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Comment: A flat universe is not conclusion of the article (Score 4, Informative) 235

by madsenj37 (#49652525) Attached to: Shape of the Universe Determined To Be Really, Really Flat
The universe is all of space and time. We have not observed/measured/etc. most of the universe yet to determine its shape. The parts of the universe we have observed are flat. Until we observe more of the universe, we will not know if the universe is flat or not.

+ - A Digital Public Library Without Paper Books->

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CowboyRobot writes: "In San Antonio, a judge and a precinct commissioner are proposing a plan to create a library called BiblioTech that offers electronic media exclusively, offering patrons only e-readers and digital materials. "BiblioTech intends to start with 100 e-readers that can be loaned out, 50 pre-loaded e-readers for children, 50 computer stations, 25 laptops and 25 tablets, with additional accommodations planned for the visually impaired." But the economics have yet to be ironed out. "A typical library branch might circulate 10,000 titles a month... To do that electronically would be cost-prohibitive — most libraries can't afford to supply that many patrons with e-reading devices at one time. And expecting library visitors to bring their own devices may be expecting too much.""
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Data Storage

+ - SSD prices fall dramatically in 2012 but increase in Q4->

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crookedvulture writes: "Solid-state drives became much more affordable in 2012. The median price for 240-256GB models fell by about 44% over the course of the year and now sits around 83 cents per gigabyte. Lower-capacity drives also got cheaper, albeit by smaller margins that kept median prices from dipping below the $1/GB threshold. Surprisingly, most drives actually got more expensive over the fourth quarter, despite Black Friday and other holiday sales. This upswing was driven largely by OCZ's decision to back off its strategy of aggressively discounting drives to gain market share, allowing its rivals to raise prices, as well. Although some new models arrived with next-generation 19- and 20-nm NAND that should be cheaper to produce, those drives didn't debut at lower prices. We may have to wait a while before SSD makers pass the savings along to consumers."
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Comment: Manage them accordingly (Score 3, Insightful) 480

by madsenj37 (#41479573) Attached to: What Should Start-Ups Do With the Brilliant Jerk?
Find managers that can bridge the communication gap between jerks and the rest of the business. There are plenty of business people who know how to talk with someone like a specialized programmer for instance, without having any practical programming skills themselves. Every business success or failure is about finding the right people, culture, etc. Productivity is only one measure and people must be in place to motivate and communicate with all types of people.

Comment: Re:A Libertarian World (Score 1) 2058

by madsenj37 (#33811618) Attached to: Firefighters Let House Burn Because Owner Didn't Pay Fee
Actually, in a Libertarian world, the fire department would have most likely accepted payment in the range of thousands of dollars, preferably in cash or precious metals such as gold and silver. Although this scenario is plausible in a Libertarian world, it is more of a bureaucratic ideal. Most Libertarians would want repeat business and to prosper financially, while bureaucrats want to avoid freeloaders and liabilities.

Comment: Re:Unfortunately (Score 1) 702

by madsenj37 (#32643994) Attached to: iOS 4 Releases Today
You can buy an iPhone without a contract, so your quoted price of $3000 is off. A $200 iPhone w/contract is sold for 3-4 times the unsubsidized price if you really want one without a contract. Still your point is valid for those willing to carry two devices, but your prices are off by a good $2000+.

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