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Comment Re:The science is not settled (Score 1) 554

Settled science: Energy is supplied to our planet from the sun. The entire planet loses energy to space. Our atmosphere dictates the rate at which this energy is lost.
Not Settled Science: What is the rate at which this energy is lost, and what is the quantitative change to this rate when CO2 concentration is increased or decreased.
Not Settled Science: What are all the effects, good and bad, that an increase of CO2 in our atmosphere will have.
Not Settled Science: Increased CO2 and a warmer atmosphere are a bad thing and should be prevented.

Comment Predicting the failure of Facebook (Score 2) 250

Facebook is going to die just like MySpace did. As the article states, teens don't use facebook all that much. I have 4 teenagers in my house, and they've all quit using it for Instagram, Tumbler, and Twitter. I think 2017 might be a bit premature, but I could certainly see it in steady decline by 2020. Their growth rate is getting close to zero, so I'd say they're about to hit their peak this year.

Comment Re:Here's the plan for Belgium (Score 1) 319

From the BULLSHIT article you linked: "This paper couples numerical simulation of time- and space-dependent weather with simulation of time-dependent power demand, storage, and demand response" Yes, that's right, it's a peer reviewed article that is based entirely on SIMULATIONS, and not ACTUAL DATA. I'm certainly not going to pay any money to read the entire article.

Comment Re:Stupid to build new ones cause uranium is runni (Score 1) 319

Sorry, I'm not going to trust a Renewable Energy Shill as a source. Here's some real numbers... Levelized Cost of Electricity for new generation sources entering service in 2020: Advanced Nuclear: $95.2/MWh Solar PV: $125.3/MWh Solar Thermal: $239.7/MWh source: And this is ONLY cost, it doesn't factor in that Solar is restricted to sunlight hours, is variable and unpredictable, and therefore it's not a reliable source.

Comment Re:Here's the plan for Belgium (Score 1) 319

What does that even mean, the plans for each country are independent? That is completely irrelevant to the example he laid out. In order for wind turbines to generate electricity, there needs to be wind. If there isn't any wind, they still need a source to generate the required electricity. Instead of posting more propaganda videos full of non-answers to this question, please answer it yourself. How does Europe, for example, produce the required electricity needed when there isn't any wind blowing?

Comment Re:Stupid to build new ones cause uranium is runni (Score 1) 319

It is also common knowledge that solar is even more expensive. It is also common knowledge that the wind is not reliable, and therefore not a good source of RELIABLE energy production. Now please stop trolling /. Most of us are smart enough to know the difference between facts and propaganda. You, however, are not.

Comment Re:Here is a nuclear free plan for Germany (Score 1) 319

You're kidding're linking to a bunch of renewable energy propaganda videos? I should believe the wind won't stop blowing because you linked to a speech by Alec Baldwin????? Sorry Mr. Propaganda, but I live in Ontario, where we've jumped over the cliff of renewables. We have a large pile of windmills now installed, and when they aren't spinning, we're burning gas to provide electricity. Oh, and when they are spinning, we're still burning gas because they can't shut down and reboot the gas fired generators fast enough to prevent the grid from collapsing. And when they're spinning too fast and producing too much electricity, We have to pay Michigan to take our surplus or risk the grid from collapsing. Our hydro rates are now double what they were 10 years ago, and still going up. The disaster of a government is now trying to sell off the hydro company to raise money and avoid the blame when the rates go up yet again this year. Sorry, but you're way out to lunch on this subject. Windmills were abandoned a century ago as a source of power because it's just not reliable enough. Unless there's a dramatic reduction of the earth's population, Nuclear is the only way to provide reliable, inexpensive energy for all our needs.

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