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Comment: Re:i remember (Score 1) 165

by Nethead (#48011817) Attached to: Why the Z-80's Data Pins Are Scrambled

Agree! Though I was a sixer, I miss those days. Wire wrap board, some '138s and JEDIC RAM. Put a 6522 (or 8255? in your case), maybe a 6551 and you have a computer. I had a hacked image of CBM BASIC that would take I/O from a serial chip. Did wonderful things with that.

I miss the 8052AH-BASIC very much, made a payphone controller board out of that one. That was one hell of a chip. So quick to code on. Self sensing serial speed, had the software to burn an EPROM, Give it +5, a colorburst xtal, and hang a 8k SRAM on it with a Dallas SmartSocket and Bob's your uncle.

Ah, the days when you could run down to Radio Shack at 8:40pm and buy some TTL glue and the wire wrap supplies to finish a project.

Comment: I love Obj-C. I've used it since 1989. (Score 1) 310

by jcr (#48008177) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Swift Or Objective-C As New iOS Developer's 1st Language?

But as I've said many times since then, I'll switch when something better comes along. That time has come. Swift is a major improvement over Obj-C, and it was developed to meet Apple's internal needs, by engineers who know Obj-C inside out.

It's kind of a kick being a beginner again. Swift takes some getting used to, but I expect it to give me as much of a productivity improvement over Obj-C as Obj-C gave me over C++.


Comment: Re:iT'S FINE UNTIL.... (Score 3, Insightful) 50

by ScentCone (#47998681) Attached to: FAA Clears Movie and TV Drones For Takeoff

All this drone stuff will be fine until one manages to crash into an airliner, bringing it down. Then the FAA will be swamped with people demanding to know why the drones were allowed in the first place.

Which is also true of traditional RC aircraft, which have been flown for decades - with plenty of opportunities to get up into the path of full-scale aircraft. The carnage has been incredible, one plane after the next falling out of the sky.

The problem isn't going to be people shooting crop health, checking their gutters, doing an aerial during a TV shoot, or getting real estate photos. The problem is going to be malicious users. Just like wrong-headed people who choose to be malicious with lead pipes, shotguns, or kitchen knives.

A bunch of laws telling law abiding people not to fly their camera robot over 400' will mean exactly nothing to someone who doesn't care about laws.

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by jcr (#47991163) Attached to: Australian Senate Introduces Laws To Allow Total Internet Surveillance

What is it with governments and wanting to spy on every citizen, just because the technology might allow for it?

As Robert Heinlein pointed out, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who seek to control others, and those who have no such desire. Governments are comprised of the assholes in the first category, and mass surveillance is all about power.


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