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by peragrin (#47680515) Attached to: The Flight of Gifted Engineers From NASA

Yes and no. There were very few direct profits from the Apollo project. However it did spurn a ton of new ways of thinking and materials science that lead to profits for companies.

However a private company only cares about itself. It doesn't matter if dozens other companies make profit from your research and requests. So no Apollo would never have been done by private companies because it isn't profitable to them. This is why you have government projects. To fund the initial crazy ideas that may of May not fail themselves but lead to new ways of thinking.

If Apollo and NASA did t need smaller computers would IBM and Intel have ever been formed?

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by peragrin (#47639781) Attached to: NASA Releases Footage of "Flying Saucer" Braking Test, Declares Success

The ping times though would ensure you never actually got First Post though.

Besides by that point Slashdot beta would running full time, and Slashdot beta has user login timeouts in milliseconds. Or maybe that is just slashdot mobile.

Either way I use classic on all devices. it is the only way I can remain logged in for more than 5 seconds.

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That's a side affect of schools only getting state and federal aid money for time kids spend in school. It is also why schools like to delay snow days as much as possible. And why they love half days. Both of which are miserable for parents who you know work for a living.

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Not as good as you might think.

No gravity means lower blood pressure, which means a softer penis. And then comes the deed itself. Sex requires something for the man to push against while the woman prevents being pushed. However in space there is little to grab on to and your combined motion s will throw you both into things.

That being said I volunteer to try it out with nearly any woman who wants too.

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by peragrin (#47629817) Attached to: IBM Creates Custom-Made Brain-Like Chip

Yep like image recognition, and audio recognition.

Oh wait.

Computers can do logical operations better yes. Computers can't do fuzzy math, real time image recognition or real time audio recognition. Let me know when a computer can "see" with a pair of cameras. Identify an object heading toward the cpu(not just the cameras) and adjust its motors to dodge the incoming. Bugs can do that much yet computers can't.

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Little known fact electricity running through wires degrades the wires and the protective jacket on them.

Wires from a home built in the 1970's are often so brittle that they crumble. not just the jacket coatings but the copper itself. This is due to heat. Heat comes from resistance.

As you pass electricity through the wires they heat up and cool off. then you have summer heat, and wind storms, and eventually you get cables that snap. but before they snap they are discharging electricity into the air and anything around them.

Copper lasts longer than Aluminum. But in time both wear out. The bigger the cable and the lower the load the longer it lasts.

So yes the system is dated and fragile. Like bridges wires only get upgraded and replaced after they cause problems or fall down.

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Even ERP is a misnomer. I have used several different products that does that and each has it's own up and downs.

The biggest hurdle is generally changing internal processes to make use of the new software. The problem is 50% of people memorize absolute position rather than relative process. Ie every who complains about Msft ribbon memorizes the absolute position of procedures versus the process.

Make sure your code does nothing gracefully.