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Comment: Re:"The World" is irrelevant to most people (Score 1) 187

by peragrin (#48666481) Attached to: The World Is Not Falling Apart

Because I let you choose to spread your idiocy that's why.

More people right now are living in peace with their neighbors than between the Yeats 1500-1900

If Iraq was fought like other wars in history the USA' army would be 50 million soldiers. Not 1.2 million.

There are 320 million people in the USA with an army of 1.2 million. That's 1/2 of 1%. There are more homosexuals people in the USA 3-5 million than soliders.

Even China with 1.2 billion people only has an army of 3 million.

Comment: Re:Google's acquisition of Android Inc. Q.E.D. (Score 1) 79

by peragrin (#48666183) Attached to: Comcast-TWC Merger Review On Hold

True but do you really think they will lower rates or merely raise them?

The with 50% control of the nations ISP for end users do you really think thing will get better or will they try to turn themselves into AOL where you have to pay to access all forms of content and content providers have to pay even more to access the customers?

Something like 80% of US citizens don't have a choice in the matter of which ISP they use. they get one choice. Why is it that google fiber has rolled out into two cities and only those two cities have more than 2 competing high speed ISP's?

Comment: Re:Voicemail won't die (Score 1) 227

by peragrin (#48662883) Attached to: The Slow Death of Voice Mail

Not really. IF I call and need answers but get your voice mail I hang up and send an email with all relevent information. If I don't get a response back then I will call again. However I do give an hour or two to hear back.

Voicemail isn't nesscary. Now fax machines those aren't going anywhere until programmers can figure out group emails with only one person responding.

Comment: Re:Why the banks support a standard 2 factor syste (Score 1) 71

by peragrin (#48659911) Attached to: JP Morgan Breach Tied To Two-Factor Authentication Slip

Do you not realize the only difference in the singles is the seed numbers to get started with?

I use Google auth with both Google and Dropbox. It shows two different numbers( more actually as I have multiple google accounts).

The algorithm is open so people can study it. Back doors can be found and published. Why can't banks use stanardised and tested instead of closed systems with back doors?

Comment: Re:And how many were terrorists? Oh, right, zero. (Score 1) 275

by peragrin (#48656389) Attached to: TSA Has Record-Breaking Haul In 2014: Guns, Cannons, and Swords


But pressurizing and then shooting holes in the walls and windows is simple enough to test, pressure drop/time shows everything you need to know.

Then they would blow it up for boredom's sake as teaching science to idiots is dull and repetitive.

Comment: Re:hooray for the government (Score 1) 68

by peragrin (#48625805) Attached to: Councilmen Introduce Bills Strongly Regulating UAV Use in NYC

And when you die in a fiery plane crash as an idiot UAV operator flew too close to a jet and got pulled into the engine during landing. Never mind that is illegal to operate there drone pilots can do it all.

I saw a drone video from inside a firework display and al I could think of does that idiot realize he is flying through a flak field and if just one firework hits the drone that drone is free falling back to the ground. Sure fireworks are poor flak by shooting cardboard, but Murphy is a tough bastard.

Comment: Re:Hmm (Score 1) 81

by peragrin (#48616419) Attached to: SpaceX To Attempt Falcon 9 Landing On Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship

Because they became billionaires through luck ambition and pinching penny's. Not by doing cool things.

Also it is relative to the interests of the billionaire themselves. While most don't like Larry Ellison for oracle. Those billions are being spent on make awesome sailboats and doing major races with them for personal glory. Of course he is doing it the Larry Ellison way so some don't like him for it but the advances made in hull design over the last decade have been impressive.

Comment: Re:This is not the problem (Score 3, Insightful) 677

by peragrin (#48615857) Attached to: Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

Economists are finally getting concerned because AI can replace them.

when robots came for maids,i didn't cry out as I wasn't a maid
when robots came for factory workers, i didn't cry out as I wasn't a factory worker.
When computers came for book keepers, i didn't cry out as I wasn't a book keeper
now the machines are replacing politicians and lawyers and I cry all the time but no one tries to help me.

Comment: Re:Obviously (Score 4, Insightful) 68

by peragrin (#48612685) Attached to: Curiosity Detects Mysterious Methane Spikes On Mars

no no no the USA doesn't invade a country. Russia invaded Crimera and is still there.

the USA storms in messes up the place, kicks holes in the walls, maybe set some drapes on fire, and then brings in new drapes, and if you are lucky puts the furniture back into the correct orientation. We then empower the locals through bribes to continue working with us. While our soldiers head back home. Which then creates warlords that we have to mess up the place again in the future.

You see invasions mean our troops stay. in reality the USA marches in and marches back out again and again.

"I got everybody to pay up front...then I blew up their planet." "Now why didn't I think of that?" -- Post Bros. Comics