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Comment Re:It's not just Chrome (Score 1) 205

There are testing techniques that don't require you to test every possible scenario, but, in lack a of simpler them, every independent code condition.

Good testing costs as much as development; if not even more. It also requires skilled testers. So not many companies can afford that. It is just easier if you pay somebody to do it for you - be it offshore team, or a bounty.

Comment Re:Um.. we don't see it as advancing our career (Score 1) 125

Yep, unless you're in some niche market where H1Bs don't have the skill that you got. So that's the name of the game - have unique and difficult to find skills (which you should have by that age).

That means following latest and greatest tech is good objective when you're without experience; but later not much so.

Comment Re:The profession is in decline (Score 1) 154

I remember during first dot-com bubble programmers were in high demand and many EEs shifted to programing, and ever since... I was EE myself and didn't want to do coding... but I had to eventually, and many of my coworkers are programmers with EE background. There's some work for EEs in engineering firms, but programmers are needed by pretty much everyone.

EEs have became what mechanical engineers were before them: not obsolete, but kind of niche profession.

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