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Comment: " Foley's killers may have thought of him as less" (Score 1) 2

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#47913295) Attached to: James Foley Is Not a War Ad

I can guarantee he didn't think of them the same way they thought of him. Completely different philosophical and metaphysical underpinnings to the theology, Jesuits are anti-Islamics.

My question is, if ISIL, just for a second, isn't a CIA plant, what makes them think a few beheadings will STOP the bombings? Given the evil of American Secularism, it is far more likely to turn the Levant into tritonite than it is to stop anything at all.

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Journal: Give me Catholic Heaven, Islamic Paradise is too hard 9

Journal by Marxist Hacker 42

this guy is clearly NOT a mathematician, but if he was:

You have 4 wives on earth. Each one of those wives has 70 black eyed virgins for you in paradise. Each one of those black eyed virgins has 70 servant girls. That is 19,884 women for you to have sex with in paradise.

But it gets worse. Each one of those women has been given YOU by Allah for a term of 70 years. That means you will be having sex, no

Comment: Re:Quite accurately? (Score 1) 170

by spitzak (#47886191) Attached to: Universal Big Bang Lithium Deficit Confirmed

The model can give a "quite accurate" expected value, even when wrong. Example (note numbers are completely made up):

Say there is model A which predicts 2.5-2.6% lithium.

Say there is another model B which predicts 2%-8% lithium.

Say in reality there is 1% lithium.

Both models are apprently wrong. But Model A is more "accurate" in making the wrong prediction. Therefore the text in the article is perfectly correct.

Get it?

Comment: Re:Empirical Data Trumps Information Theory (Score 1) 211

by spitzak (#47874933) Attached to: Information Theory Places New Limits On Origin of Life

Actually it will be a lot worse than Venus and due to a different cause in that the sun would actually be irradating many times more energy on it, and possibly even engulfing it in hot plasma. Venus is heated by the insulation of a huge amount of CO2, the Earth with that much CO2 would be equally hot, and Venus without it would be just a tropical Earth. And when the sun expands the CO2 will be irrelevant (I would think the heat would actually make it escape to space), not that that is going to help any.

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