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Comment Re: She? (Score 1) 99

Yes, she

She, the brown-skinned, multi-racial, handicapped pansexual wiccan furry who was born with a penis.

I think I went to school with him/her

... and those 2, 3, or 4 years were the best or worst years of your life.

Comment Re:Oh... (Score 1) 129

Canadians can zipper just fine.

USA... biggest problem (besides irrational competition when it doesn't matter) is that the current "war on police" means no more traffic enforcement. Drivers have gone from thoughtful to senseless to hazardous.

Traffic enforcement in the USA means flashing blue and/or red lights. This causes "on-looker delays".

Comment Old school Slackware (Score 1) 136

The easy way to install '90s Slackware!

Step 1: Download Slackware packages to spare (old) hard drive.
Step 2: Copy tagfile to .[YourInitials] , Edit tagfile so that everything is either ADD or SKP.
Repeat Step 2 for each disk set.
Step 3: Turn off computer, remove spare HD, plug into new computer (alongside new HD), insert boot floppy, turn on new computer, swap to root disk when prompted.
Step 4: Run setup. When asked from where, select old HD. When asked for how, select your tagfile extension. Start.
Step 5: Go out and do something else.

Leveraging always beats prototyping.