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Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 1) 632

Except it isn't because two long term, well respected contributors have left not because of code, quality or merit but because of the toxic mailing list.

Except Linux got to where it is with Linus being the way he is. Perhaps a kernel is no place for non-toxicity?

It does not matter. We shall soon see what the best way is. Perhaps the two who left can collaborate and have a nice politically correct team who are not overly harsh on everyone and succeed at writing a technically correct kernel that everyone can trust.

Comment Re: Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 1) 632

Some people find it easy to be offended by certain language patterns. Some people just don't care about certain language patterns.

For myself, I would rather the communication be direct and unambiguous. If that means using slang and colloquialisms, then so be it.

In this specific instance, I am not particularly bothered by penises nor the thought of someone sucking them; however, the message is crystal clear: The code in question does not belong in the kernel as the ONLY entity it would satisfy is Microsoft. Furthermore, it is annoying that anyone would even bring this topic up so just drop it. Now.

He said it in fewer words and more clearly. *shrug* Either way, I am not particularly offended. Are you?

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 632

I am surprised that you did not provide any links to back your assertions. How can anyone take you seriously if you do not provide examples?

It should be noted that all of the examples that I have seen (the most public ones) have not bothered me in the least.

Maybe the kernel dev environment is not for you... without links, we will never know.

Comment Re:How do they define GM? (Score 1) 324

The fear is not that the GMO crop will kill a person. The fear is that the genes will begin spreading and affecting non-GMO crops.

Why would that be a problem? Because nobody knows how the new genes will interact with different strains. The GMO corn may be perfectly healthy with the strain of corn it was spliced in to but it may not be healthy with another strain of corn. Or it may introduce weaknesses into other strains of corn and all corn crops except the GMO one might get wiped out.

In summary, there are lots of unknowns about GMO crops and being wary of artificially modified organisms appears to be wise; especially when it is a corporation pushing it.

Comment Changing policy (Score 1) 341

On the whole I appreciate when my bank does this. However I've been in another country, cards working fine, only to find out a transaction before I left was deemed suspicious. Cut to a few days later and they decided to stop both of my cards. I'm now in another country with no working access to my funds. At the very least they should have contacted me when the "suspicious" transaction took place, so I could confirm it.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy (Score 1) 258

Obama has increased the violations of privacy started under Bush; he is worse

The implication of that statement is that he has no real control over the situation. He is a different person from a different political party. Things should be different, not necessarily better or worse, but definitely not the same. It is like a new president was never even elected.

Comment Re:A discussion of constitutional limits of power? (Score 2, Insightful) 258

Sigh. Is this about Obamacare? ( If it is that big of a headache, let's make healthcare universal and remove every aspect of "commerce" from it's implementation in the US. Let's be like the rest of the civilized world.

Comment Re: Find a new way to make money (Score 1) 351

Content and source are both good measures. If it is coming from an outside source, there is a security risk and a performance cost. Both of those are good reasons to block ads. If an ad is too distracting (motion, sound, disturbing imagery), that's another reason to block. Disruptive ads (modals, redirects, late loading ad content that changes the layout of a page, etc) are even worse. Even if all of that is ok bandwidth - largely on mobile - is also an issue. Want ads to be welcomed? Join us in the fight against telecoms that impose data caps.

If it is costing us money to see your ad, we don't want to see your ad no matter how relevant or respectful it is.

Comment Re: Police? (Score 4, Insightful) 370

Reasons a Phone Book is different from being doxxed:
  1. More than just your name, phone number and address might be shared.
  2. It is linking offline and online, not just posting your info in isolation. Imagine if a phone book contained every single one of your online identities and logons.
  3. Phone books don't link to material that could threaten your personal relationships or career.
  4. Doxxing is used as a tool to intimidate and attack people. It is a form of retaliation, not a public service.
  5. Often(though not always) a single person is singled out.

As others are pointing out, this is a poor argument and should not be modded up.

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