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by parallel_prankster (#47777605) Attached to: The American Workday, By Profession
This COULD be a bad thing. A good economy is one that maximizes productivity while helping workers find a work-life balance. If this trend continues, soon we are going to see an increase in the number of people with illnesses related to stress/fatigue etc. Besides, it could also be due to the fact that american workers have lesser bargaining power than workers in other nations. Again, I am not saying all of this is all good or bad. There are obvious benefits with our capitalist economy as well. Just that we need a good balance between approaches and currently, we are little outside of average, that's all. Whether that average is the right balance point, no one knows.

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This is what I understood. They first split the beams into upper and lower paths and filtered out the neutrons from the lower path using their spin state . They double checked this by using limiting/filtering neutrons on one of the paths each time and measuring the number of neutrons after re-combining and filtering out the lower path. This way they made sure that the neutrons coming out after re-combining and filtering must have taken the upper path. Then they applied magnetic field on both paths. But it seems like the neutrons which supposedly could only have come from the upper path had been affected by magnetic field from the lower path. This implies as if their "positions/mass" took one path while their spin took another?

+ - India building Highest Railway Bridge in the World-> 1

Submitted by McGruber
McGruber (1417641) writes "Up in the Mimalayas, Indian engineers have restarted work on the world's highest railway bridge. When completed in 2016, the arch-shaped steel structure will be 359 metres (1,177 feet) high — 35 metres (115 feet) taller than the Eiffel Tower!

The bridge is part of the Jammu Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Railway Link
(, a railway line being built to connect the state of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the country. When completed, the route will shorten the travel time from Baramulla to Jammu to six-and-a-half hours, almost half the time it currently takes."

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I fail to understand how this is a violation of copyright if really what Aereo is doing is capture OTA signals and recording them for their users. I mean anyone can do that for their own personal use anyway! The signals are free right? Its not like they were unscrambling and distributing TWC or Comcast signals.

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I did not RTFA in depth but I am surprised that they did not have a mechanism to fix it remotely via updates of something. In these kinda devices you have to always assume there will be a failure and there should be a backup mechanism to be able to do quick updates. Think/develop it like the Curiosity the moon rover. There is no possibility of re-call and fix must be made really quick.

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I am surprised no one has said this so far. The earliest link for this is from 2007 - This product seem to be here - It will become obviously illegal in many countries for companies to force your employees to wear this so I dont think what the above CNN article mentions is what this product will be advertised for at all. It is not a bad idea, I just think the scope of privacy abuse is huge. So, I think, one way this product could be used is by making it optional for people and making them aware of all the things it is recording. I mean, either have a turn off button or a way for you to leave it at your desk. I can see that this is a good way to measure which organizations within a company talk to which ones. It wont help in tele-conferences etc, it can add to that data though.

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I have a similar issue with not being able to sleep and not being able to focus on the task at hand thus taking much longer to finish things and for me it boiled down to the following 1) Get your body clock in order. Sleep and eat at fixed times as much as possible. Also, rest plentifully throughout the day 2) Eat the correct kind of food like fruits etc. Eating fast food for me has caused havoc on my stomach thus leading to sleep issues. Also, I reduced my sugar/candy/soda intake a lot. 3) Exercise. This is right up there with eat and sleep. 4) I realized that I was not finishing tasks because on some level I was not really interested in doing them. This you need to just do some thinking on what your goals are and are you really interested in doing what you are doing etc. 5) I also realized that I wasn't doing fun things enough that I would then be able to do my mundane work items. So on a daily or maybe at least weekly basis, participate in a fun/hobby activity. It is very refreshing. I am planning to buy a PS4 or XBOX for this soon. 6) I find that blocking out external noises and stimuli while working helps me focus on things. This along with making a log of what I am doing (learning Emacs org mode for this) helps me remember things much better. I bought noise cancelling headphones and turn off most notifications that are not important to me during the day as much as possible. 7) Most importantly, I realized focus/concentration is not something you build in a day or week. It takes a lot of time. It is literally like developing a muscle. You need to feed it right and work hard on it to sharpen it. Remember, you need a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. There is a lot of interest recently in mindfulness you can take a look at that. Hope this helps.

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