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Comment: Re:We can learn from this (Score 3, Interesting) 163

Good luck fixing it...all those that are in the game, don't want the game to change, and will do everything they can to prevent someone who wants to change it from getting in. Read this to see how far they'll go: District Attorney, Judge, and Police force persecuting political foes. Fascism is alive and well.

Comment: Re:What's so special in walls built in garage? (Score 1) 63

by pastafazou (#49424527) Attached to: Radar That Sees Through Walls Built In Garage
I need some clarification here, and haven't been able to find any references in the walls built in the garage, or kitchen for that matter, need to remain in the garage or kitchen? ie are they walls that are installed there, they just need to be made there, but can then be removed and installed elsewhere?

Comment: How can I mod the OP as Troll (Score 1) 809

by pastafazou (#49049353) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Portion of Developers Are Bad At What They Do?
This whole post is a troll. WTF is he expecting from his potential candidates? I'm a sharepoint developer, but I have no idea how I would answer his question. It's stupid. Put a fucking folder on your company file share (or a library on your Sharepoint site), where only you and I have permissions, so I can upload and you can access. Who encrypts files to send internally? If I were applying for a job and I got asked this question, I'd ask who the head moron was that decided internal communications needed to be encrypted as opposed to password protected.

Comment: I've been a Firefox fan for years (Score 1) 296

by pastafazou (#49003593) Attached to: Firefox Succeeded In Its Goal -- But What's Next?
But I have to say, the last year of Firefox has SUCKED!!! It crashesit's chews up huge amount of resourcesit just SUCKS. And I know I'm going to get flamed with a bunch of "it's not Firefox, it's Flash/Java/other plugin", but that doesn't change the fact that Internet Explorer is handling the same plugins and isn't crashing/slow/eating memory. I'm at the point where I only have 5 websites which I'll use firefox for because I know it can handle them okay. The rest of my surfing has gone back to IE. I'm praying that the next version improves on this, but I'm losing faith...

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