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Comment Common practice (Score 0) 206

This does not make much sense at all. It is common practice to improve the look of images both for press and web and while not actually causing any kind of misrepresentation the image is still altered from the original. An underexposed image can very simply be improved by adjusting brightness and contrast levels. Images with improper color balance due to poor lighting or other reasons can easily be corrected using curves and levels. The issue is one of responsibility and knowing how far to go before the image is effectively doctored and pushing some sort of agenda. jpegs can be altered just as easily as RAW, tif, png, psd etc.

Comment Re:Red Mercury = Wildly Batshit Insane (Score 0) 330

There is good reason to believe that Hitler was gay, even if not consummated. And if not that necessarily that, not entirely heterosexual either. Eva Braun usually considered a prop. His great hero was Frederick the Great who was definitely gay, so...well, just saying. Apart from that, I agree, anything and everything however ludicrous is used to try to discredit the enemy or perceived enemy both domestic and foreign.

Comment Re:That's special... (Score 0) 163

Ha, ha. Yes, I'm a dumb ass sometimes, my only excuse being that having only very recently upgraded to Yosemite at home and at work, there have been so many other issues to deal with (i.e. just making things bloody well work) that this was one detail that I have put off figuring out. Thanks for saving me the time!

Comment Re:That's special... (Score 0) 163

Problem with the constant updates and the way Apple is now almost forcing the updates on users is that as in my case just when I have fixed the problems that previous updates to Yosemite caused to some of the software I use (i.e. made the applications completely stop working), they are now more or less forcing El Capitan on me. If and when I do upgrade, it will be a few versions in as earlier versions have caused numerous problem for many people in Mavericks and Yosemite). There must be a way to turn off software update (I am willing to take my chances) as there used to be, but Apple have made it hard to find that option. There are constant update nags that appear in a distracting way at the top right of the monitor. Very annoying...

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