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Comment Re:Misleading title - didn't pass Windows 8 (Score 5, Interesting) 241

Following the "every other version of windows is bad" thing, I count Windows 8.1 as the most recent "good", replacing the "bad" Windows 8. That makes Windows 10 another bad version, which so far sounds accurate given the snooping problems.

Of course I used XP until support ended, still use 7, and never used Vista, 8, or 8.1, so my experience is limited.

Comment Re:Another indication of the failed war on drugs (Score 1) 214

If you wanted to open a bar in a city that doesn't stupidly allow people to store their personal property on taxpayer-owned land for free, wouldn't you be more inclined to either build abundant parking for your customers without the city forcing you to, or locate your bar near good transit options?

No, you would provide a small number of narrow and insufficient parking spaces, so customers can barely squeeze in and out of their stupidly oversized trucks or give up and park illegally in the lots of neighboring stores and businesses. Or they'll go park on a street anyway, paying a meter if the "storage" isn't free.

See, both options eliminate customers parking in residential neighborhoods.

Not even in the slightest. I don't think you understand people, especially people who frequent bars.

So it appears that in this case, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.

Oh, well you had an agenda to push. No wonder.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 361

Lumping lots of things together and calling them "GMOs" is like lumping things together and calling them all "chemicals". Sure, there are chemicals that we need to ingest. Does that mean all chemicals are safe to ingest?

We need to be talking about - and the manufacturers and/or government need to be certifying the safety of - each specific genetic modification. Some might be harmless to ingest, but have other side effects, like propagating the use of pesticides that are wiping out bee populations or other similar environmental damage. Show me that the changes you made have benefits that outweigh side effects that will affect consumers or dump on the commons, and I'd approve and/or eat them. I just don't see that happening, which is my concern.

And people lumping all possible genetic modifications together and saying "GMOs are safe you are idiots for doubting science!" scare me just a little more than hippies saying "All GMOs are evil!" Both groups are stupid, but while the latter might impact global food scarcity at some time in the future, the former give a blank check to manufacturers to do things that might hurt me or my family now.

Comment Re:Another indication of the failed war on drugs (Score 2) 214

I live on a residential block behind a few bars. If they had less parking, there would be more people parking in our neighborhood. We got the city to create a residential parking zone, with towing for non-residents, but it's only for one block; drunks could just park deeper into the neighborhood and walk a little further. And the thing about drunks walking home at 1 AM from a bar is that they are obnoxiously loud, like to urinate on whatever they happen to be near, and occasionally toss a brick through a car window just for grins.

So no thanks, I'd rather have mandatory parking on site. If you want to stop drunks from driving, catch them as they pull out of the parking lot. Or build cities to better support public transportation, and have that transportation run late enough into the night to service the evening crowd. Or legalize Uber and let their drivers///suckers deal with puke in their cars.

Comment Re:headline is misleading (Score 5, Insightful) 528

The headline is sufficient for those who do not understand how the power grid works, and anyone who knows how the power grid works would not be misled by the headline.

Even though my bill says "100% wind" on it, and somewhere out there are windmill(s) generating as much electricity as my home consumes, the actual power consumed in my house might just as easily come from the coal plants up the highway. It's all on the same grid.

If you understand that, then it's obvious that "Power Every US Home With Renewables" means "Generate As Much Renewable Energy As All Homes Consume". What appears on the bills of those homeowners is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 4, Informative) 279

I went in to Facebook knowing it was using my real name and all my posts were public. I self-censor as appropriate given that limitation.

Google started as a variety of unrelated anonymous and pseudonymous services that I already used when they decided to link them all together and tack on a real-name mandate. No thanks.

Comment Re: Food Allergies (Score 2) 194

One study I read showed kids that grow up around farm animals tend to have healthier immune systems, which is one reason we keep chickens, let our daughter play in the backyard near them, and also feed her their eggs. Local honey too can be useful, but only after the kid is old enough to balance the risk of listeria. (At least, that's what we decided.)

Comment Re: Food Allergies (Score 1) 194

My wife ate peanuts while pregnant, peanut butter in the baby's first year while nursing, and we introduced her to toast with a little peanut butter at about 10 months. Giving her body no introduction to something didn't make any more sense than flooding immune system with something, and after a study came out showing that light doses of peanuts over time could reduce or eliminate the allergy in some kids who expressed it, I felt there was enough science backing what felt right to me to do it.

Comment Re: Screws with users (Score 1) 319

If something changes from a right-click to a left-double-click, or from a launch button to buried in the start menu, that most definitely is a UI change. And the hazard indicator on cars I've owned has changed from a slider on the steering column, to a toggle push button on the steering column, to a single-press button in the center of the dash.

And "changing the location of something is not a UI change" is just plain wrong when talking about cars. Move the gas pedal to the steering column and you've made a far bigger change to using a car that anything Windows has done in 20 years to using a computer.

Comment Re:Faa rules for RC planes (Score 1) 1197

The thing that actually does make a drone a drone is the presence of a camera and the ability to operate out of line of sight. Saying that you can't basically says you can't fly drones, which probably wouldn't work because if drones were a crime then only criminals would have drones or something like that.

(I think half the public and half the laws already confuse "drone" with "rc plane", where rc planes are now being called drones even when operated within line of sight. So the same FAA rule that banned drones would probably end up getting RC pilots arrested.)

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