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Submission + - Question for Anant Agarwal About edX and the Future of Online Education (

An anonymous reader writes: Anant,

General question: how can we get Foundations and other funders to look beyond the current landscape, and fund real online educational platform innovation?

I have been a long time proponent of online education, heavily involved in the early years — and continuing through today of Open Educational Resources,including online education.

Given that edX, Khan Academy, various other MOOCs, etc are all streaming linear video, and many foundations are funding same, how is it that new platforms/technology that vastly improves the interactivity of online video, as well as its accessibility, have such a hard time getting funded by the Foundations most heavily involved in online education (e.g. Gates, Hewlett, etc).

Example: I have consulted for an entrepreneur (who has already built and sold one company to Motorola, and was funded by Draper, Fisher, Jervetson) who has created online platform technology that turns streaming video into linkable objects — imagine every object on the screen in a Khan Academy video as a *linkable objects*, enabling immediate access to online tutors; peer interaction; micro-assessments; **at any point in a lesson, in real time**. Also, imagine a platform (because the content is presented as objects, instead of frames) that can reach *any* student on earth regardless of bandwidth — i.e. bandwidth access is no longer a problem. This platform could increase student interactivity by an order of magnitude and it eliminates the serious problem of bandwidth constraint — and many other advantages.

Is there a way to get through to Foundations via edX. We have spoken to principles at Hewlett and Gates, but they have put their chips on Khan and the MOOCs. btw, we can convert standard video fare to this platform, giving all online content the advantages I just mentioned.

Comment Re: Actual Reason (Score 2) 729

Highly recommended as a supplement to Piketty:

Here's an excerpt from one of the reviews,on Amazon: "The author asserts that it is not morally wrong and that the conversation should be around the concept of - do you have enough (sufficiency) vs do you have the same as someone else (equality)."

This is a short book: highly recommended, along with Piketty.

Comment Re:Portable health care (Score 1) 113

The ACA was compromised because Obama - instead of CRUSHING the private insurers when he had the votes - agreed to keep them in the system and negotiate terms with them in secret. We need a single payer system, like all other developed economies. Yes, that means higher taxes. Either we take care of one another, or we don't. If we want to maintain a "winner-takes-all" meme in America, where everything is rated in dollars,then we are finished as a culture, long term.

Comment Re:we're at the tipping point of Civilization (Score 1) 216

Bulk beans,rice, pasta, cheap cuts of frozen fish or meat (and DON'T pile it on the plate! - a piece the size of your palm will suffice); bulk grains,bake you own bread, bulk greens and canned greens. 2 people should be able to live on that for a moth. buy milk in bulk and make your own yogurt. Look for fruit no sale;stew it and add to bread, yogurt, etc. Bulk eggs. "Drinks"? WATER,from the tap. You want something sweet? Bake muffins or a cake. Lunch? Fruit and nuts - bulk nuts and raisins.

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