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Comment Re:All of them (Score 1) 88

I will settle for one that just synchronizes across all devices. like biology i prefer a mixed os lifestyle, even if I have a mac book and iPhone, My tablets are android just to be safe.

At the moment I manually deleted and re-add chrome bookmarks to Safari every once in a while. This keeps all those fairly close in sync. I have to do the same for contacts, too. fortunately I use google calendar, and gmail already so those stay in sync.

Comment Re:Does not compute (Score 1) 39

it gets better. They think closed captioning actually equals the scene on the screen.

Apparently they have never watched a movie with closed captioning or subtitles before. I have not yet seen one that was even 70% accurate to what was actually said, or done.

Part of that is simple wording you can't write out every line of dialog as fast as it is said. So they chop up the dialog to make it fit in the time they have. per scene.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 2, Insightful) 242

Trump recently stated he wanted to build a database of Muslims. Just like hitter had all Jews marked so he knew who was a Jew. Once you start down that path you are just a few steps away from rounding them up and mass exterminating them.

Right now everything trump says is suspect. He wants to build a fascist country and his most die hard supporters are the gun toting red necks.

Even Hillary looks sane compared to that.

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 965

No the best hope for is that through education, and caring you can limit the numbers who support it.

The Iraqi government made of shia sidelined the Sunni minority. In response the Sunni minority turned to Isis for support. Sunnis stepped aside for isis military advances. Isis then used that to take over both groups and reprsess the Sunnis even farther.

Einstein said it best. You can't achieve peace through might of arms but through understanding. Understanding takes time.

Saddam was ho!ding shias and even Isis style groups in check through brutality. By eliminating him, we gave Isis style groups the free reign to push outward.your management made it worse.

Peace won't happen now for centuries.

Comment Re:trust us they said (Score 1) 187

Actually it gets worse than that.

They go we need to take these samples to test for this stuff. hmm doing the tests is (expensive, hard, ,etc) we should contract it out. The contract company goes, we got all this stuff, how do we monetize it even farther, as the government is making us do these tests on razor margins. oh we can sell the raw data to company Z. excellent we can get paid double or triple for the same product.

eventually it gets found out and things like this happen.

The government doesn't have to lie, just not look too deeply. Business's will find ways to profit.

Think about it this way. anything that isn't illegal is legal. Why do we have laws against murder, and other laws that say that hiring someone to kill for you?because it was a loop hole.

Comment Re:It doesn't matter... (Score 1) 242

Not only that depending on the setup it should be the daily use, but not the secure use.

iOS 9 at least the fingerprint reader has a 48 hour lock code requirement. use the finger print scanner only to unlock your phone and once every 48 hours it asks you to unlock it with the passcode in addition to the number of tries to break.

just do not willing unlock your phone. even if they drug you they will hit one of the two limits before unlocking the phone.

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