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Comment: Re:Sometimes even your hack gets outdated... (Score 2) 244

by sumdumass (#49826471) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack?

Eh... it wasn't really until the mid 90s before laptops or processors had a large difference between generations. 15 and 30 mhz 486s desktops were still common on store shelves in 1995. Sound cards and CD roms were still expensive add ons around then too. A lot of systems were still dos or Windows 3.1 and not only did you have to purchase a web browser, you had to install a network stack just to dial up the internet. I remember being stoked when i upgraded the 9600 baud modem to a USR 33.6k modem for

Comment: Re:We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 1) 353

by sumdumass (#49819331) Attached to: How Elon Musk's Growing Empire is Fueled By Government Subsidies

It doesn't matter what the subsidies consist of. I already know anyways which is obvious from my initial post in this thread.

There is no logical fallacy either. If company would not exist without subsidies, employees of that company would not exist either. You seem to think that somehow they would.

Oh and nice try pretending you somehow became confused and thought comments about subsidies and employees of a company meant all employees everywhere or something. My first thought after reading that was if you were really that stupid. Then i remembered that this is slashdot so its entirety possible you are but it is more likely you are a pedantic troll. Give it a rest. Any idiot knows what was said and the context it was said in. Your argument fails any reasonable examination.

Comment: A few things (Score 1) 567

1. I would not do the same things second time around, wouldn't be doing full time university and full time work, I would quit the university, do full time not for 5 years as I did but for maybe 4, move onto the contracts then as I did at first, but not do contracts for 10, instead do it for 5 and start my own business 6 years sooner after getting just enough experience anyway.

2. I wouldn't bother buying and fixing and renting/selling properties as I did on the side, that diluted my effort and pulled me back from starting my own real business.

Basically if I could talk to myself 20 years ago, I would tell myself to skip college altogether, work right away (as I basically did anyway, but I did full time studies and full time job, which was unnecessarily difficult). I would make sure to explain to myself how to properly save money from much younger age and tell myself to start the business much earlier.

Comment: Re:We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 1) 353

by sumdumass (#49813161) Attached to: How Elon Musk's Growing Empire is Fueled By Government Subsidies

I reconciled it just fine. I'm not sure how many more ways it can be said; if the job would not exist without the subsidies, they are all going to the employees. You have failed to counter that and just mentioned that the employees could be employed somewhere else.

You are correct though. There is nothing more to intelligently discuss as it's already been said. Your deviations serve nothing but trying to hide reality.

Comment: Re:We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 1) 353

Lol.. what you miss could fill a novel.

First, no one said the company was the sum of employee cost. If the company doesn't turn a profit, there will be no employee cost because it will not be in business. If the subsidies are the reason the company is making a profit and still open, then it is entirely reasonable to connect the subsidies to their pay.

Second the only thing not logical is your thinking. Sure they could get a job somewhere else. But that ignores the fact that they wouldn't be working for that company. It also ignores the fact that unemployment is not zero. Their reemployment elsewhere would either displace another worker if all things otherwise was the same or some other company would expand due to that company no longer being in business. That means they are not employed or the subsidies are depressing other businesses.

The rest of your post misses the fact that if all other costs caused them to not be profitable enough to stay in business without the subsidies, the jobs would only exist because of the subsidies. Again it is completely reasonable to connect them.

It is not a complicated process at all. If the company can not make money without the subsidies, it no longer exists. Those jobs no longer exist if they were even created in the first place. You can try to hide or ignore that all you want but it doesn't change anything.

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