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Comment: Lack of static and structural coverage analysis (Score 1) 116

by postmortem (#47018555) Attached to: Finding More Than One Worm In the Apple

So good test should catch this goto fail for sure, either functional test or an unit test. Looks like neither are thorough for the library.

Bot more importantly, if static analysis or structural coverage of code was done, both would point out that there is something wrong with the code.

All of these testing strategies should be done for such s critical piece of software.

Comment: tabs on bottom have been removed (Score 1) 688

by postmortem (#46869703) Attached to: Firefox 29: Redesign

Well agenda to force tabs on top (next to title bar) upon all users has won... you no longer even have option to move them between address bar and web content. Last few versions had at least configuration option buried in about:config. Maybe not a big deal, but to me it requires more mouse movement from content to tab switching - which is opposite of what good UI design is.

Forcing bad UI to users : how did it work for Microsoft, Mozilla?

Comment: For how much they have settled? (Score 1) 108

by postmortem (#46838097) Attached to: Apple, Google Agree To Settle Lawsuit Alleging Hiring Conspiracy

64K tech people have jobs, so they are not as desperate as Apple and Google are to not get their dirty laundry out. And since both companies have more cash than US gov't, obviously this was never going to trial.

Interestingly, Apple posted quarterly financials today ... so how much this has cost them we won't know for 90 days... and even then it will probably be well hidden.

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