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Comment: Re:Eqaul Protection (Score 1) 760

But they did say that Corporations have certain speech rights, no? And who has the money to set up lots and lots of corporations....with undisclosed donations?

or right...

Now if it were clearly labeled that said lobbying company received their money from the Koch Brothers I've got no problem with them speaking their billions. It's the unlimited shadow speech Citizens United unleashed that's the problem.

Comment: Re:Note that this is a little different from softw (Score 2) 207

by pixelpusher220 (#49101353) Attached to: Wired On 3-D Printers As Fraud Enablers
Perhaps they do. They also aren't a good measure of the entire market.

How many people prided themselves on how many albums or CDs or DVDs they had? How many of them now just use Netflix and Pandora/Spotify/etc.?

We craved having lots of media because there wasn't a way to easily get it otherwise. Now, nobody has to buy (or copy) 1000s of sources to be able to consume those sources.

Comment: Re: Note that this is a little different from soft (Score 2) 207

by pixelpusher220 (#49101325) Attached to: Wired On 3-D Printers As Fraud Enablers
This is what a 'disruptive technology' does. The 'market' changes as it becomes easier and cheaper to produce 'almost as good' stuff. If I'm changing $10 for something, a significant portion of my customers are only paying $10 because they have no other choice. If someone else starts producing what I make for $'s simply the market changing and I have to adapt or pretend the market hasn't changed and sue everyone (while spending even more money on not making my product).

Comment: Re:Please note: (Score 1) 227

First, any argument made by AT&T or Verizon or Comcast is just a wee bit suspect given their clear biased position in these matters.

Title II, deals with the fact that monopoly status exists in certain markets and thus Title II is needed to regulate that monopoly.

How many natural gas pipelines do you want into your house? How many breaker panels for multiple electric companies providing you service?

These are natural monopolies where regulation is necessary to manage the market. More actual utilities are being moved to separate infrastructure companies and supply provider companies.

Wheeler's proposals don't go far enough, but they are a step towards the right solution.

Comment: Re:Please note: (Score 3, Interesting) 227

On the contrary, apparently AT&T is fully on board with complete Title II provisions and are providing explicit examples of why we need Title II...and frankly splitting up every ISP into actual ISP companies and what the fuck ever else they want to be companies.

Comment: Re:New research find's water wet (Score 1) 411

by pixelpusher220 (#49042713) Attached to: Your Java Code Is Mostly Fluff, New Research Finds
indeed. Will it 'run' without 90% of the 'stuff' in it? Probably if you wrote it that way. "Maintaining" that pile of crap would then quickly become unworkable and then it doesn't 'run' anymore.

I'm not big on scaffolding to extremes but designs call for standard stuff that isn't truly 'functional' but is nonetheless 'required' for reasonably working applications.

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