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Comment: Comcast (Score 3, Insightful) 117

by peragrin (#49616781) Attached to: Internet Customers Surpass Cable Subscribers At Comcast

improving poorly rated customer service runs contrary to the comcast business model of doubling your bill after your 2 year deal is up.

I dropped cable because my $80 a month bill went to $160. There is no other isp in my area, so comcast can charge whatever they want. If comcast wants to improve customer service they first have to stop raping their customers.

Comment: Re:And this is where it begins. (Score 2) 49

by peragrin (#49582259) Attached to: Fetch Robotics Unveils Warehouse Robots

Warehouses are slow to adapt. And run on low margins 20-30 years is more reasonable. Because warehouse rarely move and will require massive overhaul. Hell barcoding is only deployed to 40-50% of warehouses. That alone should tell you how low margin warehouses operate. Barcoding with software and hardware is $10k, another 10k to deploy it, yet most warehouses can't afford that.

Comment: Re:One (Score 1) 301

For security my wifi access point only allows editing settings from the ethernet port. I can't log into the control panel via wifi.

a simple security arrangement that might be hackable, but it does make things harder.

It is the only time my laptop's ethernet port gets used any more.

Comment: Re:Talk about creating a demand (Score 2, Informative) 329

by peragrin (#49567433) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

Not true. Electricity can wear out. The time frame is much longer but it does happen.

Electricity has resistance. resistance adds heat. The sun adds heat. hot ,cold, hot, cold, that changes the temperance of the metals, making them brittle. Granted it takes a while. but over time electric cables wear out. Then you have the insulation materials which ear out faster, when those break you get shorts.

That isn't even talking about erosion and physical damage from being outside.

So yes solar panels can wear out. You might get 30-50 years out of one but it will happen.

Comment: Re:No mention of iPad in the summary? (Score 2) 160

by peragrin (#49560599) Attached to: Google Officially Discontinues Nexus 7 Tablet

If you have to go to a third party community that may or may not have updates then your mode is broken. Xda is nice if you are modding it, etc. however if you want it to work without spending an hour doing so then it isn't the right place. And yes the last time I tried and failed to install an xda android rom my device was trashed. It was my fault I missed one of the 50 perquisite steps required.

Hell there are days when I think it would be faster to compile android from source on the device than use those roms.

Comment: Re:No, it's the SJW Crowd Who Defends Islam (Score 1) 493

by peragrin (#49555431) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

You should read how the bible treats women. It isn't any different from sharia.

Females are considered second class citizens in all monotheist religions. Fortunately the USA and most of Europe is made of descendants of various pagan religions that Christianity had to adapt to. Christianity had to add local customs. Things like Christmas, Halloween, new years, Some of those pagann religions had women as equals. It took centuries. But it happened.

Comment: Re: Do not (Score 2) 133

by peragrin (#49552695) Attached to: Liquid Mercury Found Under Mexican Pyramid

Exactly. The big trick way back when was a limited written history. When craving into stone tablets you only hit the highlights and none of the gritty details. So people ended up duplicating each other's work hundreds if not thousands of times before paper copies started getting created. And even once we had paper the data was so far separate from each other that compiling and knowing what was in the complications took another couple of thousand years.

Even today you can't get all of human knowledge easily. you have to duplicate someone else's work a lot of the time. Just look at Operating Systems and the not invented here ideology in software. And that is with easily transmitted data.

Useful things like making weapons, and making beer got passed down verbally, as those would save lives. but spoken and memory communication is at best a hit or miss affair. It is why I wonder why we want to talk to computers as it is a horrible method of data transmittal.

Comment: Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 4, Interesting) 484

by peragrin (#49552673) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

I don't have any issues with my iphone6. okay I have one issue. at work and only at work I have to turn off and then turn on the wifi to get it to connect. At home, at a dozen other places no problems. but at work i have issues.

Then again it could be an app thing. there could be one app that is crashing her phone. I know if I am at work and I try to use a wifi only app it can crash the app. but if I turn off and on the wifi it works fine. But only with my works Access Point. Any where else I don't have that issue.

It's currently a problem of access to gigabits through punybaud. -- J. C. R. Licklider