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Comment: Re:python white space (Score 1) 403

by strikethree (#49749313) Attached to: The Reason For Java's Staying Power: It's Easy To Read

Like most people I thought pythons enforced white space and avoidance of braces and elimination of semicolons was constricting. Then I realized how easy it was to read other people programs.

Ever looked at the source for Anaconda, Redhat's installing program? Go ahead, take a moment...

Yeah... about Python being easy to read...

Comment: Re:There are quite a few haters on this thread but (Score 1) 214

Protecting people from evil cults (even if they got the specifics of meme transmission a bit off by choosing "X-Files" and similar) is definitely something I would like my government to do.

I do not want my government involved in such things. I want my government involved in infrastructure and physical harm mediation. Protecting me is not on my list of things a government should do.

Yes, there is some protection afforded by the fact that the government will mediate physical harm issues, but the subtle point is that it is not done for protection but to mediate after the harm has already been done. You can not actually prevent ANYTHING.

Comment: Re:Or they're just proxying their connections (Score 1) 219

People aren't really ripping Star Wars to protest against long copyright periods. They're ripping Age of Ultron so they can watch it for free.

I am not so sure of that claim. Sure, some people are downloading it so they can watch it for free...

I am considering downloading it myself currently. I could watch a censored version in the theater. I could wait 6 months or however long for a dvd (I do not do bluray) to come out.

I downloaded the first Avengers movie for the same reason. I eventually bought the dvd and ripped that and deleted the version I had downloaded... but only because the version I had downloaded was inferior to rip I had made.

I also downloaded Star Wars. The REAL version where Han shot first and there was no CGI Jabba. I think you can guess why.

People aren't downloading cracked versions of Donkey Kong. They're downloading cracked versions of the latest Assassin's Creed.

Actually, I did download Donkey Kong last month. I wanted to try out MAME again and lost all of my old ROMs. Assassins Creed is crap, but to stay true to your argument, I did download Skyrim and Civilization 5.

DRM pisses me off and I never buy anything prepackaged anymore. I found Skyrim and Civ 5 on Steam and decided the DRM that Steam provides is a worthwhile trade for the convenience of being able to download it anywhere and anytime and play it on any computer. I plain bought GTA V through Steam without even downloading a cracked copy first... but only because the GTA series always has an interesting world to discover even if gameplay can be flat at times.

In short, downloading games is a try before you buy proposition for many people. If you like a game and never buy it, you will not continue to see good games being made.

These things would have been illegal under even the earliest and shortest periods of copyright protection. These are titles that took hundreds of people and millions of dollars of investment to make, and the law effectively requiring people to contribute in return for their copy does promote the useful arts by making such projects financially viable.

Fuck them. They lobbied for and got copyright extensions that are so beyond reasonable that those laws actually violate the entire purpose of copyright. I do not care what is right in relationship to copyright anymore. It is pure fucking war. I try to play fair but get fucked every god damned time. Fuck them. They already said fuck me.

Comment: Re:you mean the Resistance (Score 1) 263

by strikethree (#49725799) Attached to: Book Review: The Terrorists of Iraq

Resisting invasion and occupation of one's country does not make one a terrorist except to the invaders.

Indeed; however, that is not entirely the case in Iraq. There were numerous groups in Iraq. All said they were doing the suicide bombing of civilians to resist America. Note how the suicide bombings of civilians never stopped once America had left.

In other words, it was terrorism with a goal of NOT resisting the evil invaders but rather to take control of the region once America had left.

Concerning IEDs and such that were killing American soldiers, I would agree with you and not call it terrorism; however, America was going to leave eventually, so in theory, it could have been called terrorism with the goal of changing American policies while America was still present... God what a clusterfuck. :(

Comment: For the Needs and Pleasure of the Wealthy (Score 5, Interesting) 248

Its hard not to be cynical when this is how the wealthy use their influence in a society that actively caters to them. I'm glad Slashdot keeps reporting on these issues, and I hope we will support and punish as appropriate candidates who oppose H1B. I hope we will have our own movement and do our own work in as many different social avenues as we can to defeat attempts to make things harder for us for the sole reason of lining the pockets of the wealthy more than they already are.

Comment: Re:Sociopath (Score 1) 170

Oh great internet warrior who doesn't know how to reply directly to a comment: Well done! Yes I and the AC are the same person! Your brilliance tricked me into replying to a comment thread and thus revealing my identity! Your valid arguments have further convinced me everything I have said simply must be mistaken. Retire your keyboard oh great one you can do no better than this glorious victory.

Comment: Re:Sociopath (Score 1) 170

Domestic violence is under reported in general, but indeed it is more so for men. I didn't mean to imply they are not also victims of abuse. Simply that your statement that men who engage in an aggressive sport are less likely to commit domestic violence. That is bullshit. All you are offering is anecdotal evidence

You're putting words in my mouth, I did not say men are pigs. I also didn't say you said it is nonexistent. You did however HEAVILY imply it is rare BECAUSE of how aggressive ice hockey is. Which is silliness.

Comment: Re:The customers will protest loud (Score 2) 198

Some developers do get all their money from ads, (and some school districts do as well) but thankfully they are far from the majority. Ads are awful, but in criticizing them we will win more allies if we also think of ways to support the people attempting to make a living in the work they do. Journalism, art, etc are important things for a society to have. Taking a confrontational attitude towards those people is counter productive.

Comment: Re:The customers will protest loud (Score 1) 198

This line of logic is awful. I love free content as much as the next guy, but would you say that fire fighters, teachers, or software developers ought to forgo salaries entirely? I mean, according to your logic they would produce better work if they did it for free.

Comment: Re:Controversial because? (Score 1) 284

by strikethree (#49701029) Attached to: Bill Gates Still Trying To Buy Some Common Core Testing Love

Pro-tip: Use a modern browser and look for the little red squiggles under words. That means they are misspelled.

Pro-tip: Not all squiggles indicate misspelled words.

If you are bored someday, go back through my comments and you will see me constantly wondering why a word I am spelling has squiggles under it when it is in the dictionary.

I am unsure if browser makers merely have incomplete spell-checking or if they are trying to control language.

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