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User Journal

pete-classic's Journal: Punitive Moderation III & IV 3

Journal by pete-classic

Well, it has happened TWICE more.

I can't rightly understand the kind of mean mentality that would cause a person to use all his moderator points just to put a little ding in my "karma".

I have half a mind to abandon my account and just use /. anonymously as a news aggregator. I decided I need the user features, though, when I discovered I could filter out Jon Katz.

Maybe I'll just use my Google account as a front-end to /..

It's sad to see a dear old friend go to shit.


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Punitive Moderation III & IV

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  • As someone pointed out to me recently, it's probably your sig they're moderating, not your comments.
    • Did he change his sig recently?
      Now it is, paraphrased, "don't use my sig as a political ideology."
      What did it used to be?
  • I've been hit several times in the last year. I don't worry about it so much, I've got so much karma it would take successive attempts by multiple moonbats to drive it all the way down. And if they did, so what? Worst case scenario is I get banned from posting for a bit, I could probably use the break, anyway.

    Try not to let morons on the Internet ruin your day, that's their goal, after all. Why let them win like that?

In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy.