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Comment Different use cases (Score 1) 44

The ARM is more powerful, but is also bigger, costs several times more and draws more power. If you don't need the power - many or most embedded applications don't - you're increasing the cost and reducing battery life for nothing.

Don't get me wrong; A tiny low-end ARM system is fun and useful. Just like an ATTiny, or ATmega, or larger, more capable ARM systems. They all address different needs.

Comment good fucking lord (Score 1) 470

You god-damned neo-cons/tea baggers scream that US gov is the source of all evil when it is obvious that others are doing this. This gets so fucking old that not a one of you have even as much brains as a squirrel. EPA is not the issue here. It is the fact that you neo-cons/tea* underfunded them and so they are not able to test everything.
BUT, you are right that this SHOULD be investigated but not by you neo-cons/tea* (or the dems). This really should be polical neutral groups, or even 3rd parties that do this. You bunch of fuck-heads continue to destroy America while blaming the very gov that you idiots created.

Comment wow, What liars (Score 1) 470

They are claiming that Software engineers choose to do this hack, when the engine engineers, along with management all the way up to the CEO, were the ones on the line with this. Really? Does anybody fucking believe that? NOT A CHANCE IN HELL WAS THIS THE CASE.

Seriously, this had to go all the way to the CEO for them to try and blame it on the ppl that had the least to gain and the most to lose.

Comment Re:Verify. Then don't Trust (Score 1) 355

look at when new safety tests are designed. The one thing that you see is that nearly all of the companies that are the 'safest', do darn near the bottom of the new test. Basically, companies like Audi, VW, MB, etc are designing to tests, or to cheat them, while disregarding real life conditions.

Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 368

Should a catastrophic plan that covers almost nothing be considered a real health care plan?

Yes, yes it should. I take the money I saved in premiums and used that for my annual checkups. I banked a large portion of it over a few years and had a savings account worth considerably more than the annual deductible. It was a completely valid - and financially sensible - approach for me. Low monthly payments to cover something big, and my savings would cover the rest. Much like I do on my car - high deductible, low payment.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 368

Hi there, Seattle native (since relocated, about 4 years ago). The buses in Seattle seem to climb the hills rather well. Rail? Well, there's a reason there are 300+ foot deep stations in Seattle - you need the shallow grade (compared to the hills) for light rail to work. BRT can climb the hills (and if you've ever ridden the 12/13 up Madison, they do it quite speedily as well - of course, they're electric trolleys) without issue.

Comment Everybody, but Americans. (Score 1) 355

This should produce some interesting points for AGW. Basically, nations and businesses can NOT be trusted on how much pollution, esp. CO2, that they emit. It is time to move to global monitoring via satellite (OCO2 and OCO3), along with a tax on ALL GOODS based on where the worst parts come from. This will be the ONLY way to drop global CO2.

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