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Then why do employer not want to give up health insurance and let everyone get health insurance like they get car insurance? What about 401k's?

The thing is if employers want the duty to just pay you for services, then they should get out of everything that does not involve work.

But employers are the ones who object strongly making health insurance act like every other form of insurance. employers like the extra their employees pay them every year.

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by peragrin (#47441835) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

If you forget your phone in your car, then you need a built in headset for your car so the phone can stay in your pocket.

Why would a watch know where your kids are? in order for that to work each child would need to be tagged like an animal. Also if you can't track kids at a playground please stop breeding. It isn't that difficult, I watch my nieces on a regular basis at the playground, and they tag team to make certain they can get away with stuff.

The mic on your watch won't give you better audio than pulling your phone out of your pocket.

remote camera control that is a decent idea. except that the display is tiny, won't show everything, and you have to be looking at your watch to press the button unless they use the whole screen for the take a picture button.

I always consider that things are beyond what I can dream about. In the last 30 years watches have faded away for many. Now they are as much jewelry as practical. You can't have a good looking smart watch. even the few that let you replace the bands with something more comfortable than stiff plastic are bulky. Now give me smart watch that is about as wide as my thumb, that shows me the time all the time. have it use a micro projector to push the image on to my forearm, and a laser projector to pick up where I am touching. That will take off.

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by peragrin (#47441819) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Do You Want a Smart Watch?

Yes you can hit a button on your wrist easier.

But when dealing with a smart watch you aren't hitting a button. you need to tap a screen 3-4 times in the correct place while running to adjust one feature.

Strap your smartphone to your wrist and try to adjust the songs, now cut the screen size way down and try again. it is a lot harder.

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by peragrin (#47433933) Attached to: William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

People keep praising Ron Paul yet everything I have ever seen on his actual policies scare me more than Cheney working with Obama to create what laws should be enforced.

Paul recent budget had a net increase in spending and a net reduction in income.

You can't be a fiscal conservative and not decrease spending

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Actually last I looked my mothers job used it. it integrated into the rest of their software package so that addresses and route planning could be done easy.

Not sure if they currently can use it but since bing maps like google maps requires internet connections probably not. Not every where they travel have 2G service let alone 3G.

What gets me is why doesn't google or bing maps have an offline mode?Cache a couple of states or even just counties.

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