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Comment: How about fixing the send first? (Score 1) 95 95

Since January an increasing number of gmail users are losing sent emails. They show as sent on the sender's side but never show up at the destination server. They aren't blocked as spam, they aren't rejected just lost due sending timeouts. I have lost at least 6 emails since last week that I sent but I confirmed were never received. Worst it is usually blocked to other gmail users, or Google apps domain addresses. How can emails fail silently like that?

Comment: So it is about money (Score 1) 371 371

So because China cut back imports and we have no one to sell it to the plants are struggling. It isn't that consumers aren't interested but that recycling companies who made their profits by selling raw materials can't sell those materials any more.

Stop blaming consumers when it is other companies and goverents at fault. Next recycling companies will want consumers to shred and sort everything ahead of time so they can save more money.

Comment: Re:This will be fun... (Score 1) 59 59

Two simple points

This was a standard feature of the Space Shuttles. One of the prime selling points was satellite retrieval. Personally I wish they kept one shuttle operational to retreive the hubbell when it is time for it to be retired.

The X-37 has a cargo bay, and is operated in secret by the US military. It can already do that however it's orbit is easy to track.

So you are ignoring 40 years of things other people already knew.

Comment: Re:Love the key part (Score 1) 231 231

I have been fighting the ad wars for a decade plus now. Ever since ads became larger than the websites they serve.

This is just a new battlefront. Fortunately I still have a few tricks up mysleeve. I will modify host file to block local host. (/sarcasm). Though I am getting ready for MAD. That's where I say f it all and cut the ISp right out.

Comment: Re:Coming next ... Office desk telephones (Score 1) 395 395

This is what surprises me. Why don't we have multiple profiles for a given phone so you can pop in a new SIM card and have your company load and manage their stuff seperateely from your personal stuff?

That way businesses can remote wipe employee phones when the employee leaves.

It is just a software why hasn't some one done it yet?

Comment: Re:How do you cool something that cold? (Score 0) 34 34

I know a few women who can do it.

On a serious note though what happens if you take a particle that cold and hit it with a really energetic one? Like half of LHC energy( since the LHC has two sets of counter flying particles that it smashes together?)

Do you get different subatomic particles?

Comment: Re:I know a lot of this is cutting edge... (Score 1) 41 41

a lot of parachute issues are deployment problems at speed/ heat.

Take a spacecraft which is flying at thousands of MPH toward the ground, burning at 2000 degrees, and then deploy a soft fabric.

If you don't unfold it perfectly you lose everything. if one strand of folding rope is out of place you lose everything. The amount of engineering going into just the folding of a parachute would surprise you.

Comment: Re:intuitively I would think steam would be better (Score 4, Informative) 217 217

Catapult launches have specific power requirements to get a given mass to a specific acceleration. This has to be exact. To much or to little causes issues to the airframe in question.

Steam has minimum power/ pressure requirements just to get the system moving. That means there is a minimum load that can be launched. For fully fueled jets or cargo planes that isnt a big deal. For a UAV at half the size it means you have launch issues.

Emals always a much larger load range at launch. You can tailor the power requirements for the mass/ acceraltion ratio you want at launch. This means you can launch a quarter size drone and a full sized jet easily. Something steam struggles with.

Seriously this is Slashdot and basic physics.

Experiments must be reproducible; they should all fail in the same way.