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Comment Re:NASA needs another vendor (Score 1) 62

because if they choose an american vendor then each part must have parts made in each state.

Why was nasa so expensive? because they couldn't source parts from states and companies they wanted to but had to source parts only from select vendors that congress choose.

Get congress out of the line item budget for NASA and their costs would have dropped by 30% at least. Actually get congress out of the line item budget for a lot of things and costs will go way down.

Comment Re:Why would anyone be shocked? (Score 1) 210

Simplification yes. Banks didn't know exactly which loans would go bad. However those insurance pools had to have loans that were low risk and loans that were high risk. Something the banks did know. If you have 100 loans of which 40 are low risk 50 are led risk and 10 are high risk. That's. 10% chance that a loan will go bad in that pool. It might not be an actual high risk loan that is bad but that is besides the point.

Comment Re:Why would anyone be shocked? (Score 2) 210

the thing with 2008 isn't that 20% defaulted. it's that the banks built an insurance pyramid scheme to borrow more money and one bank was left holding the bad debt.

Bank A , B , C and D each have 100 loans of which 95% are good and 5% are bad. Each bank is maxed out on loans they can legally, and fiscally move. to make more money they need to insure the loans.

So Bank A and Bank B take 50 loans each 45 good one and the 5 bad ones and get insurance from bank C. This gives Bank A and B the ability to take on 20 more loans each with at least 2 of them being bad.

Bank C goes to Bank D for insurance and gives Bank D their 5 bad loans as well as the 10 bad loans from Banks A and B. this gives Bank C ability to also take on 20 more loans.

Bank D is now holding 190 loans including 20 bad ones and their risk went up from 5% to 10%.

Wash rinse repeat. they did this until one bank had 20% plus bad loans in their portfolio. when it collapsed all the cross insurance collapsed as well. That is why 75% of the government bailout loans were repayable in 4 months. The banks just needed to cover short term costs with the pyramid to each other.

Comment Re:A remarkable number of people are idiots (Score 1) 364

The problem then becomes the creation of the test itself, and how and by whom it is scored.

Remember the rich will demand special testing for themselves, in special rooms, so that if nessecary bribes can be passed around.

You have to remove the ability to bribe the graders. Then it becomes how has the answers. do you test intelligence or do you test knowledge. memorization is easy to cheat against intelligence is not but requires graders who now the subject.

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 2) 179

Exactly you need air to air combat with bvr and stealth. F-22

You need some air to air and some air to ground stealth is useful. F-35

You need ground CAS you need low slow and built like a tank carting weapons and fuel to loiter for hours. A-10

You need pictures and comm relays in the various zones that is what drones are for.

Comment Re:Samsung != Apple (Score 2) 144


Software wise apple supports out to at least 3 years and with iOS 9 out to 5 years of previous build models.

if you bought a 3 year old phone and then expected updates you got what you deserve.

Android models rarely get one year of updates, and almost never get 3-5 years of bug fixes.

Comment Re:Honest question (Score 1) 94

To be a bit fairer to exchange. Exchange also does things like calendaring, group calendars, tasks, journals, notes, etc and that is exchange and outlooks strong point merging the standard office communications and calendaring system together.

Comparing exchange to just an MTA is wrong. Of course you can also run a Caldev server, and some kind of group note task server on the same hardware but your requirements go up.

Comment Re: An interesting option (Score 1) 150

Actually that sounds like the moon is ripe for colonization. A factory colony building the ships and equipment needed for a Mars mission. All we need is a large water source.

Sure it will be highly automated mining, refining, and construction. But if you built the iss there it would take a fraction of the power to get it into orbit. A short flight back to earth for food transfer and sling shot to Mars. Where you stop at Phobos. Switch to a Mars lander/ take vehicle there for landing leaving your carrier in orbit of Phobos.

Comment Re:Call for mass-forking of Android (Score 0) 123

That the problem android is already massively fragmented every device / carrier combo is a unique device with its own update rules

That's why nexus devices get updates and nothing else does. The carriers won't update jack shit as that is like work.

It is why Apple has such high new is and security update rates. They told the carriers to fsck off.

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