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Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 2) 178

Exactly you need air to air combat with bvr and stealth. F-22

You need some air to air and some air to ground stealth is useful. F-35

You need ground CAS you need low slow and built like a tank carting weapons and fuel to loiter for hours. A-10

You need pictures and comm relays in the various zones that is what drones are for.

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 2) 133


Software wise apple supports out to at least 3 years and with iOS 9 out to 5 years of previous build models.

if you bought a 3 year old phone and then expected updates you got what you deserve.

Android models rarely get one year of updates, and almost never get 3-5 years of bug fixes.

Comment Re:Honest question (Score 1) 90

To be a bit fairer to exchange. Exchange also does things like calendaring, group calendars, tasks, journals, notes, etc and that is exchange and outlooks strong point merging the standard office communications and calendaring system together.

Comparing exchange to just an MTA is wrong. Of course you can also run a Caldev server, and some kind of group note task server on the same hardware but your requirements go up.

Comment Re: An interesting option (Score 1) 148

Actually that sounds like the moon is ripe for colonization. A factory colony building the ships and equipment needed for a Mars mission. All we need is a large water source.

Sure it will be highly automated mining, refining, and construction. But if you built the iss there it would take a fraction of the power to get it into orbit. A short flight back to earth for food transfer and sling shot to Mars. Where you stop at Phobos. Switch to a Mars lander/ take vehicle there for landing leaving your carrier in orbit of Phobos.

Comment Re:Call for mass-forking of Android (Score 0) 123

That the problem android is already massively fragmented every device / carrier combo is a unique device with its own update rules

That's why nexus devices get updates and nothing else does. The carriers won't update jack shit as that is like work.

It is why Apple has such high new is and security update rates. They told the carriers to fsck off.

Comment Re:Publicity stunt & posturing (Score 4, Insightful) 194

Actually there is a lot to be gained by going to the moon. a stable construction site for one.

Any mars vessel is going to be dozens of big parts. Think not only ISS size, but three times that size.

You need a massive rocket to get to mars, and a second one to get back. The return rocket actually has to get there first too. You need extra fuel tanks, a mars base which has to be big enough to grow food in. You need a rocket to go from mars ground to orbit to dock with the return rocket etc.

Even if you were smart and combined a shuttle orbiter type vessel and just kept picking up extra boosters and fuel tanks, you still have to get those parts out there to begin with. Once built just putting the support equipment in place is a decade long job, before you launch people.

having a Moon base would help with construction, and more importantly storage. Even better is if the moon actually has water with which we can use as fuel. as lunar orbit is cheaper to reach than earth orbit by a significant margin.

Comment Re:Oh boy... Nuclear! (Score 1) 121

So you are saying that a company shouldn't be responsible for it's actions.

Nuclear power does require specialized clean up. if the industry can't clean up after itself why should it be the government's job to do so?

That is why I don't understand republicans. you preach responsibility but when it is your turn to be responsible you run away like cowards and ask someone else to do it. If you really want to be responsible for your actions then you have to take full responsibility.

Comment Re: The US needs a serious spanking (Score 1) 202

no only if the citizens loan us the money. if you haven't heard China is selling the majority of their USA debt to pay for stimulus packages at home.

What the USA needs to do is to forgive itself the debt it owes to itself and balance the budget.

The majority of us government debt is to the people via SS and medicare payments promised but not yet made, and to the military industrial complex for funding two wars which are not yet paid for.

Comment Re:What has the ISS done for us so far? (Score 0) 211

I would counter that 2 being done by robots is a lot harder than you realize. Fully automated factories don't exist yet. We are getting closer but all special run stuff is done by hand.

Everything in space is special run. You can't easily automate the tasks.

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