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Comment Re:Street lamps don't help much (Score 1) 293 293

That is starting to happen anyways. Once led parking lot lights came out Walmart was one of the big first customers. All new and a plan to slowly retrofit older locations have led lighting. The cost savings alone was paying back Walmart after 2-3 years.

Comment Re:DC power (Score 1) 235 235

This is it exactly. 5V for usb, 1.5 V for the processor, 48 volt for the back light, etc. and what about things like your stove, refrigerator etc? things that use AC power for their motors.

you get 120/240V at every outlet, you can then convert it to any voltage you need fairly easily. if you are running 48V DC it is a lot harder to convert that down to 5 V.

Comment Re:just add a camera? bullshit. (Score 1) 16 16

I find what I want in a store find the size. And even purchase it there. Then I go to Amazon buy the exact same product in various colors from the manufacturer that the store won't stock.

That is why Amazon is kicking ass. Stocking every color option in the sizes required. Most of the time.

Comment Re:Why?? (Score 1) 158 158

Well I can understand the need for the display to show critical content. I would love it if my entertainment display would give me the exact reason why the warning lights came on.

however what gets me is why is it a two way connection? That should be read only data. You should not be adjusting things from that system.

Comment Re:He has a talent for understatement (Score 1) 305 305

GDP. Is meaningless the government doesn't get a dime from the gdp.

That is like your kids saying they can have a car because their parents income will cover it.

While technically true. It is a complete misrepresentation.

The military budget is 30% of our government income. That is far to high. The military spends more on gasoline moving troops around the country than we spend on welfare.

Comment Re: Good point, but Uber is a bad example (Score 1) 432 432

Then why do companies and republicans fight tooth and nail to force companies to provide health care and 401ks.

Let the companies cut you an additional check for the services each year if they want to hep you pay for that stuff but other wise make both a single payer system.

But that won't happen because on average companies with more than 500 employees make profit on providing health care services. It isn't much but on average a company doesn't have to pay out any additional money beyond what the employee contributions for the entire company.

401ks are the same way. The actual cost to companies is far less than you would believe.

Comment Re:The Struggle (Score 2) 410 410

motorcycle riders who wear helmets are twice as likely to be injured in an accident as compared to those who don't wear helmets. Therefore wearing helmets on motorcycles is bad.

Of course the reality is those who don't wear helmets are just more likely to die in said accident.

Point of view is everything. Find a realistic one please.

Comment Re:WHAT radioactive materials? (Score 2) 242 242

what's the hurry? Space is big, it is so big your ego will get lost.

Right now our longest closed deployment is submarines. they go 4-6 months between restocking. Even at that point all the fresh food was gone months before hand.Just to get to mars with typical engines is a 4-6 month process, plus time to evaluate and study and the return flight.

The moon is only 3-4 days away that need to be reduced to a 12 hour flight. Then we can begin sending supplies for a colony to push farther afield.

We need really fast engines in space just to make travel time practical.

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