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Comment Re:The Huffington Post? (Score 1) 265

The bottom line is that we all see center of the road to be right in front of us. So anyone to the right of us is right of center.

Nonsense. I see the middle of the road as a good bit to the right of my personal beliefs in most subjects, but since I actually have a broad exposure to many different ideas I can still see where it is. I can also see the American middle of the road as being a fair amount to the right of the European middle of the road on average, which is still to the right of my personal beliefs.

Just because personal views will bias what you see as "right" in the sense of "good" or "correct" does not mean you are unable to judge what is "right" in the sense of where something is on the political spectrum compared to the average. The former is a matter of bias, the latter is merely a factor of your exposure to different views combined with how intellectually honest you are.

Conservatives see Fox News as truly "Fair and Balanced" and liberals see them as far right wing. It's compounded when Fox is compared to the rest of media. I try to base my comparison by comparing them to the competition. I also look at things like, "how many liberals do I see on Fox News?" "How many conservatives do I see on MSNBC?" Answers: Plenty and Zero, respectively. So, by that alone, Fox is much more balanced than MSNBC. (Many liberals actually work at Fox as returning talking heads and true, full time employees)

Only idiots even think "Fair and Balanced" is worth anything in a news organization. If one person says "2+2=5" and the other says "2+2=4" then being "Fair and Balanced" in representing their views is being dishonest by implying the two views are equivalent. The "liberals" who work at Fox news are generally incompetents or sidekicks who serve as straw men for the rest of the Fox staff to gleefully knock down or present for the derision of their audience. You'll never see anyone who has the respect of liberals working there.

Take your work seriously but never take yourself seriously; and do not take what happens either to yourself or your work seriously. -- Booth Tarkington