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Comment Re:Since all money is fiat, why have taxes at all? (Score 1) 169

You can't eliminate the Irs even in a flat tax. Doing so means you stop caring whether or not people are being accurate with their tax bills.

99% of the irs job is verifying that the income you report and pay taxes on is equal to the income you actually took in.

In a country without an irs net revuene from taxes would fall to a million dollars after the first year or two. I know I would only claim an income of a few hundred dollars. As I would count everything I spent first.

Stop being stupid.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 2) 325

You like many others confuse Swedish law and English common law. In Sweden you can't be charged in absentia. That means to even have charges applied against you have to be I front of a judge.

Those same charges can only be dismissed by a judge.

He will be in Sweden for 6 hours of which 2 will be be spent waiting for the next flight out, and 2 more for driving around town

Lastly Sweden extradition to the USA is and always has been several order more difficult than from the uk. Sweden won't extradition people to countries with the death penalty.

These facts have never changed.

Comment Re:should be interesting (Score 5, Informative) 325

You do realize that no one in sweden is tried or even charged in absentia. You have to appear before a judge before charges can even be filed or dismissed.

I really wish idiots like you would stop thinking swedish law is the same as English common law.

Also Sweden doesn't have any laws to allow them to lend someone to another country. That goes against both Swedish law and EU law.

Comment Re:Another day, another Android security hole (Score 0) 39

And once Apple found out about them they were patched. That is the difference. Android reported vulnerabilities can go I patched for years. In the iPhone Apple patches them all within weeks and within a month 70% of iPhones have been patched.

Which is more secure a system that receives regular patches and gets users toI stall them or a system that can barely get users to install 10% of their updates.

Comment Re:Or, it might simply be... (Score 3, Interesting) 121

A feedback loop with some amazing pattern recognition abilities. A little bit of fuzzy logic for memory storage.

That bieng said I don't think we will ever have our memories downloaded or uploaded. Every persons brain maps out uniquely. Can you image a hard drive that randomly scattered data,Yet could still sort through it?

Comment Re:Not too shocking (Score 1) 76

I am not my companies it person we hire that out. That said I have three logins.
My everyday low rights user information. A higher rights user and full admin access to every server
This way when a print job gets stuck I can kill it with admin rights of if someone access is screwed up I can force a logout of them which general clears up the issue.

  I only do limited actions and then log out of admin. This saves it daily headaches. While providing security.

You can do both. You the responsible people a scond login with higher privellegse.

Comment Re:Seems non-sequitur. (Score 1) 293

It gets better. Amazon has 20 years of sales history for me. 20 years of buying music, movies, clothes and misc stuff

Not once have I ever received a targeted promotional material for something I didn't already have. Even my recommendations are wrong 95% of the time.

The key to ad companies being routinely wrong? Enjoy variety. Don't stick to just one genre. Of anything.

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