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Comment Re:Tiny sample size, evolving measurement methodol (Score 1) 369

It doesn't matter about the small sample size in terms of man's history, that is irrelevant. What does matter, however, is the accuracy of the measurements. There are large concentrations of temperature stations in populated areas, and very sparse recording stations in the inhospitable regions of the world. For example, there are 46 stations responsible for all of Antarctica. That's one station for every 304,000 square km. The same situation can be found in the Arctic, the Himalaya's, the Sahara, the Gobi desert, the Amazon...and yet their global temperature is supposed to be accurate to ±0.05C. The satellite record and the GISS surface temperature record disagree by more than a half degree, and yet we're supposed to believe that GISS is accurate to five one-hundredths of a degree!

Comment Re:Settled Science (Score 1) 369

...because it's not about finding a simple solution any more. Once you get the politicians involved (big thanks to Al Gore), it turns in to "how can we use this potential threat to our advantage". It's now progressed from a simple solution (build more nuclear and hydro) to a multi-trillion dollar industry of conferences, research grants, earmarks, kickbacks, subsidies, and taxes. This nonsense battle has been going strong for more than a decade. We could've just built a dozen reactors and shut down a hundred coal fired generation plants. But that doesn't get the politicians the long term revenue streams they want for their reelection campaigns.

Comment Re:NASA ignoring satellite measurements... (Score 1) 369

Just a quick question about this...if the satellite record shows .57 degC, and the GISS record shows a full degree, what does this mean, exactly? The discrepancy between the two values is greater than the error margins of the two sets. So how are we supposed to trust that the information is accurate, when we get contradicting values that go beyond the supposed error margins?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 166

You've hit the nail on the head. Kids and iPods aren't ever factored in to the 'smartphone market share' numbers, but my guess is 50%+ of the iOS sales are actually kids on iPods. I'm basing this guess on the behaviors of my 5 kids, 3 of which have iPods and regularly spend money on them, and the two oldest have Android phones and have never spent a penny on purchases.

Comment Re:Summary Confusion (Score 5, Informative) 28

It's a poorly written summary. The deal is, the filmmaker gained access to the hackers by talking to a bunch of hollywood actresses. One of them agreed to give him access to her account, and he then photoshopped her face onto some naked pics and uploaded them to her account. He then contacted the hacker group, claiming to have hacked her account, and they let him in.

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