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Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 272

I am a white knuckle flyer but I felt much more relaxed on those military planes as a passenger than I ever did on a commercial plane. Even while facing backwards in some configurations, the large temperature changes and looking at a bunch of random cargo strapped down and no pretty walls and ceiling, just pipes, wires, and the frame of the aircraft and the only windows are on the exit doors. They are much larger inside.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 272

I thought it would be weird but my family and I took a long "space available" to go on vacation on a large US military plane and we sat facing backwards. I didn't notice anything different other than the obvious lean the other way on takeoff. Not many windows either.

Comment Re:couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people (Score 1) 205

Hitachi does it.
Printers, power tools, nail guns and nails, aircraft engines, car engine management systems, storage systems, dump trucks, excavators, involved in nuclear power, medical equipment, elevators, air conditioners, washing machines, batteries and many other totally unrelated things.

Imagine if they had a single 1800 number, tech support, and a bundling program.

By a dump truck and an escalator and get a reduced price on a 1PB SAN! Total convergence and bundling that Verizon or ATT could never even dream of!

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 167

Different situation.
Lemon laws are about a breach of the manufacturer's warranty. Individual people are not selling brand new cars but even a used car bought from a private individual still under the factory warranty has lemon law protection. Your case is against the car maker providing you the warranty, not the seller or the dealer. Aside from that, to get to the point to prove it was a lemon, you have to go through an arbitration process.

Comment Re:Old pieces of junk (Score 1) 395

Emissions standards is a federal standard and it is still a federal offense to modify any emission equipment on your car. The problem like you stated comes from the enforcement. Checking emissions was delegated to the individual states and within general guidelines, they check cars. A lot of states have various exceptions like
Some less dense populated counties do not check any cars at all
Some cars not driven more than a certain mileage per year
After the car hits a certain age, usually 20-25+ years
Vehicles used primarily for farm use but still used on public roads if being driven for work related to the farming (like going to town to get feed or supplies)

Just because your area does not check your car on a routine basis does not mean you can rip all of the emissions crap off but many people do. Who enforces the federal emissions laws and standards on your car at that point? No one really.

I understand your dilemma though. I live in an area that does have periodic checks but I do get stuck behind some Harleys and old motorcycles that have no emissions equipment and an occasional car that I know that took off their catalytic convertors because I can smell them immediately.

Comment Re:Fraudulent herbal supplements? (Score 2) 412

Spend a few hours and browse some of the paid ads and ads that look like real articles about cures and balms from 1850~1915 or so newspapers in a Google newspaper search. I now understand why regulation or at least a standard is now in place that labels some things as "This is an advertisement" and why there are labels on things that state "not medically proven" and such.

One random example here at the bottom of page 1 column 4.

If you look and read random papers you will many more scattered throughout with some wild claims.
Ointments that promise to fix just about anything. Aspirin is even in some of those ads promising to fix all kinds of things, it is still around but had many more claims for fixing ailments back then. Left without regulation, people WILL make wild claims to make a buck, that is why we have many of these consumer protection regulations now.

Comment Re:Who eats doughnuts with the doughnut men? (Score 3, Interesting) 468

I've slowed down and drive much less aggressive as I've aged. Not because I feel more responsible now or that I was carefree when I was younger. I just don't have the awareness I used to have when I was younger and I am not as comfortable pushing things. It takes me much longer to verify no one is next to me before changing lanes, I used to just whip my head around, scan my mirror and then go, it takes me longer to refocus when I look in my rear view mirror or down at the speedo and back forward again, my vision is not as good as it used. I could take a 300 mile trip at night and remember almost every car I passed or passed me. Scope out areas where police might be like openings in the median or after bridges and down hills. I knew exactly what was around me, approaching, and pulling away at every moment. I was constantly scanning everywhere. I don't do most of that anymore, I just kind of... drive. I don't even use my detectors anymore. Although I still love to take trips and get in the car and go, I am just not "into" driving like I used to be. I'm probably not as "safe" as I used to be but at least I am going relatively slower than I used to.

Comment Re:Who eats doughnuts with the doughnut men? (Score 1) 468

Why limit it to 5 under, why not 10 or 15 under? It's funny that YOUR standard is right and everyone else is wrong.
I can drive for weeks on end and not tailgate anyone at all or get stressed when someone is in a crosswalk, let people merge in front of me at the last minute in a squeeze or wave people on from a side street in traffic, and slow down and cautiously drive around bikes and I am 100% stress free doing that. I do that at 15 under or possibly even 15 over the posted speed limit.

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