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Comment Re:Summary Confusion (Score 5, Informative) 28

It's a poorly written summary. The deal is, the filmmaker gained access to the hackers by talking to a bunch of hollywood actresses. One of them agreed to give him access to her account, and he then photoshopped her face onto some naked pics and uploaded them to her account. He then contacted the hacker group, claiming to have hacked her account, and they let him in.

Comment Re:It's about fraud (Score 0) 494

Horseshit. Find me a single customer who cared about the emissions output. People buy diesel cars for the durability and the fuel economy, and VW delivered on those. The only people they defrauded was the EPA. How did this cost customers money? How did it cost taxpayers money? The only people this really affected were the shareholders.

Comment Re:The Nazis Could Have Won (Score 1) 295

Well first, Germany wasn't fighting on two fronts, they had captured all of Western Europe except for England. Second, Germany didn't invade during the winter. The plan was to crush the Russian armies decisively during the spring and summer and be done before winter. Germany was supplying it's war effort by getting the resources it needed from Russia in exchange for manufactured equipment. As the war progressed, Germany began to fall behind on their end of the deal, and Russia began to threaten Germany with cutting off their supply of resources. This was one of the big reasons for Hitler's decision to attack Russia as early as possible. However, the Italians were making a mess of things in southern Europe, and Germany was forced to divert their forces to clean up the mess Italy made. This resulted in the German offensive against Russia starting 6 weeks later than originally planned by the German High Command. The end result was the German army beginning to encircle Moscow just as the first blizzards of the Russian winter set in at the start of December. Had they started the offensive in May as originally planned, it's quite possible that the German army would have captured Moscow and the additional 500,000 new Russian troops being trained there. If that had happened, the Russians wouldn't have had any troops left on the western front with which to start a counterattack.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 1) 663

Actually, the inverse is true. People who consume diet drinks regularly actually gain weight. This is likely caused by the mistaken belief that drinking diet beverages actually contributes something to weight loss, although this is mere speculation. Regardless, scientists studying the issue have located a massive treasure trove of data at the in-store Walmart McDonalds, where some of the largest people on earth consume large quantities of food and diet cola.

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