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Comment: Re:Subway...? (Score 1) 68 68

Mostly because so many stations are close to the surface, in my experience. Much of NY subway is cut and cover and not far below surface level. More accident than design for the wifi, I think. NYC does not do 'nice things' for its residents. Every little bit has to be fought for, tooth and nail.

Comment: How valuable is this to Google? (Score 1) 68 68

I have fuck all money and so buy very little of anything apart from food. Will my local supermarket be Googlified in some way? Will I find myself suddenly drawn to a different aisle? I take the subway back and forth to and from the same stops. Will Google influence how I do this? The current free wi-fi is to be ignored at best. Fuck this shit.

Comment: Re: Wow brilliant move (Score 1) 113 113

I have a suggestion: please post your trolling nonsense as just another troll and stop reminding everyone that you are Greek. All you are doing is bringing both trolls and Greeks into disrepute which I hope you will agree is a disservice to everyone. Now, I should have more sense than to feed you, you Greek troll. Disclaimer: I have no bias against either trolls or Greeks. I do have a bias against assholes.

"Any excuse will serve a tyrant." -- Aesop