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Comment: Re:Nice to know... (Score 1) 112

by oldmac31310 (#49545005) Attached to: Comcast Officially Gives Up On TWC Merger
I doubt very much this had anything to do with Comcast's customer service reputation. The government doesn't give a shit about that stuff. I, perhaps niavely hope, that this decision was actually an intelligent, reasoned one, but really, I wait to hear the details of the machinations that went on behind it all. Someone somewhere made some money from this.

Comment: Is it just me or... (Score 1) 111

Watches? The last thing I want is a thing on my wrist. As soon as I got a cell phone - what? 13 years ago - watchless. Stupid unnecessary things. Rings, tattoos, ear rings - fuck all of that stupid shit. Cue boring fuckwads with stories of their grandfathers watches handed down, blah, blah...pathetic.

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