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Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

Actually, the inverse is true. People who consume diet drinks regularly actually gain weight. This is likely caused by the mistaken belief that drinking diet beverages actually contributes something to weight loss, although this is mere speculation. Regardless, scientists studying the issue have located a massive treasure trove of data at the in-store Walmart McDonalds, where some of the largest people on earth consume large quantities of food and diet cola.

Comment Re:But dude, there was a snowball (Score 1) 639

If it doesn't matter if you adjust one up or the other down, why did they choose to adjust the more accurate data up instead of the suspect data down? What happens to the trend if we in fact adjust the ship data down to match the buoy data? I'm guessing the trend DOES change, since this particular adjustment changed the trend from a 15+ year pause that very few disputed and spent countless hours trying to explain and solve into a "hey, look, the pause is gone" moment.

Comment Re:But dude, there was a snowball (Score 1) 639

I don't understand why the more accurate buoy data needs to be adjusted. Shouldn't the discrepancy reveal a problem with the ship data, resulting in that entire set getting adjusted downward instead? If I have a map and a roadsign and an atlas that all say the distance between two landmarks is 14km, but using a GPS system reveals the distance is actually 13.5km, do I adjust the GPS data upwards to get it closer to the older data, or do I assume the older data wasn't as precise or had some errors?

Comment Re:Not very confidence-inspiring (Score 2) 639

  • 1. claiming scientists are failing to correct the data for urban island effect means you're a troll?
  • 2. incompetence is exclusive to one side?
  • 3. do you have a list of those being funded to instill anti-science propaganda? Proof of the funding? Or is this an unfounded accusation based on an assumption?
  • 4. why is it okay to accuse one side of being bought with money, but not the other? US Climate Science research spending is in the Billions of dollars.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 225

I don't know or care much about this story at all, but please don't trivialize selling drugs as something minor. There are literally tens of thousands of people being killed because of drugs and drug wars. That's not even mentioning the many lives ruined by drug addictions. So while this guy may not have been directly guilty of killing and raping, he is supporting, helping, and profiting from an industry that is directly murdering, raping, and torturing innocent people on a regular basis. He did this knowing full well that it was illegal and there were steep consequences. So if he got what the law says is the punishment for the crimes he committed, tough luck guy.

Comment Re:Exodus (Score 1) 692

Hold on there mister, the Laschamp event only lasted less than 500 years, and occurred in the middle of an ice age, over 41,000 years ago. I don't know about you, but I see a whole lot of unknowns that make it very difficult to conclude that "the climate didn't change".
How much of the surface of the earth was already covered with ice/snow -unknown
How much of an increase in annual cloud cover over non-ice/snow regions did the planet experience during this event -unknown
How accurate are the ice cores in capturing relatively short events measuring hundreds, not thousands of years -unknown
How much variation was there during this event in terms of the strength of the field -unknown I would prefer to not draw any conclusions from what little data we have of this event. We have the technology to measure GCR's, and we have the technology to measure cloud cover. Let's verify the theory of GCR's and cloud formation, let's quantify it, and then let's see if we can accurately predict cloud cover and irradiance fluctuations based on this data.

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