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Comment Re:FS needs to innovate (Score 1) 44

Where are the modern day philanthropists when we need them? There are a ton of AOSP forks and modifications, but all specific to devices. It seems like you're advocating for a Free Hardware movement (including firmware/microcode in that), which is great, but it costs even more money than free software. We need a few 0.1%ers to step up to the your cause.

Comment Re:I miss pgsql (Score 1) 83

Yes, Postgres has more, but the extra features it has don't necessarily add much value for most programs.
MySQL multi-master replication features are immensely valuable

I guess it depends on your programs. It does take effort to maintain two or more connections (one for write, the others for reads).

If your use case needs balanced multi-master replication, but simple features, you should use a NoSQL solution.

Postgres is amazing for reporting where you can bring anything you want in a single query, including JSON output (without using plsql procedures), and bulk updates are fantastic, with CTEs for selects and layers of them for updates/deletes, especially great with regex_replace and windowing functions. (Not even MS SQLServer has regex replace! Nor does it have a query planner to guide you through optimization of giant queries.)

If your never directly touch the database outside of basic application code, then don't use an SQL solution! The benefit of using Structured Query Language is for human interaction. One-off reports can be tuned and converted to simple tools or repeatable cron jobs that use single queries to extract any data you want.

If you are using MySQL, you're doing it wrong.

Comment Re:I miss pgsql (Score 5, Informative) 83

MySQL/MariaDB are still toys in comparison to PostgreSQL.

Postgres has recursive CTEs, regex replacement, native JSON support (as a record type and trivially convert every query return type), and even base64 decoding and xpath parsing.

MySQL has had some nice features for years, like REPLACE, but since the 9.x branch, CTEs can do that and more. And now PG has UPSERT for simplicity. Replication has always been great with MySQL, but PG's replication is now easy to administer. I've relied on Postgres' streaming replication since 9.1 in production and it's been great for years.

Comment Fuck Yeah. PostgreSQL FTW (Score 1) 83

I've been using Postgres for well over a decade now, and I still love it. Yes, you have to tune it, like any powerful tool.

Granted this first pass is only for sequential scans, but those are the simplest to parallelize and generally the slowest. Some queries rely on table scans as not every column can be indexed.

Postgres' growing feature set is amazing. Thanks team!

Comment Payment between devices? (Score 2) 69

would facilitate payment transfers directly between Apple devices such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch

Don't they mean, payment between people? I don't see how transferring anything, especially money, makes sense from an iPhone to an Apple Watch.

(I know what they meant: transfer from account holder to account holder via their devices... but an Apple Watch is just an extension of the phone, so is unnecessary to label it in this context.)

If it's worth hacking on well, it's worth hacking on for money.