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Comment: Re:You do'n't have to suffer with the touchpad (Score 1) 75 75

What I stated was factual; it is a fact that a user does not need to remove their entire hand from typing to use the trackpoint. That is part of the reason why it was designed that way. You can hate the trackpoint as much as you want for whatever reasons you chose, but when you lie about it you just look ridiculous. Why would you move your entire hand to use something that is designed to be manipulated with one finger? You couldn't use your entire hand on it even if you wanted to.

Comment: Re:You do'n't have to suffer with the touchpad (Score 1) 75 75

still have to take at least one hand out of the "typing position" to use the Clit;

No. I have to take one finger out of typing position. And being as the QWERTY keyboard only puts a few keys within reach of my index fingers - and not all of the most used ones - it is a far lesser drawback than taking my whole hand away to use the touchpad with decent accuracy.

But go ahead and tell us how awesome your touchpad is. I can't force you to acknowledge reality if you choose otherwise.

Comment: Re:You do'n't have to suffer with the touchpad (Score 1) 75 75

I have never had a problem with my trackpoint impeding my productivity. I have frequently found myself cursing that touchpads on other peoples' laptops. The Trackpoint allows me to move my cursor exactly as far as I want, without taking my fingers off the keyboard. No touchpad has ever been able to legitimately make that claim.

Comment: Is it fair to compare it to previous solo records? (Score 2) 37 37

It seems that in the modern era of flight, with high tech radio and navigation equipment, and modern weather forecasting, that solo flight isn't quite the feat it used to be. Not to say that this is easy, but it doesn't seem like it is the risky endeavour it used to be, either.

Comment: Re:Are you OK, samzenpus? (Score 0) 85 85

The gay marriage matter was going to go that way sooner or later regardless. Look at younger voters of any party in the US (after all the overwhelming majority of slashdot readers are in the US) and you'll find increasing support for gay marriage even amongst those young voters who vote republican. I don't have the time to look through 1000+ comments in that article to see how many are viewing the matter through each possible prism but there is also a very heavy conservative-libertarian bend here, who will often be saying "let them do whatever as long as it doesn't increase my taxes" - and gay marriage certainly doesn't increase anyone's taxes.

While you're at it, see the posts about AGW.

The key part of that acronym is the letter A - for anthropogenic. There are occasionally posts here on climate change, but very exceptionally rarely do we see any that tie it directly to human activity. Furthermore if we look at the comment sections in any of those articles - anthropogenic or not - we see the true voice of slashdot readers bends heavily to the right.

And finally, notice that at least once a week we see an anti-Obama - or generally anti-democrat - article on the front page here. How often do we see an anti-GOP article? Almost never. And I challenge you to show me an article that ever made the front page that dared to challenge Ron Paul on anything, ever.

Personally, I find /. to be center to center-left, depending on the subject.

I'm curious to know what subject you think that would be. Certainly not politics, science, economics, constitutional liberty, crime, taxes, religion, birth control, or education.

Comment: Re:Are you OK, samzenpus? (Score 0, Flamebait) 85 85

a drudge report myth

Weak troll. And citation needed.

How about this link, which is at the end of the article that is here on slashdot? It plainly states

the top link on the Drudge Report led to a YouTube video in which an Ohio woman said she's going to vote for President Obama because he gave her a phone.


If you're upset that Obama is giving "freeloaders" gratis cell phones paid for with your tax money, don't be. Firstly, Obama had nothing to do with the Lifeline program: the "Obama phone" narrative is a myth that both liberals and conservatives have fallen for since 2009. Secondly, Lifeline isn't paid for with tax revenues. Rather, Lifeline is funded with a pool of money, called the Universal Service Fund, which is paid for with revenue donations from telecommunications providers. Some of those providersâ"like Verizon, for instanceâ"pass off that cost to their customers with a Universal Service fee, but the government doesn't mandate that the money come from citizens, meaning it's technically not a tax.


It is sort of sad that the woman in Drudge's "Obama phone" video has no idea that her free cell phone has nothing to do with Obama. But conservatives who would try and hold her up as an example of a liberal president gone wild with handouts are just as sad and ignorant, and more cruel by a large margin.

It would appear the weak troll is you, who couldn't bother to follow the link that slashdot provided. The surprise here though is that slashdot is actually countering - rather than propagating - something from drudge report. The latter is far more the standard m.o. around here, especially when samzenpus is involved.

Comment: You do'n't have to suffer with the touchpad (Score 2) 75 75

Indeed, touchpads suck - tremendously. Even the best of them have unintended problems. But you don't have to live in a touchpad-or-mouse world. ThinkPads still have trackpoint, and there are a few business-class laptops from other vendors (Dell and HP, I believe) that also have them available.

Comment: Complete with coked-out grammar? (Score 1) 51 51

Frankly, if a PC game doesn't require a Sound Blaster 16 card and arrive on 25 floppy disks, then I don't want know.

Sounds rightfully 80s to me. Really, though, the most important line - at least, if it is true - comes later in the article:

if you already own a copy of either the Windows or Mac version of Retro City Rampage, you can pick up the new port for free.

Comment: Are you OK, samzenpus? (Score -1, Troll) 85 85

It is generally counter to the conservative majority narrative here on slashdot to dare to disprove a drudge report myth. And considering the conservative FUD that samzenpus has posted to the front page in the past, this is highly out of character for him to point out that the "Obamaphone" program is neither government sponsored nor was it started under Obama.

Samzenpus, are you OK? Were you recently hit in the head or something?

Comment: Speed is indeed important (Score 1) 6 6

Not everyone has a brand-new computer; The manuscript of the book I'm about to publish is in Open Office Word, about 400 pages and full of large images, and autosave is a real pain because it takes minutes to save the file.

Like another commenter said, I wouldn't make it the most important thing, overall efficiency is. But software speed is important to anyone with an older computer, especially a Windows computer, because the computer slows as the registry grows, and the registry never gets smaller, only bigger.

Comment: What does she WANT to do? (Score 2) 245 245

You said what she doesn't want to do, but gave no indication of what she wants to do. There may be a not-terribly-difficult way to get from programming to what she wants to do, but without knowing what that is it is impossible to say.

Comment: Re:Oh (Score 1) 26 26

Pre-judging you? Only of being human, sir.

You prejudge me on a lot more than that. A large portion of your messages are dedicated to what you assume to be true about me, and many messages that come after them are dedicated to either you trying to hold to those assumptions in spite of reality or trying to set up little "gotchas" in the hopes of finding flimsy support for your assumptions.

In fact it is rare that you write a comment about me or in reply to me that does not prejudge me.

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