, such as how to calculate the number and types of elevators a particular-sized building needed. Honestly, I had no fucking clue. I'm a videogame programmer, not an architect. I reasoned it out as best I could, and obviously I didn't guess well enough.

These questions are not about a right answer, they are entirely about how you reason them out. Most companies that use them just want to see you thinking, and communicating your thought processes (ie. to see if you can think!).

Comment Re:Easy way out for Uber (Score 2) 193 193

Not quite, if Uber doesn't want to be a taxi company it shouldn't be placing so many (or any) restrictions and rules on the "independent" drivers who work for it.

That's where the problem lies, if Uber wants to be a digital distributor of taxi companies, that's all it should be doing.

Comment Re:Did anyone else see Gravity? (Score 1) 55 55

or to put it another way

Scientist:" Lol Gravity is full of inaccuracies, I mean nothing could actually hit the ISS"

News 3 days later: "IIS takes emergency action as killer lump of satellite comes perilously close to hitting it".

Scientists, easy to tell us all how wrong we are without stopping to consider possibilities.

Comment Re:Correct (Score 4, Insightful) 267 267

amen. The number of time I've been searching for answers to technical problems, find a site that seems to have the answer from the Google summary, only to click it and be told "denied, reason: personal blog", where i get home and find that someone has hd the same problem I had, blogged about it to help others solve it.

So,... I waste loads of company time re-solving that problem because the IT guys think they know best. Sorry - when IT stops being a service to enable the users and starts being their own fiefdom, its failed.

Comment Re:The difference... (Score 1) 97 97

Which UK home that contains a person stimulated by maths, technology or computers science does not also already have a PC or and Android device?

and how many of those homes use the device for anything other that games, email, web browsing?

The point of this thing is not to be a computer, but to be the bare bones of an educational device. It has no tv-out for example. It'll be used to teach the "how computers work" course in the curriculum and that's it. There'll be no taking it home to use as a media centre, no playing games on it, nothing but its intended use - its basically an interactive textbook, an educational device.

Comment Re:I remember... (Score 1) 208 208

True, I'd rather they spent time on responsiveness - but process per tab won't necessarily fix that (all they're doing is shoving code that used to execute in a thread into a process, ie an isolated thread, in terms of what they do and communicate with the main browser, nothing really changes)

Still, one reason why I will still close the entire browser and not one tab is that if a tab breaks, closing it closes the tab. If I close the browser, when I open it again, there's my tab (hopefully not broken again) and I can resume where I left off.

I'm sure the biggest problem is decided where to spend their engineering efforts, and ppt and 64-bit means other areas (eg memory, perf and responsiveness) will not get the attention.

Comment Re:I remember... (Score 4, Informative) 208 208

but Chrome is almost moving away from per-process tabs as they use more memory and don't really give you any improvement over the browser - if a tab dies, you'll still close the browser and reopen it, just in case the flaw had affected something else and besides, some tabs are grouped in processes anyway. (I don't know if this is still true, years later but it shows how the hype is often nowhere near what's desired)

So why bother implementing something useless, just to make some people feel better. Its like 64-bit support. Why bother with that, it'll make no difference to daily use.

Now, fixing memory usage, reducing cache usage by idle tabs, freeing up memory used by closed tabs so the overall memory doesn't grow... things like that are what's important. Not visible to most people, not "cool" by any means. Just boring, but solid, engineering discipline.

But that's really what we want.

Comment useless idea person... (Score 5, Insightful) 217 217

for every 100 "idea" persons there is 1 who not only has the ideas but knows enough that those ideas are sane and sensible. This is why the "idea person" is a fool and treated as such.

You see these guys on shows like The Apprentice, the ones who have no talent or skills and so have to fall back on their mouths. They're simply salesmen who always get shown up to be useless in the end. Even a true businessman has plenty of skills they have to learn around organisation and management (real skills, not just shouting at people and pretending they know what they're doing).

So: Idea people, get a clue.There's no easy way to skip the essential steps of truly knowing what you're doing unless you learn those skills.

Comment Re:Web support (Score 1) 80 80

I found Wt really interesting, replacing desktop UI controls with their equivalent in HTML ones, passing the data back to the same c++ backend that the desktop would use. I'm sure it'd be a cool thing to replace your QApplication woth WApplication and have it turn into a html5 GUI, but what's the chance the GUI components supported would just be the most basic?

Comment Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 302 302

true, Windows stole a lot of features from Linux (without doing them as well), but I don't think the desktops feature in Win10 will be as slick as you want, partly nothing ever is unless it has the exact feature set and keys, and partly because multiple desktops has not been a prime feature for Windows user since.. ever, as you know by the lack of a desktops program!

I'd just stick with Windows 7 until there is a need to move.

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