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Comment Re:Sounds like a pretty good argument... (Score 2) 131

Society should have a right to say "You need to respect separation of church and state. You can't short change your kids out of a real education". Fuck yes. Should Kansas be allowed to teach creationism as if it were science? Fuck no. Of course you'd oversimplify as an anonymous coward.

Comment Re:Sounds like a pretty good argument... (Score 2, Informative) 131

I wish this wasn't modded up. It's taking a shallow cut on a finger and arguing we should throw out the whole human.

Federal standards for education are a good thing and should be STRENGTHENED because:
  1. We can ensure everyone has access to a quality education. Some states really give poor/minority students a shit deal, and in the south have a history of doing this on purpose.
  2. We can ensure science is SCIENCE, not a Christian religion class.
  3. We could bring back a REAL civics class and ensure it is available to all of our children, empowering a new generation to be more politically active and effective.

Often when you see someone arguing against federal education, there's either paranoia at play, or an ulterior motive like "defunding federal government" or "states rights" (and all the historical baggage that claim goes with).

Slashdot we are better than this. Let's be skeptical.

This is not to say federal (or state) education standards can't be abused. The above article is an example of that (and we should fight against it). But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let's decide what great education looks like, and fight to make sure EVERY child in this country has access. Let's not settle for letting a regressive state like Kansas hurt their kids with a bad education AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

Comment It's Work Environment, Not Tech (Score 1) 428

I see a lot of comments talking about the tech and lack of vision. That's surely part of it. But that sounds like an awful work environment. If you can work someplace that isn't high stress and respects you as a human being (or is even, FUN), then of course you'd lean that way. Hopefully Apple wakes up and changes their tune.

Comment Look at the Total (Score 1) 230

So this is in some ways a loan with much kinder terms and higher risk for investors. It also seems targeted at lower income higher risk students. So what is the total amount owed? My bet is if this takes flight it will be much higher than a comparable loan.

The line about the lack of consumer protections ought to give everyone pause.

Comment Re:The old talent doesn't understand the new stuff (Score 4, Insightful) 229

Translation: "old talent costs more and this is a believable reason to fire them in favor of people we can pay less". Being a programmer *is* always learning new stuff. Sure there are exceptions (the java/c#/c++/etc guy who refuses to learn another language), but they are exceptions. So a generalized quote like this sets off my bullshit detector.

Comment You Are Always the Product (Score 5, Insightful) 125

When we hear about free services snooping on you, people are quick to say "Free service? You are the product" and "not surprised". Yet we pay our telcos (sometimes ridiculous sums of money), and we are STILL the product. And guess what? The degree to which we allow ANY company or government agency to snoop on us allows the rest to get away with more too. So if we want to take a stand to keep some shreds of privacy intact, we need to take a powerful pro-privacy stance. We need to punish ANY organization that goes too far invading privacy, and establish laws and regulations to give us teeth for when they violate that privacy. And we need to stop reacting to news of privacy violations with dull acceptance. We need to fight back and one of our best tools available is to campaign hard to regulate the industry.

Comment Surprise vs Problem Solving (Score 3, Insightful) 132

I see more responses saying "Not surprised" than suggesting we take steps to address this, or that it is ethically acceptable. Either this is fine, in which case it is good law enforcement can obtain our DNA in this fashion. Or it is a worrying and unethical issue and we need to take concrete action such as contacting representatives and organizing to try and shut this shit down. But the least useful thing to do is say "I saw this coming.". Who. Fucking. Cares.

Comment Re:Why not eat meat? (Score 5, Informative) 317

There's a few reasons, and people might find all or just some of them convincing.

I eat (and enjoy) meat myself, but if there's a way to get that texture and flavor (texture is the most important part, I think) in a healthier and more sustainable way - I'd love to see it happen so long as the final result is actually more efficient to produce and healthier to eat. As you say, many artificial foods have ended up being worse than what they were meant to replace.

Comment Changing policy (Score 1) 345

On the whole I appreciate when my bank does this. However I've been in another country, cards working fine, only to find out a transaction before I left was deemed suspicious. Cut to a few days later and they decided to stop both of my cards. I'm now in another country with no working access to my funds. At the very least they should have contacted me when the "suspicious" transaction took place, so I could confirm it.

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