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Comment Re:FS needs to innovate (Score 1) 19

Where are the modern day philanthropists when we need them? There are a ton of AOSP forks and modifications, but all specific to devices. It seems like you're advocating for a Free Hardware movement (including firmware/microcode in that), which is great, but it costs even more money than free software. We need a few 0.1%ers to step up to the your cause.

Comment Re:Describes mediocre and bad engineers well (Score 1) 483

And make sure business has signed off on their own stupidity. That way, when the unlikely happens and your company actually gets attacked by somebody both competent and destructive (a lot rarer than either competent or destructive but not both), you can always point to the document trail.

Sure, in many cases accepting a risk is sensible, but what I have seen in the last few years goes way beyond stupid.

Comment Re:Describes mediocre and bad engineers well (Score 1) 483

You seem to have zero real-world project experience. The type of project requirement you want is basically more expensive to create than doing the project as it needs to be a full detail-spec and you need to do it without knowing exactly what is possible. That is why you never encounter these kinds of project requirements in the real world. In the real world it is always a judgment call, and the quality of that call depends on the skills, insights and experience of the one making that call.

It is project management 101 that your approach leads to certain failure because the project has unattainable goals even before implementation starts. My SW Engineering professor has a nice example of this: Some (probably military, he did not say) control syste, that had spec that would have allowed to measure without a judgment component. Unfortunately, it was about 1.5m of shelf-space of formal specification. Possibly costs a few 10 millions to create and was completely useless.

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