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Comment Re:The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 416

Possibly however Tim Cook learned from both that era and Steve jobs return. We haven't seen a lot of new forward thinking products out of apple in 6 years but they generally take 6-10 for totally new stuff the rest are refinements and updates.

When Apple introduced the apple holographic watch then take notice.

Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 1) 468

actually you can't prove that, it is a logical fallacy, and definitely not supported by the facts.

The tension between sunni and shite's has been building for centuries. Even without the US military and stupid foreign policies those two groups have been building to a islamic civil for a few hundred years.

Just like christianity did when it turned 1400 there will be purges, burning, and random fighting between the various islamic sects. The very reason the USA has freedom of religion was to prevent any one christian religious sect from controlling the government at the expense of others.

Muslims are doing the exact same thing. only with automatic weapons, and RPG's.

Those terrorists would likely have still been there.

Comment Re:Normal people have no way to know that (Score 2) 394

I am sad to say my coworkers outlook boxes are just like that. They are amazed I have zero unread emails and like 4 emails in my inbox. Then I expand the folders to reveal hundreds of folders with 500 MB from just the last six months.

The thing is I just file things when I am done with them for future referencing. I can find things quickly just by knowing where to look. The seem arch box only helps if you have lots of details and time to go through the false positives.

Comment Re:Yep, aviation is still safe (Score 2) 345

It gets better when you realize the shuttle had a 1.6% failure to death rate and Soyuz and the time of the shuttles retirement was at 1.8%.

The numbers may be off but are close. Still the shuttle put three time as many people into space as the Soyuz. The hard part is sitting on explosives is dangerous.

Comment Reform welfare (Score 1) 755

Why doesn't reform welfare by turning it into a job search/ career search system? Even most of the mentally and physically disabled people can work at some jobs. It just comes down to finding something within their available skill set.

What really get me is that telemarketers and help desk people could easily be workers who work from home who can't go to an office daily for what ever reason. heck businesses can do a remote phone secretary so that you can call in talk to a person, yet still get transferred correctly.

Lots of jobs are possible for those who are currently collecting welfare. The problem is businesses are lazy and demand that all workers show up in the office.

Comment Re:hope there's a "no videos" flag in HTML5's futu (Score 4, Interesting) 220

Not only are ads a known vector they are quickly becoming the primary vector. Ad companies keep poking security holes in your computer and web pages so they can display more ads. Run Adblock for a week and then switch to IE. The difference is amazing.

Comment Re:The stock market (Score 4, Insightful) 113

high frequency trading isn't investing. in fact anything after the initial sale of the stock by the business is no longer investing in the company. it is just trading.

After the initial IPO the only way a company directly benefits from stock is when they go to borrow money. all those regulations and headaches just means you are giving away pieces of your company to people who want to strip mine the cash reserves, liquidate the assets and move on.

however with a good cash flow a business doesn't need that equity, and can get loans as needed. So why do they need to risk losing their business?

How many NASA managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? "That's a known problem... don't worry about it."