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Comment: How can I mod the OP as Troll (Score 1) 809

by pastafazou (#49049353) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Portion of Developers Are Bad At What They Do?
This whole post is a troll. WTF is he expecting from his potential candidates? I'm a sharepoint developer, but I have no idea how I would answer his question. It's stupid. Put a fucking folder on your company file share (or a library on your Sharepoint site), where only you and I have permissions, so I can upload and you can access. Who encrypts files to send internally? If I were applying for a job and I got asked this question, I'd ask who the head moron was that decided internal communications needed to be encrypted as opposed to password protected.

Comment: I've been a Firefox fan for years (Score 1) 296

by pastafazou (#49003593) Attached to: Firefox Succeeded In Its Goal -- But What's Next?
But I have to say, the last year of Firefox has SUCKED!!! It crashesit's chews up huge amount of resourcesit just SUCKS. And I know I'm going to get flamed with a bunch of "it's not Firefox, it's Flash/Java/other plugin", but that doesn't change the fact that Internet Explorer is handling the same plugins and isn't crashing/slow/eating memory. I'm at the point where I only have 5 websites which I'll use firefox for because I know it can handle them okay. The rest of my surfing has gone back to IE. I'm praying that the next version improves on this, but I'm losing faith...

Comment: Re:Is anyone surprised? (Score 1) 180

I don't think you appreciate just how fantastic JRR Tolkien's work is. He wrote literally thousands upon thousands of pages that were merely backdrop to his story. References to ages past and heroes long dead that only get a couple of sentences in the actual Lord of the Rings series, but he took the time to write out the stories of those heroes and their deeds. I like Game of Thrones, and think it's a fantastic piece of work, but I don't think it surpasses what Tolkien managed to achieve.

Comment: Re:What exactly do you mean by "Fraud"? (Score 1) 786

by pastafazou (#48793691) Attached to: Michael Mann: Swiftboating Comes To Science
I didn't claim that earth radiates IR from anywhere, I claimed that the water vapor as a feedback is false. You are incorrect. But let's pursue your claim further, shall we? You claim Earth radiates IR from the top of the atmosphere. If that were the case, why are we concerned about CO2 then? The CO2 warming theory states that CO2 absorbs upward IR radiation, and re-emits it in all directions, including back down. This is why it causes an increase of temperature. So how is it possible that CO2 can absorb IR radiation from a point below the top of the atmosphere, and how is it possible that it can emit IR radiation below the top of the atmosphere, if our atmosphere only radiates IR from the top (according to you)?

Science is to computer science as hydrodynamics is to plumbing.