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Comment: Re:Who watches the watchers (Score 1) 203

by TheLink (#46803669) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?
Term limits are:
1) Undemocratic
2) Stupid
It takes a while to do anything, so while you may make it harder for elected leaders to do bad things but you also make it harder for elected leaders to do good things.

The smart power hungry sociopaths will just create or move to positions of power where the term limits (and elections) do not apply to them and continue influencing the incompetent figureheads and ruling over voters. Becomes less democratic that way too.

Which seems similar to what is happening now, only more so.

People deciding who they want as leaders is democratic. Term limits restricting their choice is not democratic.

The real solution is the smart people taking the time to educate the stupid and ignorant ones rather then going "Oh Noes, the voters are too stupid, we should remove choice from them - even the choice of re-electing someone they want for another term".

It seems to me that 98% of the US voters who bothered to vote prefer either R or D, instead of the other alternatives. If you think they shouldn't then you shouldn't be trying to stop them against their will. You should be trying to convince them.

Unless of course there are no better alternatives. In which case, Democracy is working as well as it can, and your real problem is elsewhere.

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by TheLink (#46803583) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

Taking any significant amount of time makes measurement easier, and errors smaller, and hence this type of attack easier.

Unless you only respond after X + random Y milliseconds, no matter how long it actually takes to do the calculation (where X milliseconds is longer than the max time it takes to do the calculation).

Takes more time, but makes timing attacks a lot harder.

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Wait. Did you just admit that he's being targeted improperly because he is the union rep . . . and then say that if we got rid of tenure and let them fire whoever they want for whatever reason it wouldn't be a problem anymore?

I sure did.

This guy prevented bad teachers from being fired. I know call the lawyers bla bla. But if he is the problem why LA school districts are failing he needs to have some leighway and let the administrators do the write ups and terminations. Yes some is political. Welcome to work. Most though needs to be documented and finished.

Walmart does this all the time to keep prices low.

The American Teachers Association needs to go back to it's roots to advance the career just like the state bar does with lawyers. Does the bar protect bad unethical lawyers? No they take away their bar license. The American Teachers Association needs to be de-certifying the bad apples and helping them succeed. Helping as in getting training needed and setting up licenses for professional teachers. Not protecting them.

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by swb (#46802671) Attached to: Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory

After a bit of searching ...
Another quick search

How many hours, exactly, did he spend researching both issues? How much extra driving, phone calls, research, etc? How much auto repair know-how does he already have?

It's not like running around for two weeks looking for third party parts and installers is 'free'. A very large part of the price of the dealer is the fact that, yes, they do have access to everything for your specific car and the knowhow to diagnose and fix it the first time and in a timely fashion.

You're paying more for that convenience and so are most people. Cars are a huge headache and not having a working car is a worse headache, so people are willing to spend money to reduce the headache.

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by MikeBabcock (#46802647) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

instead of concentrating on replacing malloc, they could concentrate on replacing another part, namely designing buffer-types that contain buffer-size and are automatically bound-checked.
So heartbleed has something to do with their in-house memory management, in that they lost the opportunity to bake automatic bound checking into their custom memory manager.

One of the few quite brilliant things DJB did was write stralloc to avoid C string issues. I wish more people would use something similar in their code.

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Do you and I have the right to piss off management and our bosses? What makes them so special?

You don't seem to understand what tenure is. Tenure doesn't protect teachers from being fired if they act irresponsibly or do not do their job. Tenure only protects the teacher from being fired without just cause.

The case here is really the question of whether allowing a student to build a marshmallow gun powered by compressed air represents just cause. The administration says it is, but they have an axe to grind with the teacher in question because he's also a union representative, etc. (as detailed in other comments)

The suggest that the solution is to just give the administrators the right to fire all teachers without any justification for the firing is idiotic.

My exwife and I worked at school districts. Trust me if administrators want a 1 and 1 they get a stiff rebuke email from the union rep threatening job termination without the union there! What the hell?

Do I get this at my job? No. I am employed at will. So you are stumpy. It is in good taste and for fear of liability that we have an HR representative due the threatening and a humiliating letter 3 times in a row and then a box and boot out the door after time# 3.

Yes some may want to mod me down after reading the last paragraph or think I am being a dick, but I am just the messenger here. Remember at work it is always about the customer. Not you. Kids and parents are the customers.

This is what it is like everywhere and if principals had more authority our schools would be better. Yes I will concede teachers put up with a lot of crap and have big responsibilities. I understand that.

But understand the lack of firing people make them do batshit stuff like claiming "... not dressing appropriately " in their teaching certificate or making up stuff in science fairs. It is standard procedures in the teaching world when someone is tenured or the union rep says "NO! You may not put down such and such in this write up ... etc" so this is a way around it.

I have seen this at 2 different school districts.

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