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User Journal

Journal: Punitive Moderation V & VI 1

Journal by pete-classic

Two more occasions where some voiceless coward had modded down my three most recent posts, several days after each was posted.

Can anyone imagine a reason to do this other than to try (in vain) to take away my +1 posting bonus?

Whoever you are, why not try talking to me rather than failing to silence me? Come on. Man up. Give voice to your frustrations!


User Journal

Journal: Punitive Moderation III & IV 3

Journal by pete-classic

Well, it has happened TWICE more.

I can't rightly understand the kind of mean mentality that would cause a person to use all his moderator points just to put a little ding in my "karma".

I have half a mind to abandon my account and just use /. anonymously as a news aggregator. I decided I need the user features, though, when I discovered I could filter out Jon Katz.

Maybe I'll just use my Google account as a front-end to /..

It's sad to see a dear old friend go to shit.


User Journal

Journal: Punitive Moderation 1

Journal by pete-classic

Well, it happened again. I didn't get banned this time, but some dickless mother fucker went and modded down four of my posts. One post was made today. The others ranged from two days to a week old, and none of those had been moderated since the day they were posted.

If it was you, why don't you post below and let me know what you fucking problem is?


User Journal

Journal: Banned? 2

Journal by pete-classic

It seems that someone modded down a bunch of my posts over the weekend. Some of the posts weren't very good, and probably deserved it, but some weren't. Most of them were pretty stale. They fact that they all received moderation is . . . suspicious.

So, now I'm banned for an indefinite period.

I can't even get any of that karma back, since I can't post!



I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil