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Comment Re: Sorry Assholes (Score 2) 400

Never underestimate the potential for the developer community to change their minds (or the hosting company to 'add extra value' at any time).

Github may be the current darling, but I recall when it was Google Code and Freshmeat. I even remember Codeplex for all the Microsoft stuff and even that now seems to be migrating to github.

So keeping Sourceforge going, and preparing it with some much nicer navigation and website functionality would go a long way towards being ready for when github stops being cool and starts to look pretty crappy. If SF could provide the kind of fancy management portal for a product with wikis and decent bug trackers, and possibly the return of their old compile farm, it'd compete favourably with github and we'd be free of a dangerous monoculture.

So I welcome our new source control and discussion overlords, lets hope they return to their glory days.

Comment Re:and most people's doctor (Score 1) 136

I think it depends on the job and the intention - the nurse didn't accidentally open explorer and see the documents, she had to search for them and it stopped being the kind of case you're talking of, and became an invasion of privacy (and/or professional ethics) at that point.

If you take your laptop to the store for fixing, you are asking them to look at your laptop, it'd be like that nurse being assigned to look after the celeb.

I take your point though, even though the IT guys are looking at your stuff, you should still have a reasonable expectation of privacy from them, so if they tell all, you should be able to sue. (not sure if that's the case if they tell the cops of your kiddie porn stash however)

Possibly its just that you don't have any contractual terms with the IT store that they will not look at your stuff, and its probably written in that they will look because they have to in order to fix it (eg we didn't clean the viruses off your computer because it was in file 'big' in your personal folder which we were unable to look at due to privacy concerns - if you get what I mean)

I guess the reason the nurse got fined was because there is a lot of auditing in sensitive systems, so the admins knew who had looked.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 668

This'll be for UK universities where religion isn't much of a factor.

Here our nutjobs are feminists and other liberal extremists who insist on "safe spaces" for anyone who might be offended or upset by .. well, anything (particularly "trigger words" whatever they are). These are same feminists who "no platformed" Germaine Greer (that well known feminist who pretty much started the feminist movement) because she didn't say things they agreed with. (Poor girls, all those jokes we used to tell about them not being trusted with too much heavy thinking turn out to be true!)

Also, its liberal left wingers seeking to rewrite history who are the problem (aka the chap who received money from the Rhodes scholarship and then joined the campaign to have Rhodes declared an evil capitalist racism imperialist and have his statue taken down from an Oxford college)

and so on. The biggest problem is that the authorities seem eager to assist this woolly nonsense. Even when an idiot (with faked CV) wildly exaggerated a speech a noted scientist gave, the university colluded with her by sacking him. Poor "sexist pig" Tim Hunt had to quit the UK and go elsewhere to help cure cancer because of his university's knee-jerk reaction to the tweets.

I suppose some religion could be considered to be at fault because of all the "white men are racist" stuff going on at these same universities (which is not racism itself, obviously, because accusing white men cannot be racist because of their privilege and patrimony, or some similar excuse for racist behaviour on the part of the accusers)

The authorities should deal with all this by telling the students that its up to them to behave like children and nothing to do with the university, its policies or work.

Comment Re:Why is javascript being pushed as generic? (Score 4, Interesting) 141

I'll tell you why those didn't succeed where javascript did - proprietaryness.

Java wanted to be "pure java" where you only wrote Java. Flash and Silverlight were the same, in all cases you had to drink the kool-aid and become one of "them". Javascript was just so boring and crap that the major players ignored it, but as it was there, developers knocked out little bits of code using it until eventually everyone could program javascript but only a third could do Java, a third could do Flash and a third do Silverlight (you get my point, hopefully - nobody became a developer for all three of those competing proprietary platforms)

And so the impetus for each of the big platforms waned while javascript kept growing.

To replace it would have to be a standards thing, and get implemented in every browser and be recognised as better. Not Dart or Typescript or whatever, which are all failing too.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 5, Informative) 370

Whilst I'm not sure anyone has been the victim of unfounded allegations by the "womens rights" lot in the IT industry, it has happened elsewhere in science - remember Professor Tim Hunt who spoke at a women's science conference, 3 sentences of his speech were tweeted by a SJW-type and next thing you know, he's out of a job (curing cancer no less) and widely criticised for being a misogynistic white male ba****d.

Turns out the truth is nothing like how its all been blown up to be, but that hasn't got him his job back. I think this is the real issue ESR is talking about, even if he's doing a poor job of highlighting it.

Comment Re:Everyone has to learn about it. (Score 3, Insightful) 193

The problem is inherent in many systems so you will always make a mistake until the day that you put all your queries into stored procedures.

Treat the DB as a generic object pool of crap and it'll be that. Treat it like its a precious storage system with its own (customisable) API and you'll do far better.

But of course, slapping SQL together in the client and sending it to the DB to parse and execute is so much easier everyone does it.

Comment Re:Bad move! (Score 1) 316

Same here - they were a great idea and despite them not getting the user base they deserve (which is perhaps understandable considering they're not an in-your-face UI thing) they do serve the needs of some people very well indeed.

And maybe this is the point - if you remove all the functionality that is not used by the ordinary user, then you'll end up with a browser that is suited solely for the ordinary user.

I use tab groups a work, my lunchtime browsing is kept tucked away for lunchtime, and then I return to work and whatever work-related pages I happen to have open.

I don;t mind them removing the functionality as it is, but I'd like to see the "hide this set of tabs" and replace with a new set - even if they implemented it as a auto-saved temporary bookmark group..

Comment Re:nope (Score 1) 608

Ha, but neither did you say you were against making Muslims wear identifying symbols... you republican racist!!!!!!!111!!!!11!!!!1!!!!!!

Its one thing to hassle somebody with questions on the street at no notice with a microphone shoved up their ass, but then to take nothing he said and spin it into some OMG story is just purely the worst kind of "journalism".

I don't mind attacking Trump on what he thinks and says, but to attack him on what he didn't say is getting to be silly. Ever wonder why politicians refuse to say anything - this is why, whatever they do say will be picked apart and turned into something else by journos trying to make a story.

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