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+ - Are we stuck with CYA homeland security?

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netbuzz writes: "Security expert Bruce Schneier suggests this morning that "there might not be a solution" to our post-9/11 penchant for making domestic anti-terrorism decisions based on the basic human desire to cover one's backside. He might be right. But shouldn't we at least try to figure out a better way? For example, wouldn't "Commonsense Homeland Security" be a winning political banner, not a risky one? Aren't we sick and tired of taking our shoes off at the airport? 6"

+ - Google to compete with Microsoft, IBM at the Core

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Linkin99 writes: "Google is unveiling a product today to compete with Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp. in the multibillion-dollar business of providing e-mail, calendar, and other tools on corporate computer desktops.

From the article: "The Web-based product, called Google Apps Premier Edition, also will include word processing and document sharing, instant messaging, and Internet voice capability. Google will offer it to large companies for $50 per employee, host the applications on its own servers, and provide a service guarantee for its customers."

Can Google steal away a large part of the corporate usage market using this pricing scheme? Would you use it if you were a business?"
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Journal: [Z80] Duh

Journal by Alioth

Well, I just Daily WTF'd myself.

In head scratching why a high interrupt rate caused (a) corruption on the LCD and (b) something that looked like stack corruption, I decided to look at the timing diagram for interrupt acknowledge. I had come up with many bizarre (and wrong) theories about the LCD corruption (random characters, things appearing in the wrong place etc). It also all feeds back to my problems with the PIO a while ago.

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