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Comment Old school Slackware (Score 1) 136

The easy way to install '90s Slackware!

Step 1: Download Slackware packages to spare (old) hard drive.
Step 2: Copy tagfile to .[YourInitials] , Edit tagfile so that everything is either ADD or SKP.
Repeat Step 2 for each disk set.
Step 3: Turn off computer, remove spare HD, plug into new computer (alongside new HD), insert boot floppy, turn on new computer, swap to root disk when prompted.
Step 4: Run setup. When asked from where, select old HD. When asked for how, select your tagfile extension. Start.
Step 5: Go out and do something else.

Comment Re:Not even wrong (Score 1) 118

It's similar to the stock market scam, where you create a dozen funds, trade them at random, and then cherry-pick the one that had done a lot better than the market, claim that it's due to your brilliance and then ask for investors (charging a hefty administration fee to each one).

You meant "mutual fund scam".

Comment Re:No surprised in good ole Mass... (Score 1) 155

The government DOES provide it. They do so through legislation that requires hire car businesses to have a certain percentage of vehicles on the roads

Oh, you mean slavery.

So first you whine that the government isn't doing anything, now you whine because it is pointed out they are doing something and doing it in probably the most tax efficient manner.

Are you saying that slavery is the most tax efficient manner to provide government services?

Comment Re:Europe has also had wire transfers (Score 1) 294

Wire transfers are extremely common in Europe; virtually instantaneous, cheap, etc. Customers can do them themselves, person to person.

Here in the US? Anywhere from a day to WEEKS for absolutely no legitimate reason. You generally need a teller or branch manager to do it. At least $5;

If the transfer is from FedWire bank to FedWire bank, it's posted within minutes. This is usually how most Americans close out mortgages (so that the interest owed and paid is *exactly* correct.

$40 if the transaction ends up going through the Fed.

It's 2015. Why does transferring money in the US take more than a minute and a few cents?

Because it's going through the Federal Reserve. And the $40 charge is the maximum change, which assumes sending from a non-FedWire bank to another non-FedWire bank (within the US). Most banks charge $25 (which is almost always more than what the bank pays the Fed).
Remember, these prices have been stable for *years*. So with inflation the cost has been decreasing.

Comment Re:Sunk cost fallacy (Score 1) 485

Technically that is not true. To repay the debts, the Greeks would have to divert something like 20% of government spending towards repayment. So if they cut half the spending from budget then they could be solvent even accounting for the resulting shrinking in the economy and the debt payments.
Technically, the Greeks can repay the debt, it just requires a good chunk of the country to starve to death in the process. And I mean literally because government spending is about half of their economy (a bit more actually).

Comment Re:Um.. the bolt is $30k (Score 1) 688

_after_ gov't subsidies. It's also a tiny little car that does poorly in crashes. Why in hells name would I spend that kind of money? I could buy a Versa or an egg (excuse me, the Yaris) for $10k less and get the same features. There's no way in hell that car is going to save me $10k over the course of it's life. It doesn't help that it's a Chevy...

I never liked the Yaris 3 or 5 door hatchback. The 4 door (manufactured 2007-2012) is awesome. 40 mpg on real gas, less on ethanol mix. It's faster, has better range, and has more capacity than electic cars. And it's alot less expensive.

Comment Re:No more local taxes (Score 1) 188

Getting a little tired of this. As cities grow, yes more money is needed. I understand this. But as cities and states grow, there are more taxpayers increasing overall income from sales tax, property tax, gas tax and wtf ever tax. I'm expected now to get an AMA liscence(understandable with insurance and such), and then get a permit from the city to fly anything rc controlled. Bunch of crap.

Ahh, but Chicago ISN'T growing. (Borrowed this from another poster).
This tax is an indication of a Death Spiral.

Comment Re:This it perhaps the first severe accident. NO!` (Score 1) 342

They used to make cars in Detroit?

I'm not sure but according to the car ads we are now importing them from Detroit, so I guess Detroit joined Canada at some point in time, eh?

If the car is made in Winsor, Canada, then shipped across the river to Detroit, I guess it really is imported.

Comment Re:Security team (Score 1) 517

Ugh. My last company laptop used the same software as the desktops. It would check to see if it was on a local network, then check to see if updates were pending. If there were updates, it (basically) took over my machine. Most updates were pushed out over the weekend. Wouldn't be so bad if I had an assigned desk where I could stay logged in over the weekend (instead of packing up and locking it away). So Mondays were mostly reading (snail) mail and checking and responding to voice mail (I took notes with pencil and paper because ... computer not available).

The REAL fun began when the two anti-virus programs got into a fight. Program 1 runs scan on memory and processes, updates log file. Program 2 sees log file has been changed, scans the file. Program 1 sees that Program 2 is running, scans Program 2, updates log file...

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