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Comment: how ironic (Score 1) 87

by WindBourne (#49606593) Attached to: Statues of Assange, Snowden and Manning Go Up In Berlin
I have no issue with Assange being on this. His goal was ALWAYS about getting knowledge out there. Now, he may be a rapists, but that is a different issue.
However, I take issues with both Manning and Snowden.
Manning's goal was NOT to release information because he opposed what was going on. His reason was because he was mad at the US because he was gay and was about to be booted out. With that said, the information that he release was about some of our illegal doings. As such, he should not be punished for this, but, he is no hero.

Snowden is a whole other creature from these two. He worked on a number of NSA systems. He was aware of what was going on. Cool. I worked on some of these, BUT, it was all low-level stuff, not the high levels that he had. I was aware that it was POSSIBLE to do the things that we have done. When he spoke about the spying on Americans, I was actually good with that. NSA had congressional oversight that was removed by the GOP back in 2005. I was against that because I knew that they did that so that their friends could go to work and do much more than what they were allowed to. That is why Congressman Udall kept hinting at what was going on.
BUT, when he told how NSA spies on the outside world, he became a traitor. America set up NSA to spy on what other nations, terrorists and foreign elements do. We need to know what is going on out there. It is the same thing that ALL NATIONS DO. Yes, EVERY NATION HAS THIS GOING ON. Now, NSA has greater capabilities because we have top ppl in there. In addition, we have worked with many nations to not only spy for us, but also to give them the information. Everyone that we work with, which includes all of the west, KNOWS what we are up to. In addition, we, and UK, have tought others how to do this counting on sharing of information. That is why AQ has not been successful in attacking the west for over 10 years. France happened because all of these nations hold back from spying everywhere, and once terrorists became aware of how we do things, then they could evaded the net. All they had to do was simply avoid certain comm channels that went between nations. By doing that, the evaded the net.
France's attack success can be blamed partially on Snowden. He made it possible for those terrorists to evade the net. In fact, a big reason why so many are going from Europe to ISIS is because ISIS now knows how to avoid detection and instead focuses their recruiting efforts throughout europe and other locations in which they are not going to be interrupted.
How many of you have kids? Do you have a 15-16 y.o. in which the girls want to go marry a terrorists and 'fight for freedom'? Of course, when those girls marry, they are not just property, but ISIS killed a number of them, and their infant kids, so that they were not a burden when they moved from one location to another.
Of course, your boy was not murdered. Just put on the front line with little to no training and told to take on western trained troops. IOW, they were cannon fodder.

Sorry, but this is not what I would want for my kids. And sadly, Snowden makes it possible.

Comment: Re:Two things... (Score 1) 62

by rsmith-mac (#49597625) Attached to: Game:ref's Hardware Solution To Cheating In eSports

I'm not sure what consoles this guy has been playing, but cheating is rampant in pretty much every popular console game. Some kinds of cheats may be harder to implement on consoles, but they always find ways to do it.

Consoles aren't fool-proof. But other than the PS3 there's no easy way to inject arbitrary code. So other than taking advantage of bugs (which are the developer's fault), you can't really cheat on something like the XB1 or PS4 like you can the PC.

Cheating the PC, by comparison, is almost always accomplished via arbitrary code. Wallhacks, aimbots, complex macros, tools that unveil more data than the player is meant to see, etc.

Comment: Re:The problem isn't the FBI ... (Score 1) 171

by Dahamma (#49595095) Attached to: FBI Slammed On Capitol Hill For "Stupid" Ideas About Encryption

Yeah, individual deliberation before voting as a means of change is nearly pointless these days.

Just look at the Koch brothers - they literally put out a list of "viable Republican candidates they will consider". So now it seems even primary elections will be decided by the American Oligarchy.

Comment: this is musk only bad idea. (Score 1, Interesting) 502

by WindBourne (#49594041) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System
Seriously, the man is a genious, but batteries for homes is not that good, unless it is possible for utility to control them as well. At the very least, Tesla should make available server software that utility can interact with home batteries when owner allows. In seasonal weather with high demands and when solar can be blocked via clouds or length of day, it is best to allow utility to control when to charge them , or buy from them.

Comment: Re:Sounds like upper middle class housing developm (Score 1) 540

I'm thinking "indie" more in terms of distribution not production quality. With his resources his "indie" projects could be equivalent to studio production.

Except that just doesn't make much sense... Lucas has given *no* indication he wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on high end productions and then not distribute it widely. People just don't self-distribute movies these days. In fact, the main point of indie festivals like Sundance is for the filmmakers to try to get their films picked up by a distributor.

On the other hand, he *has* indicated he wants to spend hundreds of millions (actually, billions) on philanthropic ventures. I just don't see any reason not to take his own statements at face value until he actually *does* something to show he has ulterior motives.

Comment: Re: Elon Musk (Score 2) 108

by WindBourne (#49582851) Attached to: Russian Cargo Spacehip Declared Lost
Bruce, it is at vandenberg. The launch vehicle is already there, and has been tanked 1 already.
In addition, it is only using 3 engines, not all 9. As such, it is thought that it was a converted grasshopper.

The launch pad abort was supposed to have happened long ago, and then I had heard Feb, and then april and now a NET of May 5th.

As to the delays, yeah, most, if not all, was caused by spaceX focusing on getting their launch rate way up, along with the 2 failed landings. But, in light of NASA's dicking around with SpaceX and giving preference to Boeing to the point that SpaceX can not go to the ISS until Boeing has done so, you really can not blame them.
I will say that if Soyuz fails (sad thought since that implies loss of life), then SpaceX's dragon 2 will no doubt be moved up in priority since it is by far the closest.

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