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Submission + - Microphone 32 X more sensitive has been invented (

Taco Cowboy writes: A microphone which is 32 X more sensitive than regular microphone has recently been invented

Most microphones have the same componentry as a loudspeaker – in fact, they’re loudspeakers working in reverse, turning sound into electrical currents. When you speak, the sound waves travel towards the microphone, which impact a membrane that then vibrates. These vibrations are transferred to a metallic coil that then moves back and forth across a permanent magnet. A temporary electromagnet is created by the interaction of the magnetic field with the coil, and an electrical current is generated, which travels to an amplifier or a sound recording device. Nickel is normally used in the construction of the membrane

Replacing the Nickel with a graphine based membrane 30n carbon-atom thick, showed a remarkable 32-fold increase in sensitivity across a significant part of the audio spectrum: up to 11 kilohertz, across a dizzying array of amplitudes

The researchers also simulated a 300-layer thick graphene membrane, which has the potential to be even more sensitive; it could hypothetically detect frequencies of up to one megahertz, which is in the ultrasonic part of the spectrum. This has yet to be tested experimentally, though

This research shows that it is demonstrably possible for graphene to be used in a new generation of highly sensitive microphones, which will pick up far more sound detail than regular microphones do at present. Excitingly, highly sensitive ultrasonic microphones may also be on the cards

Comment Re:You are all hypocrites (Score 1) 77

when Uber greatly improves the taxi industry

For who? Certainly not the owner-drivers, for them it is an uninsured race to the bottom. As for customers - Uber do not have any "taxis", they are a plain old (illegal) limo company "on a computer". Taxi's can be hailed on the street, taxi's have ranks and other infrastructure to manage street queues at popular locations, you can talk to a human to book a taxi or use an uber style booking app, taxi's have appropriate insurance, taxis have regular mechanical inspections, and yes, you can legally negotiate an up front price with a taxi driver.

You claim to embrace technology and better ways of doing things.

I was desperate enough to drive cabs in the 80's for three years, I can't imagine being desperate enough to be an Uber driver. Uber brings absolutely nothing to the taxi/limo industry that wasn't already illegal 30yrs ago.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 1) 283

Israel is not trying to censor speech. They're trying to stop incitement.
In other words, they're trying to stop predominantly arabic language terrorist recruiting and training material.

Sure sure. And we should censor all the pro-life videos so we can stop terrorist recruiting and training material.

Since most terrorist killings in the US over the past decade have been white Christian men, we should censor Fox News and close churches, right?

When has censorship ever been a solution?

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 283

Yes and no. Anyone can convert, and no one can then consider you any less Jewish than any other Jew, no matter their pedigree.

Then where are the black and Chinese Hasidic Jews?

No, anyone can not convert and be considered just as Jewish as any other Jew. Maybe in some liberal US synagogue, but just look at the racist treatment African jews get in Israel.

Comment Re:Punishing people who get degrees we need the mo (Score 1) 169

Virtually all respected colleges and universities with any sort of historically recognized quality are non-profit.

For-profit universities (if they can even be called that) are in many cases little more than diploma mills. The primary goal is to move bodies through the system as efficiently as possible and extract the maximum payment, not provide a usable education.

Comment What year do you think this is? (Score 1) 77

We busted up the mob years ago. They've got nothing to do with Unions now. They mostly made it in because some muscle was needed to deal with the strikebreakers (which, btw, is a word Firefox's spellchecker recognizes, which depresses me to no end...).

See, if there's a problem with something with an enormous upside you solve it. You don't just declare the whole thing over and call it a day.

Comment Yep, Unions do nothing (Score 2) 77

except for the increased wages by bringing strike pressure to bear. Oh, and they make sure you can strike without fear of reprisal and with enough food/money to survive a strike. Oh, and then there's the better benefits from the bargaining. Then there's enforcing worker safety when OSHA can't or won't. Then There's protecting workers from age discrimination. Then there's ensuring workers get trained instead of paying for their own training out of pocket.

You know, you're right. Unions have done about as much for the working man as the Romans did for those guys from Monty Python.

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