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Comment Re:Are there that many drone in the air in the US? (Score 3, Interesting) 72

There aren't many terrorists in the US....but we still spend BILLIONS in fear of them. The driver on his phone driving next to you is FAR more of a threat to more people than drones or terrorists are - and kills more people every year.

The conflicting info is that my drones do not have to be registered being the toys that they are...yet to fly them in my own damned back yard (inside this 'outer circle') I need to register them AND notify the FAA an hour ahead of time and of course notify Dulles airport?

I can imagine the hilarity if every hobbyist starting calling the airports multiple times a day.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 125

I download movies but watch *maybe* 1 every 3 months if that. Went to see my first movie in the theater in well over ten years for the latest Star Wars. Fully reinforced the concept that I am NOT willing to pay for that experience. Fucking 45 minutes of trailers. And for 3 people with a drink and 1 popcorn it was about 50 bucks.

Just wow.

Will happily pay (and do) for Netflix. The MPAA needs to get ALL it's shit on there and they'll get paid a reasonable amount of payment. And reasonable is determined by the customer, not the provider.

Comment Re:dont be so sure (Score 1) 350

he could make decisions and policies without worrying about appeasing any lobbyist's and campaign donors

Perhaps. there's another quote that might give some pause:

"There is no one freer than one who has nothing left to lose."

Not without drawbacks but having something to reign in extremes can be pretty useful...

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 350

I don't see why giving the accused the right to defend themselves in court is a problem.

It's a damned if you do damned if you don't situation.

The reason the war hawks don't want them in US courts (which they wouldn't be) is that the vast bulk of the 'evidence' wouldn't be admissible under the US constitution what with war crimes (torture) being used to obtain much of it.

These would simply not be US court rules to try them for the above reason. it would still be a mockery of justice as none of our allies would remotely support an international war crimes tribunal against the prisoners at Guantanamo. Against US officials though, perhaps they might.

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 2) 350

the military holding them on foreign soil is the only legal option that works

it doesn't work. But there isn't any viable way to hold the US military accountable with politics the way it currently is. The US is committing WAR CRIMES on a daily basis with the continued holding of TEENAGERS in supermax prisons. The VAST majority of Guantanamo prisoners are there because we facilitated people narking on their enemies. That we have tried and true examples of people in Guantanamo that have absolutely no proof of any wrong doing besides someone else saying so...and we still don't release them, speaks volumes about our commitment to human rights.

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