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Comment: Re:Is there a difference? (Score 1) 109

I have a G2. I love the way it feels in my hand (although it's super fragile and will chip easily). I love the button in the back (I never have to guess where it is, even when I'm setting the volume from my pocket). And I love the knock-knock feature (although, that only works about 70% of the time).

And I love the guest feature that's better than anything Samsung, Apple, or Google has. It basically logs you in as a guest depending on the unlock pattern you give it. And if you leave most of the apps available to the guest, the guest has actually no idea he/she is in guest mode.

That being said, I concur with the bugs of the lollipop update. I wish I hadn't updated it. The battery drains more quickly now. Sometimes the phone freezes (especially in areas where cell/wifi connectivity is intermittent). I know the phone is old, but it never used to do that before. The carriers are right to wait until these little things get worked out.

Comment: Re:And? (Score 1) 235

by Tablizer (#49825191) Attached to: Professional Russian Trolling Exposed

Is anybody pretending that corporations and politicians aren't already effectively doing the same thing?

Almost every day on the way to work, I hear at least one radio ad for "repairing your company's online reputation...We can help remove false and angry commentary and ratings about your company and its products. A poor online reputation can hurt your bottom line. We can restore your good name. Call now!"

Comment: Just why is 10G ethernet still so expensive? (Score 1) 151

Previous speed bumps in Ethernet always had a price premium, but it didn't last that long and the high speed quickly became bog standard on anything. Sure, there was/is still a quality factor involved (gak, RealTek) but for the most part everything worked pretty well and was at least faster than the previous speed even if limitations kept it from being capable of sustained wire speed.

10G Ethernet has been commercially available now for what seems like a long time, yet pretty much anything that can do it STILL costs a fortune. Why?

Vendor conspiracy? Vendors knowing that 1 GB works "real good" for pretty much every application you can throw at it, the silicon designs are long paid for and cash cows, lack of consumer/prosumer/endpoint adoption means there's no incentive to mass produce chipsets that might take precious 0.001% off already non-viable PC margins, "enterprise" consumers are willing to pay huge premiums for anything 10G capable (or trying to keep milking 8G FC)?

Is it the technology? There's some gotchas with 10G over copper relative to cable quality, etc, but is the silicon that much more expensive/complex that the usual mass production economies of scale doesn't basically fix?

Comment: Re:You're Talking About a Different Scale (Score 3, Interesting) 235

by swb (#49824145) Attached to: Professional Russian Trolling Exposed

In a way this is right, trolling and astroturfing are done on the mass media via PR mouthpieces, press releases and advertising.

I think the difference is that it's so professional and done with such public transparency (ie, you can call the PR office and get mailed a press kit, nobody pretends they're not doing it) that it lacks the kind of nefarious, ministry of propaganda kind of dishonesty that a state-sponsored organized astroturfing campaign has.

I just don't think those tactics would work all that well within the US. It seems like whenever an organization DOES try an astroturfing campaign ("Citizens for Enhanced Comcast Monopoly") it gets spotted so quickly for what it is that it seems to achieve negative results.

Comment: Less about patents than lackluster sales? (Score 1) 65

by swb (#49822891) Attached to: Blackberry Defeats Typo In Court, Typo To Discontinue Sales of Keyboard

Typo actually made an effort to defeat the patent in court, but what seems telling is that they weren't attempting to redesign their product to avoid the patents.

It doesn't seem likely that BB has enough patents to remove all keyboarded phones from the market. There have been too many released by other vendors which weren't challenged.

I wonder if Typo just figured that:

* The vast majority of smartphone owners at this point in time have adapted to the idea of touchscreen keyboards, shrinking the potential market for an add-on device

* Redesigning the device to avoid patents would be hard, especially for a small company like Typo that may not have the resources for a thorough patent/design review, not to mention paying to retool the manufacturing of this device.

Given the small market and costs, better to just give up both the legal fight and the headaches.

Comment: Is it even about "security"? (Score 2) 315

From publicized "tests" of the TSA to real world situations where people sneak onto a flight without a ticket, I question whether the TSA process is even really about stopping threats or whether it's really about conditioning people to accept a heavy-handed, intrusive "security" as a normal party of daily life.

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