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Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 120

Is there a distinction to be made that the Chinese call themselves "socialist",

Actually, they almost never use that term over there any more, as far as I've seen. Many people call their system a "hybrid economy"; notice in particular that the state owns very few (if any) of the Chinese companies that now make pretty much every product sold at WalMart today.

#SillyHashTag has (to my knowledge) never confused himself with a "conservative" in any way, shape, form, or context

Obviously he won't during his own administration call himself a conservative, but history will absolutely classify him as such. Equally relevant is the fact that both Presidents Bush did call themselves conservative, and you have insisted those self-applied labels to be incorrect many times.

In other words, you are insisting that your labels are correct, only because you say they are. Whenever anyone else suggests a label that you disagree with - regardless of factual support for it - you tell them that they are not "in good faith" or other such silliness, even though they supported the label vastly more so than you. In other words, your argument is hypocritical.

Comment Don't they watch American TV? (Score 1) 235

We've already determined in the US that internet videos cannot incite violence. We then investigated that possibility (at least) an additional 7 times after determining that fact, and kept coming to the same conclusion. We've thrown many millions of dollars into this question, I thought the Israelis were frugal enough with their money to learn from this and avoid making the same mistake.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 120

Can you please restate your dodge in more vague, less coherent terms?

Ugg smash bad argument with rock!

Seriously, is that the best you can do, or are you honestly confused by what I just said? To refresh your memory and give you a chance to read it:

I'm surprised that it does not bother you at all to commit yourself the kind of hypocrisy in that comment that you would happily take me to task over. Weren't you previously claiming that someone other than yourself was holding different people to different rules?

In the unlikely event that someone else is reading this, your hypocrisy here is on how in your previous comment you happily took it upon yourself to apply a label to others on a whim, when you have more than once cried foul when others have attempted similar regarding labels that you hold dear. To be even more blunt, you just tried to claim that the Chinese are somehow "socialists" (based on no facts whatsoever) yet you get your undies up in a bunch when anyone calls any president in history "conservative" as a result of actually evaluating the facts of their administrative actions.

Comment Nice plug for soylent, there (Score 1) 1

Did you write this first there, and then copy it here, or did you write it somewhere else first? It would be rather amusing if they had fixed the unicode support problem that slashdot has ignored for so long, after starting with crappy slashdot code from years ago. :)

Comment Re: Result: Non-breeders jumping ship (Score 1) 98

The insane part is that you think working that late is okay. I'd say you need a union to better negotiate your time, but you're probably a libertarian anti-union nutjob who will simultaneously defend your free-market right to work as damn much as you please while bemoaning the people who say "enough is enough, work-life balance matters more to me than finishing this tonight" and leave at a reasonable time. Hell, if half your company does it, then obviously management is okay with people leaving that early, so you are only staying because you want to and are just trolling for no reason.

(If you start leaving early, and you are called on it, point out the other people that leave early. Just make sure to get it on a recording if they say it's because "they have children" and you'll be set for life if they fire you, since those anti-discrimination laws protect your non-child status as much as it protects their child status.)

Comment Re:Result: Non-breeders jumping ship (Score 1) 98

Your company ought to have a senior, experience employee that can move over and be productive on your team for four months. There are people who love to jump around and "save the day" on each project, and are actually good at it. At the end of the period, he or she can move on to the next group who just lost someone else.

If your company doesn't do that, then yes, you should start looking for a job. But you should do so because you work for a horrible company, not because your company offers this specific benefit. (Your company probably does already offer sick leave and even short-term disability benefits, right? So this exact same scenario could happen because of other benefits. If that's a problem to you, find a new job now.)

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 120

. . .I should abandon the high road and start trashing you regularly and writing snarky JEs about you. No thank you.

I'm not supposed to feel trashed every time you erroneously throw around possessives ("your party"), then?

No. You should not feel trashed when I say it, because you are a proud cheerleader of the GOP. You repeatedly tell us how great and infinitely awesome they are (even when their proposals are no different from what has been signed into law by the current POTUS who just happens to carry the letter of a different party). I'm not demonizing you by associating you with those who you choose to associate with.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 120

Our federal largess is pretty much a return to a debtor's prison.

No, it is not. A federal debt does not land individuals in actual, physical prison. You can claim to be "imprisoned" by the federal debt all you want, but in the end you are free to leave the country and go live somewhere else without concern for it ever following you. It is not at all the same as actual debtor's prison.

Yet there are those of both ends of the Progressive Party clamoring for more spending.

You are not paying attention to the calls from non-conservatives for more spending. The overwhelming majority of these calls are accompanied by how they will be paid for as to be - at worst - budget neutral with regards to the federal debt. This is in dramatic contrast to the majority of proposals from your side of the aisle.

It is worth noting here that the ones conscripting armies are not the socialists, though.

And even if they explicitly claim to be

There are none. Can you show me even one? No, of course you cannot. The ones building - or aspiring to build - conscripted armies are all on the conservative side of the aisle. Every. Single. One.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 120

we need to acknowledge that many of the additional "free market reforms" that your friends advocate for bring us much much closer to functional slavery

Functional slavery would more correctly be the debt shackles imposed by Progress.

Some of us are familiar with a time in history when there was such a thing as "debtor's prison" (as more than just the metaphorical institution we have today). Looking at the power that large corporations exert over the federal government today (exhibit A being HIIBA 2010, though it is not really a surprise coup at all), we are only a hair away from not only a return to debtor's prison but a new kind of debtor's prison where the debt holders are themselves the prison wardens. Couple that with for-profit law enforcement and judiciary and we have slavery, just with a new name and a shiny happy GOP endorsement.

Has it occurred to you that differing sets of priorities for "liberties" is not automatically a bad thing? Not everyone thinks that your notion of "freedom" - as applied to the market before the individual - is the most important.

Adolf certainly did not.

I'm not sure which Adolf you're referring to, here. It is worth noting here that the ones conscripting armies are not the socialists, though. The ones who have the power over the serfs who do the work are not the socialists, either.

Comment Are you sure that's where the family wants it? (Score 1) 298

Putting a "gaming" PC in the living room often is not well received by the family. If you really think you can get away with it, make sure you go out of your way to make it as unobtrusive as possible; muted colors, quiet fans, minimal external cabling, etc. If you can fit it in some kind of cabinet or other structure where you can close the doors to hide it completely, that would be even better yet.

A lot of those important bits are counter to how a lot of people - and companies - like to build "gaming" PCs.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 120

OK, so you're on the "reform team" (for wtf that means) of the GOP, then, not the "Reform Party". Gotcha. I thought since you do seem to be warming towards Trump - who has previously shown admiration for the Reform Party that maybe you were heading in that direction.

All that said, you could have been slightly more respectful and just said "no, I don't care for the Reform Party". But go ahead and play the victim card instead, you play it often.

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