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Comment Re:A discussion of constitutional limits of power? (Score 2, Insightful) 258

Sigh. Is this about Obamacare? (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/06/28/explaining-the-supreme-court-ruling-on-obamacare.html). If it is that big of a headache, let's make healthcare universal and remove every aspect of "commerce" from it's implementation in the US. Let's be like the rest of the civilized world.

Comment Re: Find a new way to make money (Score 1) 351

Content and source are both good measures. If it is coming from an outside source, there is a security risk and a performance cost. Both of those are good reasons to block ads. If an ad is too distracting (motion, sound, disturbing imagery), that's another reason to block. Disruptive ads (modals, redirects, late loading ad content that changes the layout of a page, etc) are even worse. Even if all of that is ok bandwidth - largely on mobile - is also an issue. Want ads to be welcomed? Join us in the fight against telecoms that impose data caps.

If it is costing us money to see your ad, we don't want to see your ad no matter how relevant or respectful it is.

Comment Re: Police? (Score 4, Insightful) 370

Reasons a Phone Book is different from being doxxed:
  1. More than just your name, phone number and address might be shared.
  2. It is linking offline and online, not just posting your info in isolation. Imagine if a phone book contained every single one of your online identities and logons.
  3. Phone books don't link to material that could threaten your personal relationships or career.
  4. Doxxing is used as a tool to intimidate and attack people. It is a form of retaliation, not a public service.
  5. Often(though not always) a single person is singled out.

As others are pointing out, this is a poor argument and should not be modded up.

Comment This is Important to Discuss (Score 5, Insightful) 68

Ignore all the comments going "this was expected" or "did you expect anything else"? Those add nothing to the discussion and are worthless. This isn't about whether you support Obama across all of his actions and positions. It is about this specific tool, its problems in its current incarnation, and its promise. I'm disappointed the White House has ignored so many petitions, and the lack of data/flexibility in response is something worth exploring. Imagine a more robust and secure version of this tool, and one that the White House responded more vigorously to. Or one that Congress responded to. I'd love to see it. I'd love to see us move closer to Democracy by putting more power in the hands of regular citizens. Let's talk about how to make that happen.

Comment Autoplay and Poor Ads (Score 1) 528

I just ignored ads. Until I went to sites that had ads jiggle to catch my attention (tip via paypal!!!), autoplay videos (even without sound - the movement is annoying when I am trying to read an article), pop ups, pop unders, and of course delayed load ads and modal ad dialogs. SO FRUSTRATING! So I installed an ad blocker (uBlock) that not only doesn't slow down my browsing - it speeds it up! I doubt I can go back to the way it was before seeing how much better the web is without awful ads.

What can publishers do to reverse this trend? Ads that load quickly and aren't obnoxious. That simple. Throw in privacy as well for bonus points.

The one worry I have is that people don't want to pay for news anymore, and that is hurting the industry. We need *old school* investigative journalism that understands you can have a position without having bias - and I don't see a way to fund that.

Comment Re:Is my time free too? (Score 1) 654

Build a dedicated line, from everybodies house to their work

That's a strawman argument. I simply suggested if we could commit to the cost, extending public transit options further into the suburbs is a nice thing to have. Whether this means more buses, or extending a metrorail further out like they have (successfully) in Virginia. It could also mean having more options between cities.

You understand the underlying economics?

No need to condescend. Other countries manage to have more frequent, reliable, and accessible public transit options (rail and bus) than we do, and they seem to make it work. I'm sure our brightest minds could figure out a way to do it. At the very least it is worth a try.

Comment Re:Is my time free too? (Score 4, Insightful) 654

Chiming in from NYC, you're right. It's cost, time, safety, convenience - all of these are factors. More often than not I take the subway. If I lived in suburbia though I'd LOVE to have better public transit as an option. And better public transit between cities would be great. If we had cheaper, more efficient and reliable rails in the US, that would be a game changer. Of course that would cost a lot of taxpayer money, which the US seems loathe to spend (on projects like this).

Comment Customers vs Patients (Score 4, Insightful) 204

Isn't the problem the exact opposite? That we struggle to find cures when treatments are so much more profitable? That medicine is viewed as a profit generator rather than an utterly essential aspect of a modern society? This article reads like it was written by a spokesperson, and turns a blind eye to every disease that once had no cure - but now does.

Comment Hardware Companies & Telecoms Have Too Much Po (Score 3, Interesting) 131

We should be able to get the latest software, and uninstall bloatware without having to root our device and invalidate our warranty. As it stands I have an old version of Android filled with Samsung crapware. Not surprised to learn LG is pulling crap also - just disappointed there aren't real alternatives for when I upgrade to a new phone.

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