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Comment: Re:He got what he deserved. (Score 1) 317

What if the cops just took him at his word and left? They'd be held liable if he really did intend to knock himself off.

WTF are you smoking? Held liable? Women were raped and murdered while on the phone with 911 and a police unit never even showed up. The judge said that the police do NOT have a responsibility to protect and serve. Police shoot people dead all the time and even in some of the grossest of negligence cases, the police walk free.

Held liable. Over a neglected suicide? Meh. When unicorns start farting iridescent rainbows on my front lawn while the fairies frolic about with the wood nymphs.

Comment: Re:Define "Threatened" and "Unwelcome" (Score 1) 764

It isn't helped by people like you minimizing the problem and making it seem frivolous. This particular example just seems silly - the article doesn't reference where the jokes went "too far" so I can't speak to that. But spouting bullshit like "reverse privilege" and shouting down women who complain is problematic. Women who complain about *anything* - but especially tech - online are subjected to threats and harassment that men are far far far FAR less likely to encounter. As always the story isn't about some women (and only some - look at the tweets there are plenty of women who find it funny) who object to dick jokes. It is about the way those women are treated as a result of sharing their opinion.

Pi Day Extraordinaire 107

Posted by samzenpus
from the pecan-apple-or-cherry? dept.
First time accepted submitter DrTJ writes Today is Pi day. This year is a bit more extraordinary as it is 3/14/15 (in American date format). To celebrate, USA Today has posted a number of videos of kids reciting Pi, one of them to 8,784 digits. The Washington Post highlights the story of a couple who decided to make it their special day. "Donahue, 33, a Legal Aid attorney, fell for Karmel’s geeky side as soon as they met. On a beach vacation with her friends in 2012, a psychic told her, 'You are about to meet your soulmate.' Three days later, she walked into Kostume Karaoke night at Solly’s Tavern along the U Street corridor and saw a man onstage croaking out the Backstreet Boys’s 'I Want It That Way.' By the end of the night, he would be serenading her with Cake’s 'The Distance' — the song the DJ will play when they cut the pie."

Comment: Re:False premise... (Score 1) 367

by ohnocitizen (#49214663) Attached to: Yik Yak Raises Controversy On College Campuses
It gives a clear example, that is being ignored thus far. Threats of rape at a women's center. If you've been raped, are going to a woman's center for support, and see messages calling for a gang rape + know it is coming from within a 1.5 mile radius, that is pretty damn scary. The problem with threats is you have little idea which ones are misguided expulsions of internet hate, and which are early warning signs from someone who might actually carry through and commit a related act of violence.

Not saying censorship is the answer, but we sure as hell should not pretend this isn't an issue.

Comment: Re:What is systemd exactly? (Score 1) 765

by strikethree (#49203511) Attached to: Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday

You nailed it on a lot of points.

2) It potentially creates a layer between kernel and the rest of the system that becomes entrenched and irreplaceable.

You would think this reason alone should be enough to push people far away form SystemD. To me, that is probably the largest reason to avoid it, but certainly not the only valid reason.

I wish your point could be echoed loud and clear and that the concern could be addressed. I do not see how it can be addressed though.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 1) 533

I am not saying you are wrong but you are not right.

Da'esh got their initial serious funding from Kuwaiti and Saudi citizens who had family wronged by Iraqis during the US-led invasion of Iraq. Da'esh went into Iraq in small teams and started killing ex-military personnel, judges, etc. They made a video of these executions and other activities (which I can not say more about) and distributed the video to the "proper" personnel to prove what they had done. Those personnel then provided much larger funding and MUCH better equipment.

In short, Obama's actions may have created some of the "environment" but it was Bush, Kuwaitis, and Saudis who really created Da'esh, aka ISIS/ISIL.

Comment: Re:Talk versus Action (Score 3, Insightful) 187

by ohnocitizen (#49144605) Attached to: Facebook Puts Users On Suicide Watch
This is dangerously false, and should not be modded insightful. All it takes is a quick google to find examples ( of people who committed suicides who first posted to Facebook.

People talking about it on Facebook just seek attention and don't have the courage or conviction to actually do it, nor do they actually want to do it.

That is harmful bullshit for many reasons. One being that committing suicide is not about courage or conviction!!! Honestly who talks about suicide that way other than an internet troll? Because that is how you push someone over the edge.

Comment: Re:hackers oligarchs & thugs (Score 1) 270

by strikethree (#49134933) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

Eh? The results are clear and effective. General Petraeus and Mr. Spitzer found out the hard way.

I would be surprised if these capabilities were not abused to blackmail or otherwise coerce leaders of industry and members of congress.

Someone has a LOT of power at their fingertips now because of these "programs". People are getting hurt already.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?