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Comment: Re:Talking Point (Score 2, Insightful) 427

by pastafazou (#47864651) Attached to: UN Study Shows Record-High Increases For Atmospheric CO2 In 2013
That's not moving goalposts. If you ask for the data, you expect you'll get the original recordings, not a bunch of values that have been adjusted arbitrarily at someone's whim without an explanation of those adjustments and a means of extracting the original values.

Comment: Re:Crichton is an idiot. (Score 1) 770

by pastafazou (#47861177) Attached to: How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation
Really? So a scientist postulates a new theory, devises an experiment to test the theory, performs the experiment, and notes the results match the theory. He did this all on his own, without any help. His experiment is repeatable, and it's verifiable. But he hasn't shared the results with anyone yet, so there is no consensus. So what you're claiming is this scenario is impossible?

Comment: Re:Fracking takes water out of action (Score 0) 191

by pastafazou (#47861139) Attached to: US Rust Belt Manufacturing Rebounds Via Fracking Boom
newsflash: fresh water is an infinitely renewable resource. The problem isn't a lack of fresh water, the problem is surplus population in regions prone to natural drought cycles. With proper water reserve infrastructure, development, and management, these regions could easily eliminate water shortages.

Comment: Re:Excellent Question (Score 1, Interesting) 191

by pastafazou (#47861043) Attached to: US Rust Belt Manufacturing Rebounds Via Fracking Boom
It's been happening for 60 years now, and there have been zero deaths, and zero environmental disasters. Safer than nuclear, safer than coal, safer than wind turbines. Just because you used an expletive for emphasis in your closing sentence, doesn't mean you're right.

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