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Comment: Re:His Dark Materials--first book only (Score 1) 404

by oldmac31310 (#48004737) Attached to: It's Banned Books Week; I recommend ...
I disagree. I like the Subtle Knife a lot. Sure, a lot of the concepts are a bit fuzzy and inchoate and it doesn't end terribly well, but for writing style, overall concept, characters etc. I think there is not much that compares to these books.

I'm on my third reading. First time reading aloud to my older son, then aged five - he loved it. Second time just for myself. Enjoyable, but more fun to read it aloud. This time, reading to my younger son aged 6. He is loving it too.

I have been able to explain a lot of wacko real life religious beliefs while reading about the wacko fictional religious beliefs in the books. Bonus!

And seriously (not directed at you) if religious people feel threatened by books such as these, then their religion is not worth their wasted effort believing in it.

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It is not wrapped in a 'candy coating' and that is one of the really good things about it. It is gritty and thought provoking. Have you read it? Or are you speaking like so many of your religious ilk from the propaganda of your church? Can you think for yourself? I think not from reading your comments. they do not belong here, in my opinion. I suppose the Life of Brian is a blasphemous film? I need to get out of this thread as you are making this atheist into an antitheist which I generally try not to be.

Comment: Look at Me, Me, Me!!! (Score 1) 358

This is just Bono/U2 desperately trying to be relevant and in the news in a currently hugely diffracted information era. There is nothing like Live Aid where pretty much the whole world was watching and the douchebag got to pontificate to a huge audience and have his ego pumped up. This is 80s 90s posturing and attention seeking and really we should ignore him and hope he goes away. I have been hoping for that for a good 30 years. Really, isn't it time they retired?

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