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Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 285

USB to Serial adapter

USB to Parallel adapter

So there's certainly no need to have an internal serial or parallel port in your computer, for the very rare applications that need one of these antiquated interfaces.

I would argue that USB has indeed replaced both of these technologies, because all the common peripherals that used to use these (modems, printers, UPSes, fax machines, scanners, external drives, game controllers) have either become obsolete themselves, or have adapted to use USB.

Comment Not what VPNs are for (Score 1) 91

The point of a VPN is not to keep your local IP address secret. The point is to establish a secure connection between your computer, and a remote private network. I would argue that if a VPN kept your local IP address a secret, this would itself be a security vulnerability, from the perspective of the owner of the private network!

Comment Many sources (Score 1) 195

Every power source has some kind of drawback. Wind turbines kill birds. Solar panels occupy acres of otherwise usable green space. Hydroelectric dams interfere with fish and other wildlife. Nuclear energy leaves waste that is hard to safely store. Burning anything pollutes the air. Each, if used exclusively, leads to one type of side effect becoming a major problem. If we can learn to rely on a wide variety of power sources, it will be more possible to manage the extent of the damage caused by any one of them.

Comment Legacy code (Score 1) 193

There is a ton of legacy code out there that was written before people worried about SQL injection. There's so much of it, going back and refactoring it would be as monumental as fixing the two-digit year problems of Y2K. Businesses really don't like to pay money for software development that doesn't lead to more sales, so it's a hard sell for IT departments. Sadly, this means that the problems don't get fixed until after a company loses money due to an actual attack.

Comment 27%? (Score 2) 242

If 27% "characterized work-life balance in the tech industry as a myth"...doesn't it follow that 73% don't think it's a myth?

Maybe it's in Silicon Valley that nobody has a life? I've worked as a software developer in Texas for 25 years, in 6 companies, and I've always had reasonable expectations on my time.

Comment Re:Never been accomplished? (Score 1) 131

These days, all libraries are bound at run-time. That's true for .NET, Android SDK, even Win32. You can write your own version of Shell32.dll, drop it in place, and as long as you implemented all of the entry points, your application would never know what happens on the back end.

Maybe an emulator is "thicker" than a bridge, a little less seamlessly part of the host OS, but it certainly does convert (or implement) the entire UI of the client to the host platform. The emulator has to implement every single API entry point that the client application expects.

Comment The worst...except for all the others (Score 1) 371

Winston Churchill said of democracy, that it is the worst form of government, except for all the others.

I'd say the same about Scrum: It's the worst form of project management, except for all the others.

In my experience, people who don't like Scrum or its variants, generally don't like it because it forces everybody to recognize the truth about the cost of software development. It's an open book, compared to all the others, and that makes life uncomfortable for those who want to hide their overly-optimistic estimates in huge, waterfall-type plans.

Comment Re:Except that it really is them & so much mor (Score 1) 393

I don't know about you, but I believe in HUMAN rights, not merely citizen rights. That person trying to get an H1B visa is a living, breathing human, who wants to make a decent living just like the rest of us who won the lottery by being born in the richest country on earth. The USA used to be all about welcoming everyone who wanted to come...that's what the Statue of Liberty is all about! But somewhere we've lost our way, and started trying to exclude everyone who was born in an unlucky gecode.

Comment Not H1Bs (Score 2) 393

The unemployment rate for STEM jobs is around 2%. Many tech jobs are well into 6 figures. I really don't think H1B visas are causing an actual problem here.

On the other hand, there has never been much of a demand for "liberal arts" majors, but universities keep cranking them out, and parents keep going into debt so their kids can get these degrees.

What's happening is that people are starting to finally realize that a college degree isn't for everyone. We've been sold a bill of goods by the education institutions. They're riding high right now, but the roller coaster is about to come down the hill.

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