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Comment Re:Probably not (Score 1) 70

True, but consider this:

- We are already all caught on video dozens of times per day.
- Your smart phone already listens to everything you say, in case you might say some key word that it needs to react to.
- Newer TVs and other electronic devices are becoming more voice activated.

The trend is definitely in the direction of more surveillance. It's just a matter of time before that includes audio, as well as video.

Comment Old versions of IE (Score 1) 220

There are still lots of people out there running IE 6, 7, and 8, none of which support HTML 5 video. My company's site still sees about 10% if its traffic coming from IE 8 or older. If you are running a site that people actually want to visit, you don't tell your visitors they have to upgrade their browser, you make sure that your site will work on whatever they have. Most people have Flash installed, so it solves an important problem for these sites.

Comment Advertising (Score 1) 158

Once everybody is on 5G, it will make it possible for ALL devices to show us advertising. Your refrigerator, your faucet, your toilet, your chair...they will ALL be conspiring to show you advertisements, all the time. As long as AdBlockPlus gets ported to all these devices, we'll be OK!

Comment Re:Only one issue? (Score 1) 119

Hey, I think you're on to something! Since the law can't possibly get passed, that means Lessig wouldn't actually have to resign, there would be no broken promise if he stayed around for the entire term...making him no different from every other politician out there.

Comment Re:Only one issue? (Score 1) 119

I admire your unrestrained enthusiasm for a particular politician and party. I suspect I've been around a little longer than you, because I've learned that one thing is true about ALL politicians: they lie. At least, whenever their lips are moving. One day you'll learn that even Obama himself is...a politician.

Comment Pay TV != cable (Score 2) 319

People may be cutting the cord, but they are still paying for TV. Now they are just paying Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Sling, instead of Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter. Oh, wait, they still are paying Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter for the Internet service so they can also pay for streaming services. I'm not sure the total bill will be going down much.

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