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Comment: Re:Overblown (Score 4, Insightful) 390

exactly. I bet they also had all sorts of contingency plans, and meetings if Scotland voted to leave the UK too.

The USA has military plans to invade Canada, and the UK. and they keep them updated. it is war game scenarios just in case and it makes for easy test cases for new people to think about.

Comment: Re:OT: Dogs (Score 1) 435

by peragrin (#49674701) Attached to: Will Robot Cars Need Windows?

That isn't safe. you need to protect your doggy's eyes. put goggles on his head first.

It looks way cooler too.

Just before christmas one year it was snowing like made which made the traffic all the much worse. I pull up in my lane and look to my right only to see a husky with his head out the window of the car next to me. He had a grin a mile wide, going this is great. wind, snow. It was a absolutely miserable day but that brought a smile to my face.

Comment: Re:Non story, headline should read (Score 2) 213

by peragrin (#49657181) Attached to: Transformer Explosion Closes Nuclear Plant Unit North of NYC

steady rate of high power for one. except for hydro and geothermal, but those doesn't fit or scale everywhere.

solar and wind are great to supply additional power, to cover spikes, and a large residential setup will stabilize the old grid. however they don't have a constant high power output and have to be built at 30-50% over capacity to get to the minimum useful outputs.

that said most homes should have a 3-5 kw solar setup that feed right back into the grid. The power generated would be enough to run their home air-conditioning setups in the hot summer months and a bit of electric heating in the winter. if 50% of homes in a given neighborhood loop had that the spikes would even out during the summer.

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